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XDA Makes Beats By Dre Flashable To Any Sense 3.0 Or 3.5 ROM

Up until now, we have seen XDA provide us with ROMs that have Beats by Dre cooked into them for your music listening pleasure, but the problem still stood, what if you liked your current ROM? Well we now have a fix for that.

There is a flashable zip a the source link below that will allow Beats to work with any Sense 3.0 and up-based ROM. The installation is as easy as booting into recovery and flashing the file and rebooting. User smokin1337, who came up with this file warns you that the first boot might take a while and as always, make a backup before you flash something like this.

Via: XDA

  • Machineheadg2r

    I was hoping the beatz fones would use a different dac, the stock one in my droid kinda sux 🙁

  • Anonymous

    It will be only a matter of time before CM7 gets it…. everybody knows that.

  • Missthetrain

    Who knows, if they have the money to pour into R & D they could be a contender some day.
    Right now they’ll probably should be on late night infomercial. About this patch, software EQ should never be use…ever.

  • What the hell, I’ll reinstall my Virtuous Unity and give it a whirl….

  • Did not work for me sense 3.5 bamf HTC Tbolt.

  • wont help those on some non-sense stuff (yes pun intended)

  • i just want to see a phone that actually has a discrete headphone amp build in.   i’ll worry about the EQ in poweramp. 

  • I want to see this on NON HTC phones.  Now that would be nice.

  • Bhazard451

    Its basically a good EQ setting for Beats headphones

  • Guest

    i thoughts beats phones had better audio hardware too?  seems like this is just whatever music software they use.

  • islandak

    Does this improve anything with the phone? It’s cool someone did it though…

  • Anonymous

    What does beats do, exactly?

    • I’m wondering the same.  Is it just an equalizer or something?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I thought they were just headphones. I’m so outta the loop.

    • Mikes

      Beats makes some people money, by convincing others that sound defects are something to be paid for.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Nothing you need.. move along… move along

    • Jarred Sutherland

      This is exactly what I was wondering. I have seen those gaudy headphones and the only thing I can say is, if you need that much “bling” on your product it’s probably because it’s a complete turd.

      • Anonymous

        I have them. I have the $400 ones. I bought them for Plane rides (noise Canceling). Best buy had them all lined up. Bose, Beats and another brand (I can’t think of). the Beats were the most expensive yet the worse sounding. and idiot me bought them because of the hype. Their not bad but the bose were way clearer. It works for my purpose (watch movies on laptop on plane trips). but if your an audiophile they aren’t the greatest. the build quality is nice though. but so is bose

        • Jrer34

          I bought the Beats Pro’s off of a guy on craigslist and i love them. I think they sound amazing too. I wouldnt consider Monster the type of brand to put out low quality products either. Maybe its just me.

    • It turns out it’s more of a gimmick.. 
      Engadget went to a… “sound test place” (I’m totally blanking on the word) and they measured what beats did to the actual audio quality. Turns out, “Beats by Dre” is just an over glorified EQ.
      I’d give a link but being that we’re on DL, just google “Engadet sensation XE review”.