We Knew the Galaxy Nexus Would Have a PenTile Screen, Why All of the Fuss Today?

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Yes, the Galaxy Nexus uses a PenTile display. This is not a surprise. We talked about Samsung’s HD Super AMOLED displays about a month ago and knew that without the “Plus” moniker tied to it, that it would dip slightly in quality (if it even is) as compared to say Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus displays. Well, that’s not really fair since 316ppi is higher than almost any other display on the planet. Some times you have to sacrifice (if we even are) to have the latest and greatest which is an HD screen. But again, the clarity of 316ppi will probably be so good that you won’t notice that it’s a PenTile display. I wish I could say from having held the device, but the San Diego event cancellation screwed that up. What I will say, is that I have not read one bad review of this display. It will be phenomenal. Sounds to me like people were bored today and decided to bitch about something, that being the next Nexus.

And no, this is not the same type of PenTile as was seen on Motorola’s devices from the last year. It’s better. There is a difference between the two technologies. There will be no ghosting or blurry imagery. Can we move on now? The Galaxy Nexus is going to be the best phone available when it is released in November.




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