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Samsung Facebook: Verizon is Getting the Galaxy Nexus in the Initial Wave – Other Carriers Later (Updated)

I’m still trying to decide why anyone was questioning whether or not Verizon was going to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Not only have we produced enough Big Red screenshots and source information to make you a believer, but we also saw Verizon referenced on Sammie’s website last night along with the 4G LTE version in pictures today. It’s coming! Trust the signs.

To offer additional confirmation that it will arrive in November, look no further than Samsung’s official Facebook page where one of our readers asked about carrier choices. As you can see from the Samsung rep’s response, it sounds like Verizon may be the only U.S. carrier initially, doesn’t it? Big Red gets it “with the initial release” while other carriers “may” see it later.

Update:  And a couple of hours later, that same Samsung rep has changed her mind.

Nexclusive. (Trademarking that.)

Via:  Facebook

Cheers Matt!

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  • Anonymous

    Since the model shown off in Hong Kong was the HSPA non-verizon variant, could it be possible the Verizon variant is the Nexus model with better specs that was rumored a week or so ago? It was said the one model would be the one that was shown off yesterday, and the other one would be more powerful. Could it be?

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  • jefffff

    i have verizon so I’m glad to get a nexus, but I’m not happy about it being available ONLY to verizon. i think it would help boost and stabilize the android image if the pure 4.0 was delivered to all US carriers

  • Socialmuse

    I have had an 8gb SD card for years. I clean regularly transfer video and photos to a pc for back up. I will never need anything bigger than an 8 gig.  Plus I have an actual camera. The Nexus could could come with 8 gig non removable storage and no camera at all and I would be just fine.

  • Xcution25

    I’m hoping the exclusive is simply LTE only for Verizon while ATT and Tmo get the hspa+.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the response I got when I asked for more specifics…regarding pre-order dates etc…

  • LiterofCola

    I’m curious to know who the [email protected] are who actually Facebook “liked” her updated post about no U.S. carriers being determined

  • wouldnt look to much into it.  im sure its just that its verizons announcement to give and she wasnt suppose to say it before verizon announced it..
    im doubting the cellbrites and such of all the different sources listing the phone are all fakes.  
    Now could verizon get arrogant and change their mind because their lack of knowledge idoits running the place didnt know a nexus phone was unlocked..maybe 🙂

  • This stupid facebook update absolutely made my day then absolutely ruined it a few hours later……..

  • Wow, this absolutely sucks………… Common VERIZON DONT SCREW US OVER ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I definitely agree with most of the posts here.  Good ‘ole Samsung Janel thought they were being helpful, posted the response, and either realized “Oops that wasn’t released yet,” or someone else let them know about it.  Happens to the best of us lol.  

  • Don’t be dumb Samsung/Google. This phone needs to be everywhere before the holiday season!

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t “change her mind”, she realized she released information that was confidential.

    • Anonymous

      Yup. That’s exactly what happened, LOL.

  • Ericsf8

    did you check out the signup page on http://www.samsung.com/us/register/galaxynexus/? Carrier preference… Metro PCS!!

  • Tim

    and that rep was fired after taking back his comment…at least most likely

  • ForeWard

    So can I ask the million dollar question…..is ICS going to sync with Facebook as nicely as google+ cause it would be nice if the 200 contacts I have with fb looked as nice as the 3 with google+…I’m just saying.