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Samsung Facebook: Verizon is Getting the Galaxy Nexus in the Initial Wave – Other Carriers Later (Updated)

I’m still trying to decide why anyone was questioning whether or not Verizon was going to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Not only have we produced enough Big Red screenshots and source information to make you a believer, but we also saw Verizon referenced on Sammie’s website last night along with the 4G LTE version in pictures today. It’s coming! Trust the signs.

To offer additional confirmation that it will arrive in November, look no further than Samsung’s official Facebook page where one of our readers asked about carrier choices. As you can see from the Samsung rep’s response, it sounds like Verizon may be the only U.S. carrier initially, doesn’t it? Big Red gets it “with the initial release” while other carriers “may” see it later.

Update:  And a couple of hours later, that same Samsung rep has changed her mind.

Nexclusive. (Trademarking that.)

Via:  Facebook

Cheers Matt!

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  • Anonymous

    Since the model shown off in Hong Kong was the HSPA non-verizon variant, could it be possible the Verizon variant is the Nexus model with better specs that was rumored a week or so ago? It was said the one model would be the one that was shown off yesterday, and the other one would be more powerful. Could it be?

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  • jefffff

    i have verizon so I’m glad to get a nexus, but I’m not happy about it being available ONLY to verizon. i think it would help boost and stabilize the android image if the pure 4.0 was delivered to all US carriers

  • Socialmuse

    I have had an 8gb SD card for years. I clean regularly transfer video and photos to a pc for back up. I will never need anything bigger than an 8 gig.  Plus I have an actual camera. The Nexus could could come with 8 gig non removable storage and no camera at all and I would be just fine.

  • Xcution25

    I’m hoping the exclusive is simply LTE only for Verizon while ATT and Tmo get the hspa+.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the response I got when I asked for more specifics…regarding pre-order dates etc…

  • LiterofCola

    I’m curious to know who the [email protected] are who actually Facebook “liked” her updated post about no U.S. carriers being determined

  • wouldnt look to much into it.  im sure its just that its verizons announcement to give and she wasnt suppose to say it before verizon announced it..
    im doubting the cellbrites and such of all the different sources listing the phone are all fakes.  
    Now could verizon get arrogant and change their mind because their lack of knowledge idoits running the place didnt know a nexus phone was unlocked..maybe 🙂

  • This stupid facebook update absolutely made my day then absolutely ruined it a few hours later……..

  • Wow, this absolutely sucks………… Common VERIZON DONT SCREW US OVER ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I definitely agree with most of the posts here.  Good ‘ole Samsung Janel thought they were being helpful, posted the response, and either realized “Oops that wasn’t released yet,” or someone else let them know about it.  Happens to the best of us lol.  

  • Don’t be dumb Samsung/Google. This phone needs to be everywhere before the holiday season!

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t “change her mind”, she realized she released information that was confidential.

    • Anonymous

      Yup. That’s exactly what happened, LOL.

  • Ericsf8

    did you check out the signup page on http://www.samsung.com/us/register/galaxynexus/? Carrier preference… Metro PCS!!

  • Tim

    and that rep was fired after taking back his comment…at least most likely

  • ForeWard

    So can I ask the million dollar question…..is ICS going to sync with Facebook as nicely as google+ cause it would be nice if the 200 contacts I have with fb looked as nice as the 3 with google+…I’m just saying.

  • Anonymous

    I LOL’d at the guys response to the answer.

  • Ben Baker

    Uh oh.  Samsung Janel just posted an update… “My mistake, no U.S. carrier has been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates.”  

    I suspect that Verizon is upto some shenanigans here.  Although I would really like to see some kind of commitment from them either way, I seriously doubt that they would release two competing phones within a span of 15 days.  Most likely, they just haven’t come up with a reasonable strategy to articulate that publicly.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, since “Samsung Janel” later said: “My mistake, no U.S. carrier has been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates.”

  • OMJ

    she just posted again it was a mistake. No carriers have been determined yet

  • Any word on release date from Verizon?

  • Joe Farrell

    Sad 🙁 Guess it’s the SGS2 for ATT for me! 🙁

  • Jesse

    Does anyone know if the Nexus will support multi-color LED notifications?

    • Anonymous

      From the demo it looks like its going to be a pulsing green LED on the bottom of the device where the capacitive buttons would’ve been, no other color indicators were mentioned but it could be a multicolored LED that can be hacked or might be a single color. we don’t know yet, I actually have that same question along with speaker quality and volume.

    • Anonymous

      I read that it is an RGB indicator. For what it’s worth…

  • Samsung Janel just posted this: “Samsung Janel My mistake, no U.S. carrier has been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates.”
    I don’t think they liked her giving out that info just yet

    • Mr_Snrub

      Samsung Janel is where to go for getting your toothpaste back in the tube.

    • Anonymous

      Probably not since the Moto DROID Razr was just announced, the NEXUS is the biggest deal out of the 3 superphones coming (RAZR, Rezound and G-Nex)

      To announce availability so close to that announcement would hurt the products existence, it would canabalize pre-order sales next week. Probably why panda said there aren’t going to be any preorders available for the G-Nexus either

  • Ytram

    They just posted this:  “Samsung Janel My mistake, no U.S. carrier has been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates”

    • Ytram

      But just to further theorize:  it’s most likely common knowledge within Samsung, they’re just not supposed to tell anyone yet.

  • Verizon, I’ll believe it when it is sitting on store shelves. Verizon has a well deserved reputation of crap phones on expensive service. Only reason I am with them is because they actually service the boonies I frequent.

  • Mr_Snrub

    When Verizon launches this phone and launches this phone first there will still be those who will claim it’s not coming to Verizon, because, well, that’s what those Razr fanboys do.

  • Haha, I’m friends with Matt Lloyd. What a weird surprise when pulling up Droid-Life today.

  • Anonymous

    You know when you think about it, the other three major carries just got the GSII, why would Samsung make the Galaxy Nexus available to the them so soon, it would more or less kill the sales of the GSII, I mean you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Not to mention when one think of LTE Verizon is the first that should come to mind.

    But anyway, my daughter will be getting my Droid Bionic, I Luv it, but I’m In Luv with the Galaxy Nexus 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What I would like to know is if this isn’t a VZW exclusive phone and the other carriers are also getting this device why would VZW pass up on the galaxy sii? Instead of getting both devices like the rear of the carriers?

    • Anonymous

      Verizon probably asked for an LTE radio and were told by Samsung “That is a lot of work but we are working on a phone with one….. Lets talk to Google.”  That could explain why they agreed to pass and all signs are pointing to Verizon first……. for a while

  • Anonymous

    Tell Matthew to wait. I waited for the GSII on Verizon for 6 months and it never came. And I’ve been due for an upgrade for 2 years!

  • Thanks for the info, I thought it was going to be a true global phone.

  • Anonymous

    Respond to your notifications. 

    Don’t be one of THOSE people….

  • Be glad we don’t live in the UK. G-Nex is on pre-order for £514 or $813 US. I’d still pay that though…


  • Anonymous

    This is BS. I am about to sign with AT&T and was looking forward to this, but looks like I will have to get GS2. Lame ass exclusivity.

  • The screen and camera are sweet as hell and that is why I’m buying one

    • Anonymous

      Your right, I was excited for the Vigor/Rezound but the G-Nex is what i’m going to go with. Plus I like the new pure look, I didn’t like the older look of stock android.

  • Bear0013

    Im selling a like new droid x ….with 2 batteries ..media dock..car navigation dock..and 16gb sd card …and 2you indoor chargers ……for the low price of 200 bucks…….any buddy interested

  • Dave

    So basically by saying “may support” other carriers means they are still negotiating. That’s my take on it. 

    • Anonymous

      Mine, too

  • My question is, if I buy one unlocked could I use it on Verizon for a few months then when my contract runs out start using it on another carrier if I so choose?  Since it will be LTE and HSPA+.

    • Anonymous

      The same device won’t be both LTE and HSPA+ … there will be LTE and HSPA+ versions released separately.

      • Thanks, I was under the impression it was going to be a true global phone with capabilities for both.

  • VZW isn’t stupid. They wouldn’t have passed on the GSII unless something big was coming their way soon after. This…is…it. F*ck yeah!

    • Anonymous

      Passed on the GSII and openly supported Samsung in court.  There has to be something in it for VZW other than the “future” of their LTE program.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s because Verizon has never supported a Nexus phone before – ever since the original Droid they’ve insisted on Bing and bloat

  • Anonymous

    Droid-Life…when you get this phone and do reviews, can you test GPS locking and data signal? Sasmung has had many problems with radios and gps in the past and I am curious to know if they are fixed with this device. It seems like those tests are left out of reviews sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      samsung will have one of the best GPS  they installed Built-In Barometer…

  • Anonymous

    How about T-Mobile. I am considering a cheaper option, and the Galaxy Nexus on HSPA+ will be sweet!

  • dshizzel

    Seems like Big Red’s got all the marbles these days!

    • pezjono

      It’s about damn time! prior to the OG Droid, ALL of their phones sucked in comparison. Obviously most of those were Windows phones, so it was picking the least suckiest, but still!

  • Abc

    How does that facebook page suggest November???

  • *rocking back and forth in a fetal position: “3 more weeks…..3 more weeks……3 more weeks”

  • viewthis66

    nice!!! almost time to my Tbolt up for sale.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Verizon. I can only watch last night event so many times.

  • Ufcjeff

    out of curiousity why wasn’t verizon at the presentation

    • Anonymous

      I would guess because even though Verizon is probably getting it first in the U.S. it will be release world wide for multiple carriers.  The event was more geared towards announcing the device/OS to the world not just the U.S. 

  • DroidzFX

    I am still not sure about this : /

    • KevinC

      are you still not sure about the moon landing too?

      • DroidzFX

        When did that happen?

  • CharlesHussell

    Is there going to be a 16GB version for $199 and a 32GB version for $299?

    It’s hard to tell with all the speculation going around on the net.  If anyone can clarify I would appreciate it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if there will be different sizes, but I would really love it. I don’t need 32GB on board storage anymore, so whatever makes it cheaper is fine by me.

  • Anonymous

    ok, who is samsung janel.. i can make a profile named samsung nexus droid and tell you its on vzw. still unofficial to me

  • Anonymous

    Off topic, but does anyone know if this has Gorilla Glass?

  • Booboolala2000

    Sold my D3 and accessories on ebay for $370 just before release i will sell my Droid Charge, go in and buy this off contract and never look back. No more chasing unicorns. At least until it is Motorolas turn at a Nexus. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    WOO HOO!

  • Lgreg64

    how about is it locked

    • Anonymous

      A nexus phone locked?

      • Anonymous

        Everyone Nexus phone can be unlocked with a couple of simple commands. That’s why this is such a huge deal. Finally, an unlocked phone on Verizon.

        • Lgreg64

          so the phone is locked?

          • Mctypething

            u illiterate bro?

          • KevinC

            it’s no more locked than the nexus 1 or nexus s were

        • tpags

          The question is not whether it is locked, cause they all are. It is whether or not it is encrypted like Motorola devices. And with it being a nexus, I highly doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like it’s time to return my Bionic to Costco soon. Any word if Costco will be selling this one as well? Does my upgrade eligibility get reinstated when I take the phone back?

    • Jac_White

      Think you’re pretty much hosed.    Should have asked the questions up front…..Costco only sells upgrades not out of contract phones.  Unless you bought your Bionic in the last 14 days you are locked in to contract and the only thing you would be returning it for to Costco would be a new Bionic. 

      • Anonymous

        Costco return policy says “We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund. The following must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund: televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, touch screen tablets, MP3 players and cellular phones.”

        • alpha

          That does not include the carrier limit of 30 days (maybe 14 days now?).  

          For example, if you activate a new contract at the Wireless Advocates kiosk inside a Costco, you are still subject to the limits of the carrier’s contract.  If you purchase a new phone, i.e. Bionic from Costco, you have the 30 days within the contract time to return the phone and still be able to cancel the contract without having to pay ETF fees.  Same applies to upgrades, after the 30 days, you lose your upgrade eligibility even if you return the phone. Costco holds true to you being able to return the phone since there is no exchange policy at Costco.  Costco’s exchange policy is to return an item and buy it again.Wireless Advocates still needs to authorize the return to Costco, at which case, they will let you purchase a new phone as a replacement.  Within 30 days, you can pick any phone you want.  After 30 days, it gets exchanged with the same phone.

          • Anonymous

            Bummer. Just as well I like my Bionic then. Hope it gets ICS in a timely manner. Damn these blogs giving me gadget envy..

  • Anonymous

    Psst.. Kellex? The question on Facebook, was to find out if Verizon was the ONLY company to get the Nexus. Not if Verizon was going to get it. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      And the girl responded with just Verizon and that other carriers may get it at some point…I’m confused. What am I missing? 😛

      • Mctypething

        u confused bro?

      • DWRayburn

        I think he was specifically referring to your quote in the post:  

        “I’m still trying to decide why anyone was questioning whether or not Verizon was going to get theSamsung Galaxy Nexus.”

        • Anonymous

          ^ this 🙂

          • EC8CH

            he was probably referring to all the people in the comments questioning the Nexus on Verizon.

            This facebook post was just more proof that it is.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe I just misread his post. Took a different spin on it even. Assuming that he was referring to the Facebook post itself and not article replies in general.

            Wouldn’t be the first time I was mistaken – certainly wont be my last 🙂

            Sorry Kellex. 🙂 It will happen again.

  • Anonymous

    OH SWEET bloody yes!

  • Kevin Parlee

    So is there a “Prime” labeled phone coming out? I’m a little confuse. or was that also referring to the nexus. I really like that Boot Img of android firetruck

    • Anonymous

      Prime was just a code name. Galaxy Nexus is the retail name.

      • EC8CH

        I bet the Google nerds wanted to call it the Prime (which would have been an awesome name), but Sammy’s marketing suits insisted on inserting their Galaxy branding.

        • Kevin Parlee

          Prime was a Kick ass name, I am actually leaning toward moto RAZR. I love the webtop and i cant see how the G-Nex will be unlocked on verizon. OG droid was a fluke but i hope im wrong

          • EC8CH

            there’s no way Google would put a device on Verizon with the name “Nexus” and then compromise the very Essene of that brand… Nexus is coming to Verizon.

  • guest

    Matthew asked if it was coming to any other carriers besides Verizon

  • Some Random Dude

    Nice 🙂

  • all those years of paying a premium for cell phone coverage has finally paid off.

  • Anonymous

    “Nexclusive”, I like it!

  • Naergoth

    why not ask for price and release date for verizon. That’s what we want to know.

    • jose cardona

      Ditto! Since I heard it’s coming in 16 and 32GB versions, is the 32gb gonna cost me $599 on 4yr contract with the Big Red Nazis?

      • Justin Kos

        i hope not, 16gb of storage is dated

        • CharlesHussell

          what do you need more for? You don’t even need to keep music on your phone anymore with the Google Music Cloud.  Are you really going to be taking that many pics and vids that can’t be transferred to a PC?

          • Anonymous

            Without an SD card, 16gb is unacceptable.

          • Kixofmyg0t

            But it has NFC! And Ice cream Sandwich! Just hold it to your head and let the NFC be your music!

          • Anonymous

            I totally forgot! Nevermind, it’s AWESOME!

          • Thatguy

            Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous. You don’t need to carry your porn collection on your phone anymore; with 4G LTE free ultra-fast HD porn streaming is at your fingertips.

            Because really, what else do you need more than 16 GB for right now? I haven’t broken 16 out of 32 on my Tab 10.1 and that’s with entire movies and seasons of TV shows.

          • Anonymous

            I see what you’re getting at but I don’t look at porn on my phone, even if I did, why would I save it to the phone anyway?

            It;s easy to fill up 16gb, especially when you have 1080p recording ability and a high quality still camera. On top of that, applications and games are getting bigger and bigger. It wont be long before there’s a 1gb+ game. I’d imagine something like the GTA3 release will be that size.

            Music libraries take up a lot of space if you like lossless or even high bitrate MP3s. You could stream that, but like I said below, all those people without being locked in to unlimited data will be screwed. You know that people who are locked into unlimited data at the moment will be moved to tiered eventually too.

            I find it VERY hard to believe that you haven’t used more than 16gb of data on your tablet with complete series and movies on it. The average TV series is around 5-8gb alone if you want it in a decent resolution.

          • Anonymous

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but if all of your music is stored in the cloud, it will use data to listen to it whereas if it’s all stored on your phone it costs nothing.  I have unlimited data so it doesn’t affect me, but I could see this as a problem for those who have restricted data usage.  They could always use wifi, but that’s not always available.

        • Anonymous

          I can agree with this completely but I think the purpose now is leaning towards cloud backup (instant uploads, google music, etc).  So you can have less storage and still have access to quite a bit of data.  

          • Anonymous

            With a 2gb cap on people who aren’t locked into unlimited…. sounds awesome.

          • Anonymous

            True.  I didn’t think about that. I don’t have data cap yet but it’s only a matter of time.  I still wouldn’t go so far to call it unacceptable, maybe just good for some but not all…  It would probably be fine for my wife but not me (that type deal).

          • Billy Bob

            if we currently have unlimited from an old OG droid contract and upgrade in say February for the gnex do we keep unlimited?

          • Turd_Ferguson


          • Anonymous

            Which doesn’t work well with tiered data – especially since the carriers and ISP’s have basically won the Net Neutrality war in the courts

          • “the cloud” is gonna rape the battery worse than LTE. I have no interest in listening to music outside of local storage.

    • Nate Surber

      I did.  They deleted my post.

    • fish1552

      It was posted elsewhere that the contract price was going to be $299.  That would put it somewhere at $599 off contract if the pattern is the same as in the past.

  • Anonymous


    Suck it.

    • They couldn’t possibly sell a 16gb version having no sd card… What is this apple?