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HTC Rezound Appears in Verizon System: Name Looking More Confirmed by the Minute, Global Capabilities?

Update:  We tossed in a new screenshot up there that shows two things of importance:  1. That it’s a 4G LTE phone. 2. That it has global capabilities, just like the Incredible 2. Talk about an added bonus, especially with the possibility that the Galaxy Nexus won’t be.

We were starting to wonder if the HTC Vigor aka Rezound aka Incredible HD had been axed or severely delayed with the two big announcements on the way from Motorola and Samsung/Google. It had essentially disappeared from all chatter around these parts and from our sources as well. Today, it’s back! And the name Rezound that we first reported on back in September has pretty much been confirmed. It’s in Verizon’s Device Management system as the Rezound, our sources are now calling it the Rezound, and well, we are expecting that to be plastered on retail packaging.

Whether you are a fan of the name or not, you will be a fan of the phone itself. Dual-core processor, HD screen, Beats integration, and LTE should make this device a true beast. I know it has a tough task going up against the Galaxy Nexus, but that doesn’t mean the phone isn’t above top tier.

Still no word on a release date. The last roadmap we saw showed October 20 which is next Thursday. Sort of doubting that we will see it then with the RAZR and G-Nex about to get all sorts of love.

Cheers ___!

  • Patrick

    Finally, I’ve been waiting to hear some more news on this phone. I’m dying for a replacement for my Droid Inc. I am really thinking about going back to an iPhone, if HTC doesnt release something some soon…. 

  • Interstellarmind

    which will have a better GPU? this or the g-nex?

  • John Doe

    God, they better not delay the Vigor. However, I suppose Google would have a bit more clout than HTC.

  • Dongwenal

    Help im undecided between Droid Razr or G Nexus my concern is camera and battery life any ideas

  • Anonymous


  • Balthazar B

    What does Global Phone = O mean? Optional?

    • Savage937

      my question exactly. I’m worried someone typed in “NO” instead of “N” and the “O” ended up in the specs as an accident. Unless someone who actually knows stuff about this (not me) can explain what an “O” would mean…

  • Anonymous

    I remember everyone proclaiming the superiority of the Vigor when it was first announced, now it’s all but forgotten to a few die hard HTC fans.

    • Anonymous

      the phone isnt out yet.. this and the nexus will be the phones of the year.

      • Anonymous

        That didn’t stop you from spewing your hate before the Bionic was even out (and you still do even after Kellex gave it a glowing review) nor does it stop you from writing off the Droid Razr.  My point is, practically everyone is already ignoring the Vigor in favor of the Nexus.

        In reality they are all great devices.

  • Anonymous

    for some unexplainable reason im more excited for this phone then i am the galaxy nexus. htc rezound this is my next phone.

    • compchick813

      Same here!

  • Leroybrute30

    I thought all Verizon phones have is95? Part of cdma? Can someone explain.

  • The Rezound sounds too much like the RAZR with all those R’s and Z’s.

    • Anonymous

      damn all those R’s and Z’s right

  • Htc has some problems before i look at this phone…thickness being one of them the thunderbolt is a tank and with the g next and razor being slim i will not buy a brick….HTC needs to come out with a phone with not alot of bugs again the thunderbolt was a cluster f***…..on top of that battery life has to be better….if they can improve on these things it wont be a bad phone….with that said the g next is my phone

    • LiterofCola

      I agree, the bugs and battery life aside, I personally wouldn’t buy a thick phone anymore.  It would really be up between the GNex and the Razr.  But leaning a lot more towards the GNex

  • Anonymous

    LTE and global capable? This phone certainly has a purpose with the Galaxy Nexus around and even the DROID RAZR.

  • Devin

    Who cares about update times? As a developer, I can say that any phone that meets the hardware requirements can have AOSP updates just minutes after release. All you have to do is download the ICS source and build. As a diehard sense fan, the Rezound will be my next phone.

    • Its funny your a die hard sense fan….as a developer I would think you would want a pure developer phone

      • Devin

        I do, I just don’t really like the look of pure android. I think that compared to Sense, it just doesn’t look as polished and clean. This is just my personal opinion, however, and I think if I didn’t have that bias for Sense, I would take the Prime in a heartbeat.

        • Anonymous

          I gave my Inspire 4G to my son & got me a Galaxy S2. After using it for a few days, I’ve decided I’m going to ditch AT&T and go to Verizon & get this phone. I’m just too invested in Sense. Been using it since the MinMo days & love it. Not to mention that I’m so damned fed up with AT&T’s “4G” bs that I’m going for LTE instead.


    Everyone says galaxy nexus… the rezound will still do great… sense 3.5.. beats lte, 720p..etc.. same specs as the galaxy nexus… just not ics but it’l get the update…and i have an upgrade for that unless the prime comes…

    • Anonymous

      this actually has 1.5 ghz which is higher then any other lte phone. and the beats headphones and 32gb card makes it a good deal. i have a lot of music and i need a big sd card.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly name and outdated gpu.

    • Anonymous

      your nitpicking. name makes no difference. this phone has near perfect specs.

      • Anonymous

        My nickname makes sense, It describes me :). This device will have an ugly name and an old gpu.

  • Anonymous

    Was finally getting used to the Vigor name….. But whatever as long as they just release the DAMNED THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Dub

    Come one VZW. The Incredible name is well known as a great device. Why not keep on with the namesake and go with Incredible HD? I mean the look is there. Who am I kidding though? Who cares about the Rezound with the Galaxy Nexus right around the bend?

  • Anonymous

    Cool phone, but I’d take vanilla android over sense in a heartbeat. Just my opinion. Sense isn’t terrible, though. 

  • This is going to be a tough choice…I’ve been waiting for this phone for awhile. But now seeing that a nexus phone is coming to verizon, really don’t know what I want. Each will have its pros and cons but that’s expected. As far as the specs goes, I’m leaning more towards the HTC Rezound but I hope it doesn’t have that annoying radio bug (LTE) that has a lot of people worried (Tbolt users). I guess we just have to wait and see until they reveal these phones. 

  • Jfour000

    This is the phone that I will probably get. I know that there is the Galaxy Nexus but the phone itself will probably be too big (I want a phone, not a phablet). Either way, whatever phone I get will be outdated in two months (or less), so I might as well get the one I really want and can live with. 

  • I’ll still call it Vigor when people ask. I want to know its release!!

  • Russell Robinson Jr

    I still think this phone is gonna be a battery drain. I don’t like that they took two single core Cortex A8s, and put them together to produce a dual-core processor. I was planning to get this phone after Galaxy S2 was passed over on Verizon, but I’d rather wait for an OMAP4 or another native dual-core processor (Cortex A9).

    • They did not take two Cortex A8s and put them together. They took two Scorpion cores and put them together to form a dual core processor.

      • Yea which are based on a8…this phone will stillbe great tho just not for me

    • Anonymous

      The droid razor will have it.

  • phoeni3265

    I choose this one over the nexus, simply because I really like Sense UI: dialer, contacts, mms, browser, etc. it’s not perfect mind you, but I need some toppings in my vanilla….

  • Guttatae22

    I just can’t wait to get this phone I don’t care what the name is lol…

    • Anonymous

      im really glad its not a droid. hopefully there wont be a lot of bloatware like other verizon phones.

  • T Hall

    Not regretting buying the Bionic (well I kinda am) but looks like some exciting devices coming!  At least I was warned on better devices around the corner but I took the dive anyways 🙂

    • Anonymous

      There’s always be something better.

    • John Doe

      I made the tough decision to hold out just a bit more. I think I won’t regret it. I’m sure the Bionic is a fine phone, though.

      Also, Go Cougs!

  • Terrycloth12

    Bionic and Nexus are better!

  • Prickee

    Well despite the stupid name my next phone will be this one or galaxy nexus.  I’m a HTC fan for sure and prefer over others.  My DInc has been rock solid with MIUI Rom.  I’m just ready for a 4G device.  I really don’t like Samsung phones, they update late and UI is horrible, so betting the developer realm for this galaxy nexus gets me going with root&roms galore………

    • Anonymous

      except the NEXUS phones get updates directly from Google because they have no skin, so updates are irrelevant in the decision making for the G-Nex, Vigor on the other hand, HTC seems to be still working on LTE problems since my Tbolt still has issues even after the most recent updates, even on Custom ROMs it has issues…. radio is much more stable than it used to be though, it doesn’t reboot or turn off randomly like it first did. 

      • Anonymous

        Not having a skin has nothing to do w/ it. My OG droid doesn’t have a skin & it doesn’t get updated from Google. Possibly being a nexus is the only reason it will be updated from Google. Only Nexus phones are like that.

        • Anonymous

          NEXUS phones in general are basically google’s property, how’s that for a fixed answer?

          • Anonymous

            A+. LOL.

        • It doesn’t get updated anymore because of hardware limitations

    • With the Samsung phone being a Nexus, you won’t have to worry about update times.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take sammy over htc.

      • Darkfire612

        LOL , then you retarded….

        • Anonymous

          Yo are a too.

    • A nexus device will be upgraded first

  • Anonymous

    boo this phone i say, dre

  • Anonymous

    Ugh! whats with the stupid names Verizon?

    And why does it have to be so difficult to choose between the G-Nex and Vigor?!

    • Jason Purp

      It’s not difficult to choose. Not at all.

      • Anonymous

        i’m picky when it comes to spending money on a new device. Both Vigor and G-Nex have features that the other does not, and its hard to choose as my opinion, NOT YOURS.

        • Jason Purp

          Dayum, son. Calm the hell down.

        •  Good lord, has your doctor ever mentioned prescribing something such as xanax for you?

    • EC8CH

      lemme pick for ya… G-NEX!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not picking until there both announced the specs and info are confirmed. lol i don’t rely on leaks. although I did get my feet wet when I took a chance on the DROID Incredible, that was my most favorite of all, still is, my Tbolt has more issues than a bi-weekly comic.

    • Verizon itself is quite stupid name. We just got used to it.

    • Anonymous

      Droid razor all the way.

  • Anonymous

    I will likely be buying my first non-HTC android phone. The name is plain stupid, should have been a Thunderbolt 2 or Incredible HD.

  • Anonymous

    VZW needs a dual core LTE HTC device. It will only be good if the battery is good though. Some of us prefer HTC over Samsung and Moto. Although Moto aint bad.

    • Anonymous

      Moto first
      Sammy second
      Htc third

  • Anonymous

    This name is rezoundingly stupid.

    • eh, it’s not tooooooo bad. But this is still good news for the ones that have been waiting for this phone. its been hiding for the last 2 weeks.

      • Anonymous

        Like how you stretched out the “to” there. Like you don’t even believe it. :]

    • Anonymous

      Good one lol 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me like Verizon is ending the year with a big bang. Much better than how they started the year.

    • Anonymous

      It only makes sense to with the holidays coming up, big opportunity to make alot of new customers and sales.  Not to mention, they’ll soon celebrate the end of 2011’s LTE rollout to all the regions they first promised (along with additional ones). Its a great way to get people interested in LTE, by providing a nice assortment of great devices to take advantage of it.  G-Nex and Vigor are the only ones on my mind, Moto can keep the Razr

      • I like my Thunderbolt a lot and I think it’s still a great phone (otherwise I wouldn’t be giving it to my mom), but I need something different.  To me all of the HTC phones look alike and they all seem to be thick when they put in LTE.  If something major happens and for some reason the Nexus doesn’t come to Verizon, I think I may try the Razr.

        • Anonymous

          If history on Verizon teaches us anything, the coming wave of androids is likely to begin with the G-Nex, followed by the DROID RAZR, followed by the Vigor/Rez… i’m not saying it….  

          So here’s what i think

          The G-Nex will be the device that leads the way in the new specs base, seeing how all 3 of these devices are very similar in specs.

          G-Nex first (Nov 3)DROID RAZR (around Thanksgiving most likely)
          HTC Rezound (around Beginning or mid December) there close to repeating the Incredible HD fiasco from last year, except this time it won’t be turned into the ThunderBolt

      • Anonymous

        Keep being naive.

  • Anonymous

    Rezound rebound

  • Jason Purp

    Yo Rezound, I’m real happy for you, and I’ma let you finish, but the Galaxy Nexus is the only muh-f*kkin’ phone on my mind.

    • Jason Purp

      umad rezound

      • Hamholla

        u talkin to yourself bro?

        • Jason Purp

          no bro i was talking to the rezound, hence why i said “umad REZOUND,” bro

      • Anonymous

        Take your bipolar medications.

  • Anonymous

    I think October 20th could happen – why not get it out before the G-Nex and RAZR? Try and pick up some sales while they still can. I’m not saying they will, but from a marketing perspective it makes some sense.

  • Eryk

    Want. Especially if the screen is under 4.7″