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Samsung Stratosphere Launching October 13: Full Specs and User Manual Available

The Samsung Stratosphere stopped being a mystery long ago, but after a couple of missed release dates, we now have the official one thanks to our friends at Verizon.  You can purchase this mid-tier 4G LTE slider next week on October 13.  Pricing has not been announced, but we are expecting or assuming at least, that it will swing in around the $149 mark on 2-year contract.

We have full specs (again) for you below, as well as the user manual and some side shots.  

Download the user manual here.

A look at the device from all angles:

Cheers ___ and A!

  • Granted

    Well this once again proves my point of no quality control, and you will just whore yourself to the highest bidder. I can’t wait to hear about the newest Cricket phone that you’ll undoubtedly be pimping next. Right G-Money? I wanted to make sure to appeal to your suburban-wanna-be-gangsta mentality, since you continually look like moron when you post your retardbonics on here.

  • bleh, nobody cares about this Verizon. we want the damn nexus prime.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    It looks proper for the midrange people. We all know it will be plastic.

  • Daniel Rowen

    I’m just glad there’s an LTE slider finally…if this thing had CM it’d be great.  In the mean time my Droid 2 Global with CM7 is still fantastic.  Not everyone wants GIANT screens on a slab phone, I value having a keyboard, but wish they’d make more 3.7″ sliders at the same res, like the OG Droid and Droid2 :-

  • Jeesh, I guess some people are all about the megahertz and don’t buy their phone to serve a function. I have been waiting for this phone to come out for a while. So what if it is 1Ghz? So is the Droid 2. So far, the Droid 2 has ran every program I have put on it. Even games. My Thunderbolt can as well. Until I find an app or a game that requires twelve cores or 700 gigahertz or 15 GB of RAM, I think this will be a good, solid phone.

    I just hope there is enough interest to get CM7 on it.

    • Anonymous

      I do wish it came with 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB but other then that its a pretty solid mid level phone. 1 GHz single core is pretty good as well for most basic smart phone uses (ie: Facebook, music listening, etc). Hopefully this thing will have a decent battery life.

    • Anonymous

      I do agree, there are a lot of people that will buy this device. Htc bliss wil sell good as well.

  • This is like Samsungs version of the Motorola Droid 2, with LTE.  This is so totally last year, like duuuhhh!!

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps, but at least they put 4g in it unlike the Droid 3.  That was very disappointing. 

  • shouldnt this phone have come out before the d3?
    i’m not talking about release date wise.. tech wise.. i think it could have came in a good month before the d3 and it would have still been a mid range-ish device. 

    • Anonymous

      Except it is actually better than the Droid 3.  The D3 didn’t even bother to put in 4g which is a big deal to those of us that have it. I would hate to go back to slow 3g. Plus it has a better screen.

      • Anonymous

        I agree let with one core its better than dual core 3g.

  • Anonymous

    This is the Epic 4G

  • Me

    People expect to damn much from a phone thus at this price point it is a soild phone

  • LionStone

    Cool, this the perfect upgrade for pops, for his first smartphone. 

  • I gave the signal to cue the chirping crickets, but they fell asleep. 😉

  • Rashad Gattis

    this might be a charge -8mp camera -4.3″ screen +5 row keyboard, -1GB ram

  • Jordan

    i think i speak for all of us when i say, “F*** you stratosphere!!! I waited for you thinking you were the GS2!”

  • RAM?

    • rosser

      1/4 of a megabyte probably

  • gregba

    Touchwiz 4.0?

  • jose cardona


    • Me

      This the nexus in disguise

      • Adam Elghor


  • Ooooh Verizon you spoil us with phones like this.

  • Me

    This what the prim should have been j/k j/k

  • if you buy this, you must not really care about keeping up with the latest

    • Or on a budget

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone does. There are a lot of people happy with a phone that has a keyboard. Not everyone is like you and feels they need the latest and greatest.

      • Anonymous

        You said something good at last lol.

    • Mctypething

      Yeah, I imagine that concept. People exist that don’t need the absolute best thing out there.

      • Blood

        I didn’t know it was possible for monkeys to type more than 3 words and a punctuation mark.

        • you mad bro?
          lmao.. i had too .. sorry.. its just the perfect place for it. 
          +1 for the comment tho.

        • Anonymous

          Are you a writing teacher? Not, you are a scumbag.

    • Anonymous

      not everyone reads tech blogs, to know that something way better is around the corner…..

      • Guest

        Something is always better around the corner!

        • Anonymous

          Yes I know, but how close?