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LTE Samsung Galaxy S II Pops Up in Korea Sporting 4.5″ Screen and Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Processor, We All Dance a Jig

If there was ever going to be a chance that we see a slimmed down 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S II here in the states on Verizon, we needed to see something like this leak overseas.  This is a very good sign, folks.  According to Korean site IT Tong, an SGS2 variant is headed to one of their carriers in the very near future sporting a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, 16GB of internal storage, 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras, Gingerbread, and a whopping 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor.  If you didn’t just get excited about that…

There is one problem though – this specific phone will run on an 800MHz LTE frequency, when we know Verizon’s is 700MHz.  I would hope (at least assume) that could be changed pretty easily and will still stay positive that we may see this device some time in the near future.

So this phone looks and has similar specs to the T-Mobile version we saw yesterday; here’s to hoping we aren’t stuck with a slideout Galaxy S2 like many of us have a feeling is coming.  Oh, and I would assume that the physical home button would disappear once it hit the states too…hopefully.  

Here are the full rumored specs:


Via:  IT TongAmeblo

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  • Emily

    I hope to god that’s not Verizon’s SGSII. It better have a search button not just 3 buttons with a gay apple home button knock off.

  • This will come with the 1gig of ram right?  IMO ram is a litter underrated in phones ATM.  I would never pick up anything less then 512 now.

    Just my 2c

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it will still perform with the  1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor? It’s not what we were seeing it had? Right? Sounds good but the Sensation has a 1.2-GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon 2 dual-core processor and the performance in that one sucks.   

  • Anonymous
  • Pennywise

    LOL @ these comments. Bring on the BIONIC 😀

  • If this comes to Verizon, screw the Bionic!

  • kq

    they should get rid of the home button…

  • It needs a bigger battery ’cause of the Snapdragon processor…. The Tegra 2 uses Ultra Low Power consumption…. Gah. 

  • Wow. Everyone wants their phone looking like the iPhone. Ridiculous.

    • James_Ever

      Go eat your rotten freakin apple troll.

      • Anonymous

        Take it easy…..

    • Anonymous

      So one company does it and everyone wants to? Pretty sure samsung is the only one who looks like the iphone. Not to mention samsung was before apple to the touchphone party but everyone forgets that.

  • Trxr6

    GSM, 850mhz? Sounds like an AT&T phone with t-mobile bands. It has no CDMA radio, so it can’t be a Verizon phone.

  • faber78


  • Anonymous

    Good god that home button is atrocious! And what the hell is with manufacturers and that three button design? Why do they all hate the search key so much? I really hope they switch to the standard 4 button design for the US/Verizon version. Everything else looks pretty awesome – especially if it runs as well as the Euro spec models + LTE.

  • Durkee45

     should i get the samsung galaxy s2 or droid bionic when able to get an upgrade

    • Anonymous

      You should get whichever one suits you. Going to be a bit hard to garner opinions when one isn’t released and the other isn’t announced.

  • Sick phone (besides TouchWiz) but who knows when we will see it in the states? I would love to wait, but my OG Droid is on its last leg, so Bionic it is and in around 2 years I’m gonna grab the newest Quad core???

  • Anthonyandjackie

    T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T already have upcoming versions of this phone but not Verizon? Verizon HAS to have a version of this phone already…they are keeping it under wraps. I’m thinking they have to let the Bionic come out without any competition for it to sell. Could you imagine if it became public knowledge that VZ is getting the same type of phone that just showed up in Korea? How many people would bypass the Bionic and wait for the Korean/US version of the SG2? 

    • Jason

      I don’t know. I’m torn, upgrade is up at the eng of Aug so waiting around for a long time is going to be hard. I will try to wait and see some comparisons but if they drag their feet on this phone like the Bionic than I will probably end up getting the Bionic. Can’t wait around forever

    • Anonymous

      Well the leaked roadmap showed an lte Sammy so if that holds true they will be releasing two lte on the same day and yes the Sammy may be a slider and. Not dual core but some would still choose that over a Moto.

  • Hoosiercub

    Do they even have an exynos SOC that supports LTE? Probably why they’re switching up the chipset.

  • Craigg

    Notice that this phone features GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+, and LTE, but no support for CDMA. This looks more like a phone for AT&T when they roll out their LTE upgrades. I’m waiting to see what kind of a hack job Verizon does to the Galaxy II. At this point I’m not very optimistic.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because in korea they don’t have cdma? Why add it if that isn’t part of the network?

  • user01

    looks good though I am bummed to miss out of the extra-sweet dimensions & weight of the existing SGSII…this is not that *that* different but still….I also hope they scrub home button.  Blurgh.

  • Anonymous

    Why all the hate for a slide out version?! I would prefer it to be honest… had a G1, Droid, and now Droid 2, I like keyboards and would love a new keyboard phone to replace this one.

  • Anonymous

    I guess we now know what the i*hone 5 will look like. hehe

  • Booboolala2000

    I think you may actually see two sammies hit VZW. The slider as a mid range version of the Charge and the SGSII as a non Droid labeled LTE device. Of course at a premium maybe even around 329 with contract. 1.5 ghz dual core is and will be the first ICS capable device on VZW. Even though the processor isn’t verified by Google.. Yet

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the same processor rumored to be in the vigor?

  • Anonymous

    Between this (if it comes to fruition), the Bionic and the Vigor, those on Verizon can’t lose.  

    Agree to disagree on your preference.  But none of these phones look weak.  

  • Anonymous

    Since Samsung did a slider last round (Epic) I am assuming there is one coming this round and it is coming to VZW since we’ve seen all the other variations (and we saw that leak for the Epic-ish slider. For this, I am disappointed.

  • irl Panda

    A snapdragon processor kills this phone.

  • Ooh, my Tuesday just got a little bit better. 

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a manly iphone.

  • J Dub

    I am tired of hearing all this news about the Bionic. I really don’t care about that phone. There has been loads of leaks and info on the Bionic, yet next to nothing on the VZW version of the S2. What gives here? There is so much speculation that its maddening. Will it be 4G? What will the screen size be? What chip set will it run? Just give me some freaking hard info on this device already.

    • Justice

      Haha….sooooooo you come into a Samsung Galaxy S II article to say that you are tired of hearing about the Bionic?  If you are really tired of it…don’t bring it up, or continue discussion about it.  🙂

  • YelloPhase

    i actually like the physical home button in the middle….

  • Peter Smoke

    I really dig the physical home button. I kinda wish it was like the HTC incredible though so you could have more functionality with it.

  • Firelight

    What’s up with units coming out with only A-GPS these days? The Bionic’s specs referenced the same way?

    No matter, tho – if THIS comes to VZW I’m all OVER this sucker!

  • my god when i seen this on engadget today i got really excited until i seen the LTE band it is on then I got sad in my pants… for the love of god lets hope this phone hits verizon.

  • Give me Exynos or give me death. 

  • Anonymous

    We can only hope that Verizon will bring this phone to us with LTE. I certainly hope Verizon doesn’t have plans to make the Bionic their top end phone per some agreement with Motorola at the expense of bringing better phones to their customers.

    However based on what we have been seeing many of the better phones are going to other carriers. Honestly I don’t understand this.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you cry about it.

      • Anonymous

        And douche bag award of the day goes to you. Way to be a dick. And people wonder why there is so much hate on these forums when you got people like you^

        • guest

          he never contributes anything useful to any of these comments. Always negative and putting down other people. How old is he? 15? That would seem to coincide with his attitude and maturity level.

          • Adam

            Hey I’m 15 and I’m not a dick :,(

          • rocks

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          • Anonymous

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        • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

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        • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

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        • Anonymous

          Think about it dickweed.

          • Anonymous

            I have no desire to think about his penis…Why are you so obsessed about that?

          • Anonymous

            You’re the one who brought it up, come out of the closet already.

    • Anonymous

      Doubt it Moto had its chance I don’t think verizon is going to keep waiting they gave Moto the chance to be first now they have a bunch of other phones for the next few months and supposedly an lte samsung the same day as the bionic.

  • Sammy Guyana

    won’t be here until 2012.  if it was we would have seen the FCC filing leak already.  This just sucks.  It’s like having Madden 2012 released in every other country in the world, except the US, for 9 months.  Samsung hates us…thanks a lot Fing Apple.

    • Jjjjj

      Madden?  Bad example….essentially the same game year in and year out.  There is a reason why they pushed 2K out the football genre.

    • Anonymous

      That is the most uneducated thing I’ve ever heard. Usually phones go through the fcc like 3 weeks to a month before there is still plenty of time.

  • ChrisI

    Big surprise. Asian and European markets always get the coolest tech years before it comes here. American consumers – the most reliable animal on the planet. Even if the products are inferior to those offered elsewhere in the world.  

    • docking

      Hey, they make them, they should have first dibs.  Bring this shit back to the USA for manufacturer and quit buying these toys!

  • Anonymous

    Beh, I’m waiting for the Bionic, i don’t need this i*hone wannabe

    • Im waiting for the bionic also but this is still going to be a great phone cant go wrong with either of the phones assuming that samsung will use a exynos or tegra

      • Jason

        If they can come out with some release date info in the near future at least around the time the Bionic comes out I could wait. If all this is still in the air and noone knows anything I am getting the Bionic. Time to give the OG a rest lol Can’t wait forever for the “next thing”

        • Dat1DudeOn1Wheel

          I could not agree more!!  I have an OG Droid – the power button and lack of internal memory is making me crazy!! I really don’t want to regret getting the bionic, but come sept 7 (or whatev the day may be that falls b4 the damn mystery release date) if there are still no solid leaks on this or the Vigor, I’m getting the bionic..  Honestly the only thing the appeals more to me with the SG2 is the slimness and the screen…. Who knows, maybe when I end up holding/feeling the Bionic & seeing the screen in person, I maybe pleasantly surprised??  P.S. 4.5 screen all the way! I’ll take 5″… I ain’t scurred

  • Anonymous

    Please no big ugly button…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this gets ICS…

    • Im sure it will…I am sure anything with dual core will get ICS

    • Anonymous

      probably but about 9 months after every other phone gets it

  • Interstellarmind

    vigor is rumored to be sportin’ 1.2 ghz processor?

    will definitely be weighing vigor and this agaisnt each other for my next phone. pretty exciting (i feel like getting one of these will indeed be a generation jump, as compared to my last few phone upgrades)

    • Mike Mike

      vigor is rumored 1.5 as well

  • Anonymous

    Notice the dimensions.  This version is a full mm thicker than the normal SGS II.  While that’s not a lot, it does indicate there are packing concerns when it comes to LTE and this phone.

    I wonder if switching over the GSM radios to CDMA2000 is going to end up adding any additional bulk to the handset.

    To be sure, it’s still thinner than the thunderbolt’s 14mm thickness, but the end result for verizon may end up being closer to the Charge’s current 11.6 mm thickness.

  • Please let them use a exynos for the states not this crap snapdragon

    • Anonymous

      Agree or Atleast go with tegra 2

      • Anonymous

        Tegra 2 is not any better.

        • Anonymous

          Yes it is.

          • John

            umm… APQ8060 @ 1.5GHz bests the 1GHz tegra2 in every graphical bench mark.  

          • Anonymous

            So a 1.5ghz processor beats a 1ghz processor? I would have never thought a higher clocked processor would do better. /s how can you compare two processors not at the same speeds? You can’t dumbass.

          • John

            What?  You complained that they should have used the exynos of the tegra 2 instead of the snapdragon in this phone.. but when I point out that the tegra2 is a slower SoC, you call me a dumbass.. lol 

          • Anonymous

            You said a 1.5 is better than a 1ghz which is why I called you a dumbass. Also I said if they aren’t using exynos they should use tegra 2 or omap over snapdragon sorry you can’t read.

          • John

            I was pointing out why they shouldn’t use a tegra 2.. it can’t be clocked to speeds that will give comparable performance to the APQ8060.  

            And clock speed isn’t everything.. everyone should know that.The tegra 2 SoC will be forever slower than the SoC used in this phone, which is why only a dumbass would prefer it.

          • Anonymous

            And only a dumbass puts words into others mouths I never said I prefer it. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

          • John

            “Agree or Atleast go with tegra 2”..

            So, you’d rather see this phone with a tegra 2 SoC than the APQ8060 SoC.. but you don’t prefer it.. makes sense man.  

          • Anonymous

            Like you said clock speed doesn’t mean that much and seeing how for those who like gaming. Tegra two has a little more development and more games atm. Not to mention if it’s the same as in the evo 3d it isn’t very good on battery life. But hey maybe you are one of those who feels it makes themselves feel a little better to have a higher clocked processor so they can brag about it and get their rocks off. By all means enjoy it because if this comes to verizon it will be a great phone regardless.

          • You are correct, one thing to remember is a CPU can only be running as many thread as it has cores (Unless it has hyperthreading) GPU can run a near infinite amount of threads. 

          • Tegra2 can reach 1.5ghz just fine on overclocking and NVidia has the Tegra2 3D which reportedly runs at 1.2-1.5ghz out of the box.

            The point is, the Tegra-family GPU on the Tegra 2 SoC is MUCH faster than that Adreno 205 piece of junk that Qualcomm insists using on their Snapdragon SoCs (and why Qualcomm continues to be on the bottom rung of the ladder).

            GPU performance order
            PowerVR SGX543 variants > SGX540 (in OMAP 4x and Hummingbird) > Tegra2 GPU > ARM Mali400 > Adreno 205 > Adreno 200.


          • John

            this has an adreno 220.. 

          • Anonymous

            As John said, the dual core snapdragon uses an Adreno 220 which is roughly similar in performance to the Geforce ULP used in the Tegra 2.  Unlike the Tegra 2 though, the APQ8060 supports Arm NEON instructions and can handle high profile h.264 video.  If anything the snapdragon is faster.

            The Mali400 is also faster than you claim, it’s comparable to the SGX540, depending on clock speeds of course.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Come on verizon don’t screw this up.

    • Anonymous

      They will

  • This looks beastly, and can’t wait.  Here’s a bit of conjecture as to why there might have been such a delay:

    In looking at the phone and specs, Google may have had a hand in the delay and resulting redesign (bigger screen, faster processor, no more home button, etc.) with an eye toward Ice Cream Sandwich.  Especially considering this phone will hit all 4 major carriers and ICS is relatively close.  Just a thought…

    • Anonymous

      That would be great. All the carriers, LTE, ICS, right before Christmas. If that were to happen I would expect some seriously good competition with the iphone 5. Then it would be the “new OG Droid” and have HUGE developer support.

      • No, it will not the the “new” OG Droid. Do you even know what phone the term OG Droid refers to? It is the American Milestone 1. It is called the DROID in America. When people ask what phone you have and you say I have a Droid, they look confused because there are so many other Droid phones. Hence the need for another name: OG Droid. That is a Motorola phone. I will be damned if a Samsung phone steals the title “OG Droid”. Sorry for the aggression, it’s a touchy subject.

        • Staticx57

          Droid 1?

  • Anonymous

    if this would come out in the US by October (and rumors of the ICS phone prove false), this is my next phone.  sorry bionic.

  • ugh i want them to use the one that t-mobile is getting from yesterday

  • Darin Walker

    I’m DONE!!! if it comes here!  

  • El El Kool J

    Everyone was wanting LTE, now that a LTE version had popped up in the wild people are still complaining about something! Now 4.5 is too big….lol wow really!

    • I dont think the probably is 4.5 I think its more the chipset….People see how the exynos chip performs and anything less would be kind of dissappointing

    • Anonymous

      The only thing I have to complain about is the design. I think this one is ugly, the Tmo version looks awesome.

      • EC8CH

        Yes, bring the Tmo beauty to VZW.

      • Anonymous

        but this one looks like it would really match my GT 10.1. Side by side perfection.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing I have to complain about is the design. I think this one is ugly, the Tmo version looks awesome.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing I have to complain about is the design. I think this one is ugly, the Tmo version looks awesome.

  • gregba

    why does everyone hate the physical home button so much?

    •  Because that’s not Android, that is iOS.

    • Cause look at it its huge and ugly those are good reasons to me just make it like a normal android phone not some ugly iphoneish button

    • Anonymous

      Because everyone has an iPhobia.

  • Wow, they’re just not going to make it easy for me are they.  I was really hoping either the Sammy or Bionic would clearly suck.  My inclination is to go with the Bionic because of the OMAP processor…  Guess I’ll have to hold each in my hand and see.

  • Dave

    Looks nice. Hopefully something similar will head to Verizon. Although it probably won’t happen till next year…which is good since my contract is up in March 2012. :-]

  • Anonymous

    Even with the lower resolution, this could stop me from going Bionic.  Please Verizon, we know you can do something right, as the first Droid proved.  Let’s see you step up to the plate again.  I could see owning a Samsung Droid Resistance.

  • Adam

    mine isn’t that big. i live in belgium though. have had the SGSII for a while

  • Gamer 28

    Everything sounds great except for the Snapdragon processor. I’d rather have Samsung’s Exinos processor. I’m thinking that 1.5ghz processor is the one found on the Evo3D, can anyone clarify on that.
    I just don’t like Snapdragon chips because they always seem to be behind the curb, I mean the chip on the Evo 3D is practically an A8 while all other dual cores are A9 and also the mali400 is a pretty dam fast gpu.

    This is great news though, it gives us more hope for an LTE Galaxy S II from Verizon.

    • It’s the one found in the HP TouchPad

      Yes snapdragon is behind the curve but so is mali400.  It’s a weak gpu just all these samsung fanboys have no clue.

      • Gamer 28

        I never said it was a good GPU but it’s faster than the others that are currently out. I know its kinda old but it runs like a beast.

    • John

      Evo 3D has a dual-core MSM8660 Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.2GHz.. which is essentially the same as the APQ8060, albeit this one will be over clocked to 1.5GHz.  Both S3 series which means same GPU and memory and 45nm tech.  

      would prefer an exynos chip.

    • Skittleoid

      They’ll probably go with the snapdragon 1.5 ghz just because the average american will imagine it to be more impressive than the 1.2 ghz exynos. If anything I’m waiting for the next nexus. Google will do its own country right.

  • WANT!  I love my DInc, but DAYUM!

    • Eric

      took the words  out of my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    So 4.5in  at only 800×480? , and Snapdragon instead of Exynos? meh.

    At least there’s a sign an LTE version is possible, still won’t be here anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    Also, why the 4.5 inch screens? I hope they don’t keep using them, because I’d like my phone to fit comfortably in my pocket.. 4.0 or 4.3 are sweet spots.

    • Anonymous

      The way newer phones are going, it could be a 4.5″ screen in a older 4.3″ body size. There could be less space around the screen. If this is the case… then it’s awesome. If not and its just huge, then I agree with you.

  • Just a glimmer of hope.

  • If this comes to big red my Thunderbolt will soon be hitting eBay

    • Ditto!

    • Anonymous

      If this comes to Big Red, I’ll be hitting the corner!

  • does this thing make waffles too?

  • Anonymous

    Nice, but kinda sucks that the processor is snapdragon…

    The exynos beats it when they are both at 1.2 ghz badly, so I wouldn’t expect the 1.5 ghz snapdragon to be that great.

    • Yeah thats what I am saying I wont get it if it has a snapdragon just not a fan would rather have exynos or tegra or omap before a snapdragon

      • Anonymous

        Thought you were getting the bionic anyway? From the way you all on all the bionic threads it seemed like that’s what you were getting since you said Sammy would never make the sgs2 lte.

  • Anonymous

    Apple’s right, it is just like the i*hone . . . if the i*hone were better in just about every way imaginable.


    I hope the Verizon version looks like this:

    • DroidMan

      I agree, that white one is awesome!

    • I just hope it dont have that thing that they call a home button give me my regular buttons please and the white version I would be set

    • I think Verizon is known to stick to black colors.

      • Hoosiercub

        I think you haven’t been paying attention. The original incredible had a white back option, the r2d2 Droid 2 was white and if they were still selling them you could go pick one up now. The fascinate also came in white. Plus the rumors of the dinc2 getting a white and a silver variant.

        • DroidDoesSGSII

          Exactly, a white SGSII is in Verizon’s future!

    • DroidDoesSGSII

      Wow, now that is a phone I’d be proud to pull out of my pocket.  Hope this one comes to Verizon.