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LTE Samsung Galaxy S II Pops Up in Korea Sporting 4.5″ Screen and Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Processor, We All Dance a Jig

If there was ever going to be a chance that we see a slimmed down 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S II here in the states on Verizon, we needed to see something like this leak overseas.  This is a very good sign, folks.  According to Korean site IT Tong, an SGS2 variant is headed to one of their carriers in the very near future sporting a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, 16GB of internal storage, 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras, Gingerbread, and a whopping 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor.  If you didn’t just get excited about that…

There is one problem though – this specific phone will run on an 800MHz LTE frequency, when we know Verizon’s is 700MHz.  I would hope (at least assume) that could be changed pretty easily and will still stay positive that we may see this device some time in the near future.

So this phone looks and has similar specs to the T-Mobile version we saw yesterday; here’s to hoping we aren’t stuck with a slideout Galaxy S2 like many of us have a feeling is coming.  Oh, and I would assume that the physical home button would disappear once it hit the states too…hopefully.  

Here are the full rumored specs:


Via:  IT TongAmeblo

  • Do you know? I found many website but I can’t see imformation for me. And now, I feel happy because your imformation is very useful. Thank you very much!.

  • Emily

    I hope to god that’s not Verizon’s SGSII. It better have a search button not just 3 buttons with a gay apple home button knock off.

  • This will come with the 1gig of ram right?  IMO ram is a litter underrated in phones ATM.  I would never pick up anything less then 512 now.

    Just my 2c

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it will still perform with the  1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor? It’s not what we were seeing it had? Right? Sounds good but the Sensation has a 1.2-GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon 2 dual-core processor and the performance in that one sucks.   

  • Anonymous
  • Pennywise

    LOL @ these comments. Bring on the BIONIC 😀

  • If this comes to Verizon, screw the Bionic!

  • kq

    they should get rid of the home button…

  • It needs a bigger battery ’cause of the Snapdragon processor…. The Tegra 2 uses Ultra Low Power consumption…. Gah. 

  • Wow. Everyone wants their phone looking like the iPhone. Ridiculous.

    • James_Ever

      Go eat your rotten freakin apple troll.

      • Anonymous

        Take it easy…..

    • Anonymous

      So one company does it and everyone wants to? Pretty sure samsung is the only one who looks like the iphone. Not to mention samsung was before apple to the touchphone party but everyone forgets that.

  • Trxr6

    GSM, 850mhz? Sounds like an AT&T phone with t-mobile bands. It has no CDMA radio, so it can’t be a Verizon phone.

  • faber78


  • Anonymous

    Good god that home button is atrocious! And what the hell is with manufacturers and that three button design? Why do they all hate the search key so much? I really hope they switch to the standard 4 button design for the US/Verizon version. Everything else looks pretty awesome – especially if it runs as well as the Euro spec models + LTE.

  • Durkee45

     should i get the samsung galaxy s2 or droid bionic when able to get an upgrade

    • Anonymous

      You should get whichever one suits you. Going to be a bit hard to garner opinions when one isn’t released and the other isn’t announced.

  • Sick phone (besides TouchWiz) but who knows when we will see it in the states? I would love to wait, but my OG Droid is on its last leg, so Bionic it is and in around 2 years I’m gonna grab the newest Quad core???

  • Anthonyandjackie

    T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T already have upcoming versions of this phone but not Verizon? Verizon HAS to have a version of this phone already…they are keeping it under wraps. I’m thinking they have to let the Bionic come out without any competition for it to sell. Could you imagine if it became public knowledge that VZ is getting the same type of phone that just showed up in Korea? How many people would bypass the Bionic and wait for the Korean/US version of the SG2? 

    • Jason

      I don’t know. I’m torn, upgrade is up at the eng of Aug so waiting around for a long time is going to be hard. I will try to wait and see some comparisons but if they drag their feet on this phone like the Bionic than I will probably end up getting the Bionic. Can’t wait around forever

    • Anonymous

      Well the leaked roadmap showed an lte Sammy so if that holds true they will be releasing two lte on the same day and yes the Sammy may be a slider and. Not dual core but some would still choose that over a Moto.