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Download: Motorola XOOM WiFi 3.2 Update HTJ85B

The Motorola XOOM WiFi Android 3.2 update that we first reported on this morning is now available for manual download.  The only problem is, that we don’t have instructions to get it installed on your device just yet, but those will likely come in no time once some devs get to crackin’ on it.  It’s only about 15MB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download.  Oh, and I wouldn’t advise that 3G/4G XOOM owners try this – you could screw something up.  

Download:  HTJ85B.zip [mirror]

Cheers Jeffrey and @P3droid!

  • The Captain

    Works great!!! Thank You!!!

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    only Motorola tech guys are allowed to do this. then again not allowed to do this. its a dead product being sold on a dead market. its f u c k e d up big time

  • Dfghdhdh

    Dose not install. installing is not allowed by Motorola


    not to be installed. fake  product. made in f u c k e n china. unableto do this the rule book says you cannot do this


    bull  s h i t its not work at all.
    the firmware is not allowed to be updated. its the to piss people off

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know of a way to get back to 3.1?  There are TONS of bugs in this release and making it almost unbearable to use.  I’ve tried to pull the 3.1 manual update and install as per instructions w/ manual 3.2, but it keeps saying that it can’t verify the file (or something to that effect).  There are issues now where Swype doesn’t work (due to Xoom now saying the resolution is 1280 x 752 instead of 1280 x 800), there are browser issues, screen issues, just very frustrated with this.

  • Islandmagicmic

     I got update Over the air and everything is working  great!

  • Orion016

    Finally got it today the official one, I was too stupid to get the one to work that you had. Can’t wait for my yrgb memory.

  • Anonymous

    has anyone figured out how to do the manual update yet?

  • Please someone post some more detailed instructions for the few of us that a clueless on how to install this update manually.

  • Anonymous

    anyone whos done the update, notice the system keyboard looks different, some of the keys along the bottom are blacked out now. i cant remember what was there, but i can tell it is missing. 

  • Anonymous

    Yep, it works!  Nice to see my microSD card finally show up as well!  Thanks for the tip!

  • mtalkhan

    Just installed it through recovery using otg cable.
    Place the downloaded update file on a usb flash drive.
    Turn your Motorola XOOM tablet off and then Turn the Tablet on againOn start-up when you see the Motorola logo, press and hold the Volume Down keyWhen you see the Android recovery text, press the Volume Up key to put XOOM tablet in recovery modeOn the Android recovery screen, press and keep holding the Power button then press and release the Volume Up key Using Volume Down key navigate to the update option and press Power button to select it. and voilà .

    • Telephoneteck

      I am gonna try it when I get home from work!

    • Anonymous

      For those wondering, it does work. Perhaps the article author should update it…

    • Anonymous

      For those wondering, it does work. Perhaps the article author should update it…

    • SoCal Dave

      Was this update applied to a wifi or 3G model?  I really need to be able to make my 3G unit accept SD cards within the next week or I have to drag a laptop with me on a trip! 

      I also note the official Moto Camera Connector kit is available on Amazon with 3 commnets sayig that they CAN download/view SD Cards using it.

      I have no problem doing the update if it will work on my 3G model but dont want to brick it if no one has applied this update to anything other than wifi.



      • Alpha_Ryvius

        From what I can make out, this 3.2 update is for the WiFi Xoom only, it’s advised not to load it on the 3G version.

  • Telephoneteck

    I know someone out there can explain how to apply this update. Help a fellow Android lover out. Show me the money! Or at least how to get 3.2 on my Xoom.

  • If anyone is interested http://www.woot.com has a refurbished Xoom Wifi model for only $399.99.  

  • Anonymous

    Gah! Where is the love for those of us that paid a shitton for the 3g version… come on MOTO show us some love!

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  • Alpha_Ryvius

    So anyone figured out how to install this without rooting the Xoom?

  • instructions any1?

  • Instructions anyone?

  • Tuggy24g

    Were is my update? I tried to update my zoom after I heard about this and nothing? Am I left out or what?

  • And what about me?
    I’m sitting here on a European 3G Xoom and it’s still on 3.0.1!!!
    I don’t like Motorlas lack of updates outside the US…

  • Max

    wow i want it now but for my galaxy tab 10.1

  • David

    Anyone know if this is going to get pushed to Canada (or RoW) or just US like 3.1 did.
    ie is it worth rooting & manual install?…

  • Nolewag

    Seems like a XDA Dev got it working thru clockworkmod. Have to rooted though.


    • rob

      I have rooted wifi xoom running 3.1, but with the fastest timat kernal (1.4?..I think). Do I need to flash the stock 3.1 kernal  before doing the update.zip? Can I just do both with CWM? 

  • Jimfong07

    what if we are rooted?

  • Anthony

    I manually updated my tablet just fine to 3.2 hours ago with no effort at all

    • Anonymous

      wifi or 3g xoom?

    • Telephoneteck

      How did you do it?

    • Finire

      Mind going into the details?

  • Telephoneteck

    So what do I do with the dl?

  • Anonymous

    Does it make the display not suck?

    • Telephoneteck

      Does your display suck?

      • Anonymous

        It does… it’s a XOOM, after all.

        • Telephoneteck

          I don’t think my Xooms display sucks. Could be better but I could say that about everything in the world really.

        • Corenojc

          im on a xoom as we speak and the display is terrific

        • Anonymous

          One thing about the xoom’s display where I must give credit: it’s capable of producing very dark black levels. I guess you would call it contrast ratio. The colors could be a little better though. When I HDMI out to my Sony xbr and see them side by side it makes me a sad panda

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for going into detail instead of sounding like a troll. Wait, that’s exactly what you did. I have a Xoom and have no issues with the display.

        • Anonymous

          You folks are totally right. The XOOM is awesome. Alas, I need to sell my hardly used 32 Gig WiFi XOOM. I’ll include shipping, in the original box with all original contents, anywhere in the U.S. for $500.

          • Anonymous

            No takers? The XOOM’s a thing of beauty, but I need the cash. $450 and it’s yours!

          • Anonymous

            Wow… where all my XOOM enthusiasts at? How about $400, eh? Put your money where your mouth is.

          • Marorun

            No thanks i allready got one dont need two moron.

          • Don’t worry about it. I unloaded that device months ago. There’s a sucker born every minute, eh.

    • Anonymous

      So why don’t you get a galaxy tab or whatever you feel like and stfu.  Bitching and moaning isn’t going to change anything.

  • DJ

    my galaxy tab 10.1 is brimming with jealousy :/

  • Apfire21

    Cant wait!!!! Really wanna zoom on the xoom!

  • T Hall

    Hmmm is this the first time the Wifi Xoom gets love first?

    • lunargecko

      Second time: it was first with both 3.1 and 3.2. ^_^

  • Hm.. Samsung… what are you going to do now?

    • Get out of the losing non iPad tablet market.

      • Anonymous

        Giant overhyped ipod touch sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a video of the changes?
    Supposedly it makes hardware acceleration better.

  • Adam

    Yo dawg, I heard you like zooming, so we put a zoom in your xoom so you can zoom while you xoom!

    • droidoes


      • KevParlee

        Lol as well (I love this website)

    • Benavidez19


      • Boogieman55555

        Every day I’m shuffling!!!!

  • First!

    • Adam Elghor

      not fair