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DROID Incredible 2 Receives S-OFF, Permanent Root is Next (Updated)


The AlphaRevX team who unlocked and perm-rooted the Incredible S has apparently found a similar method that works on the Incredible 2.  This marks a pretty significant day for folks who shelled out for the Inc follow-up, since up until now there has only been a temp-root that would wipe each time you rebooted your phone.  With S-OFF achieved though, they should have perm-root in no time (might already) and then the fun can really begin.

Stay close, as we’ll post up instructions the minute they drop.

Update:  Our man jcase with @TeamAndIRC assures us that the phone in the video has perm-root and Clockwork Recovery on it.

Via:  XDA

  • JR

    I thought this was going to provide the how to?

  • Noname

    Update wanted!!!!

  • Darin Rohatinsky

    Are there any instructions floating around out there anywhere?

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  • dinc2er

    And boom goes the dynamite!

  • Mbenson

    Love it! Costco had a deal on Inc2 and I got my wife one. I need this so I can use the hotspot without VZN raping me one more time…

  • Good news everyone!

  • Anonymous

    This or the thunderbolt? I have until the 11th of July to decide.

    • I’ve heard the TB needs to be charged 3 times a day from standard usage. That was my deal-breaker.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I’ve heard the same but at the same time ive heard good things about the t-bolt with cm on it so im a bit undecided right now lol.

      • I hear i charge once every 2 days. Old argument is oldddddd.

    • Anonymous

      You would not be wise to choose incredible 2 when you can have a chance to get locked in to unlimited 4g LTE with all that tiered stuff coming in July. Duhhhhhh. Lol

      • current vzw customers are locked into it anyway tiered are only for new customers

  • Finally! The devs never disappoint!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    what a shizzzy video

    anyway, post up directions when they drop and I will root my chicks Dinc2

  • Romma1

    DincII coming soon now.

  • Eric

    might be time to upgrade my Dinc.

    • The Locked Bootloader shouldn’t have happened in the first place and maybe people wouldn’t be as worried to upgrade their DInc. 

      • Eric


  • Anonymous

    Does this have any relevance to the TB being’s it HTC as well?

    • ramifications

      The Thunderbolt has been rooted with S-OFF since March.

  • Congrats to Incredible 2 owners!

  • planetes42

    Sweet!  Mine should arrive tomorrow (was just going to give it to the wife in September if it never got rooted).  It’s gonna be hard to leave Pete’s awesomeness on the OG Droid though.

  • Litobirdy

    what the heck is S-Off?

    • Guest

      security off.  it’s what prevents you from writing to the system and recovery partitions.  This opens up the device for permanent root as well as custom roms

    • Knightcrusader

      I thought it was Signature-Off… that way you can boot custom kernels and ROMs.

      I believe to perm root you need to unlock the NAND lock.

      I S-OFF’d and Rooted my Bolt at the same time, so I might have it all wrong.

  • Anonymous


    • DroidzFX

      F U spammer

  • Kaufkin

    Hmmm.. might be worth looking into then…

    • Kaufkin

      Oh yeah, and “first” (just to tweak some folks…)

      I know that Pete has done some great stuff on the OGDroid… anybody know what his next daily driver phone will be? *Grin*  I got 3 weeks (or so) to figure out my next phone…