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Angry Birds Rio Carnival Update is Available in the Amazon Appstore

An update for Angry Birds Rio just went live in the Amazon Appstore that introduces a new set of levels known as “Carnival.”  Rovio teased the update earlier in the week and seemed to release it on iOS first for reasons we won’t comment on – we’ll instead just remind you to head into the store to grab it now.  And I’d go into detail on how awesome this new update is, but as you can see from the screenshot that I rarely open the game and cannot access these levels yet.  Check out the video below though which gives you a nice preview.    

Market Link


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  • AlaeshaJames

    I don’t have the update either. How do I get it???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sinistar83

    Stupid question.. so if I downloaded Angry Birds Rio (ad-free) that was available as a
    free app of the day.. Obviously now it’s no longer free but $0.99.

    So If I go to My Apps > Update Available, then click the icon, it will
    take me to the AB Product page and show the $0.99 price then the update
    button? Am I going to be charged for the update? I thought if the
    Amazon app games are tied to account we can re-download at no charge and
    get free updates? I guess the UI makes it kinda confusing…

    • Just had to reload my phone, went to the Amazon AppStore to re-download all the apps.  Got three of 20!  So now if I want to continue playing PvZ, I have to pay for it?  Boo.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    who still plays angry birds?..

  • still no update

  • Scott H

    It’s not showing up for me either, even after countless refreshes. I think I had a similar issue with the last update, but can’t remember how I got it to work – someone else posted a ‘fix’ at that time.

    • James Donahoe

      search for Angry Birds Rio update and it will list it as an update to Angry Birds Rio.

  • daniel walker

    i didnt get the update

  • I’ve been kind of over Angry Birds. I barely play the game but still keep it on the phone for when I ‘do’ want to play but lately that is not very often. 

    Partly, they choose to put it on Amazon first before the Market. So by the time it does I’ve already playing other great games and not interested in it. I’m loving the new Karisoft game Grand Prix Story and BattleHeart.

    • Starhelius17

      Battleheart has stolen 17 hours of my time so far.  17 very happy hours!!!

  • Rizzidy


  • Mjhzoom

    I’m not seeing the update as being available

    • I just opened the AAS on my xoom and it took me to Updates Available. Downloading Rio now.

      • Mjhzoom

        Hmmm…..maybe it’s different for DroidX

    • Mjhzoom

      Ok…finally showed up.

  • Tyrian

    I wish they’d combine all of the apps into 1.

    • DAN

      yeah honestly, that would be great

  • DroidX_Owner

    Dunno about anyone else but I’m kinda done with this game.  Almost ready to uninstall Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio.  But why should I?  Its not like I’m hurting for space on my DX.

  • Anonymous

    I’m ready to uninstall this Angry Birds I think. The fad has passed me by. Maybe I can store Angry Birds in the attic with my pogs.