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DROIDX Gingerbread Update is Ready, Verizon Releases Changelog (Updated: Friday)

(Click image for larger version.)

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3) for the DROIDX is finally ready.  After 3 or 4 leaks, word from our sources that the .596 build had been finalized, and a “soak test” announced by Moto, Verizon appears to be ready to make it official.  The support page for the DX has been updated with new GB information, including the entire change log which we’ve captured for you above.  You are getting everything we saw in the leaks like the new blue Blur, ActiveSync fixes, and that snowy looking new fixed dock.  The update will weigh in at 112MB.

I should point out that we’re still waiting for a date and for the soak test to finish, but when these documents go up on Big Red’s site, it’s usually a good sign that we’re within a week.  So try to hold off from “pulling” at your phone’s system update page for now until we know more.  We’ll hopefully have more in the morning.  Sweet dreams.

Update: Verizon has notified the blog world that the update will be available on Friday (May 27).  

*Note – When this does become available, we’ve heard plenty of word surrounding the root situation of this update which is not pretty.  What I mean by that, is if you are currently rooted and want to stay that way, the update might not be the best thing to accept.

More information.

Cheers Jim!

  • Droid is really one of the best, but this changelog looks a bit weird, at least for me.

  • daze&confused

    it comes with 7 pages but i only need 3,anyway to delete them? i used to use adw launcher but i was wondering if the gingerbread did that to?

  • The update has been a huge mess for me; i am now on my third replacement DX since downloading GB on 06.05. i have spent hours on the phone with Moto & VZ level II techs, and they are trying to catch up with the changes themselves. They would work with a DX, going through the steps with me to try to work out glitches, and their devices were bugging out, too.

    i have almost finished dialing in what i hope is my third and final DX replacement, and i have determined that Gingerbread crumbles as a replacement for the rock steady Froyo. My essential Andro Market apps such as MultiScreen Wallpaper and Missed Reminder that worked flawlessly before the “upgrade,” are lagging, freezing, or not working at all. The conflicts are many and complicated, and who knows if and when app developers will get around to trying to resolve the issues, especially when Gingerbread is inherently unstable in this particular device.

    The Froyo to Gingerbread changeover is comparable to Microsoft’s Vista changeover from the well-respected XP OS. And we all know how that story ended.

  • Sydney8908

    I did the new update and my phone starts up normally but once the screen turns off it won’t turn back on nor will it receive calls/texts/etc. How do I revert it back?

  • Nineironputt

    Is it just my phone or did they do away with the headphones plugged in for FM radio, says app no longer available. Still showing under applications, but as being 0bytes. Bummer… I liked using it..

  • Scott

    It is the 30th and there is no update for my Droid x for GB????  What gives?

  • Mrwsga88

    Anybody got the update today

  • Alan

    So I shouldnt have my droid x roots for this?

  • Buckgrad

    Anyone know if the earlier links to unrooted GB still work? Any suggestions as to the best one? Droid X on stock froyo here. Not sure I want to go the way of the ota if will not be able to root in the future. Still playing with the idea of rooting, so don’t want to lose the possibility. But also don’t like hearing that rooted users may not be able to access things in the future, like Google movjes, etc. Input anyone?

  • Inkster09

    Czech meant vzw sorry spell check ansmd typing to fast

  • Inkster09

    Verizon is terrible they will never have vanil la android hence no nexus devices. When consumers learn more about android and the crap motor and vzw put on their phones, ie makes it slow and jittery either Czech will have to change or the real android community will leave vzw. Yeah their network is good but true android enthuist will leave vzw. They products are outdated, lye won’t work with dual core or blur or TW or vzw bloatware. Thyself why there is no bionic and won’t ever be. Vzw is in there own world

  • This friday?  I can definitely dig that.

  • Looks like I need to upgrade to 595 from 591 and hope 596 is rooted quick.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that my phone may not be rooted anymore isn’t a big concern to me. I don’t really use any of the root capabilities anymore, aside from using a ROM.

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to update to Gingerbread, but if it eliminates my root access, then I guess I’ll just wait until XDA or others make root for Gingerbread.

  • Joy2great

    What happen if you just accept the update on a rooted phone?

  • Goatweed

    so…right now I’m on a rooted .340 which I SBF’d to before I rooted. I had tried to install GB once but it didn’t work (boot loop issue) so I stuck with froyo thinking official GB would be out eventually and rooted. the official rollout (.596) of GB as of now is NOT rootable – is that correct? And if I want root on GB I need to load a leaked build like .595 – which I tried before and failed at?

    So if all of that is accurate, I can either refuse the update and stay they way I am now or take the update and enjoy GB but not have access to any of my root-friendly apps.

    Is that the gist?

  • Scott in MA

    It would be excellent if this is released to us tomorrow. (Happens to be my 21st wedding anniversary.)
    I just hope it is for real.  I will look to this site to tell me when to go look for it.

  • Scott in MA

    It would be excellent if this is released to us tomorrow. (Happens to be my 21st wedding anniversary.)
    I just hope it is for real.  I will look to this site to tell me when to go look for it.

  • Cubsoxs87

    Wont gingerbreak work to root it

  • Cubsoxs87

    Wont gingerbreak work to root it

  • Steve

    Could this mean the Droid 2 isn’t far behind?

  • Heyimsteve029

    All thanks to me for this update, because, of course, I finally installed the rooted .595 last night, and I wake up to see this. Oh well, at least I have root!

  • Joe12304

    Update my D2!

  • Anonymous

    Where is a reference to Verizon saying this please?

  • Roberto Taylor

    I read Gingerbreak would be able to root this. Is this not true?

  • Goodwidp

    So, assuming that I’m rooted now (Droid X) and I want to remain with root, should I just hold off on accepting the OTA until there is a rooted version of GB released? Can I get in trouble with VZW or any other drawbacks to not accepting (aside from not experiencing the new features of GB) or will I be fine waiting for GB Root? Thanks all.

  • John


  • Rain_king46

    Does anybody know if the soak test has been started? I assume since the normal guys havent posted a rooted version yet that it hasnt. 

    • Rain_king46

      The Verizon announcement of the 27th has me thrown off. That means even if the soak starts today they will only have one day of feedback before they release to the masses? That seems counter productive. 

      • Chad

        I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • Johnediii

      I had the feeling all along that the soak test may not be for GB all along anyway.  Most of us have been “testing” GB for a long time.  Let’s be honest, Moto isn’t ignorant to what goes on with Android so they’ve probably been watching the Forums to see how it’s working.  I have no reason for this.  It may be wishful thinking that the soak test is for something newer and better.

      • Rain_king46

        If I remember correctly Moto did something very similar when they were releasing Froyo. The soak testers got the upload and like a day later everybody got it. The soak testers all reported a few issues including text message problems, Active sync problems, music player peoblems, etc. Moto was supposed to release a patch to fix these issues, some issues got fixed, some got bandaids like Moto offering free TouchDown licenses to users who needed activesync. I really dont understand the thinking behind many of Motos decisions. 

  • Ozyman666

    So if I’m rooted with Liberty 2.0.1, do I SBF or wait for the inevitable Liberty Gingerbread?