HTC to Review Bootloader Policy?

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Bootloaders, bootloaders, bootloaders.  You almost can’t approach an Android phone these days without talking about its locked bootloader.  We all know that Motorola has long been fans of locking down their devices for good, but it was only recently that HTC jumped on board with a failed attempt through the Thunderbolt and a so-far successful attempt on the Incredible 2.  There are also signs that the Sensation and EVO 3D will be as locked as anything we’ve seen, which has prompted Android enthusiasts to share their opinions through a variety of social networking channels.  The sort of good news is that we may have been heard on Facebook.

According to a post that went up on HTC’s FB page within the last hour, they have at least accepted the idea that their “policy around bootloaders” should be revisited.  I should point out that we’ve heard things like this from Motorola in the past, yet they continue to ship devices like the DROIDX2 as locked as ever.  Still, it’s a positive sign.


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