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Rumors: Incredible 2 Pre-sale Tonight, DROIDX Gingerbread Rolling Out May 10, Casio G’Zone Commando Available April 28

On a semi-slow day, our inbox was just hit with a variety of rumors that we thought were worth sharing as long as you all understand these are just “rumors.”  None of these have been 100% confirmed, but since they impact a couple of our closest family members, we wanted to get them out in the open.  

1.  DROID Incredible 2 pre-sale tonight. Odd right?  We’ve seen April 28th pop up twice now as a launch date, but according to online retailer Wirefly, you can pre-order the device tonight at midnight.  It will then ship on the 28th.  That was nice of them to make an announcement before Verizon has even acknowledged that it exists, wasn’t it?

2.  DROIDX Gingerbread on May 10.  Completely unconfirmed, but wouldn’t surprise us.  A couple of Gingerbread leaks have snuck out, including one that appears to be pretty official.  There are also rumors of a test group getting the update over the last week, so May 10 would give them just enough time to test it before it’s unleashed to the masses.

3.  Casio G’z0ne Commando launching April 28.  This isn’t much of a rumor since we have the all channel launch info below.  This looks like one heck of a rugged beast.  Oh, it runs Android 2.2, has a 3.6″ screen, 8GB SD card pre-loaded, 5MP camera, a bunch of outdoor apps (Earth compass, walking counter, Therm0-meter,etc.), and is water and shock resistant.  If I was a mountain man, this would be my steez.

Cheers Scott!

  • Polk Audio sale

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on the DInc2 and the Casio Commando. I live a rugged lifestyle, so it will be interesting to see how well the Casio performs next to the DInc2…

  • Any price yet on the G’Zone Phone?

  • Kp

    What’s the contraction about?

  • Igor

    Definitely Rumors

  • Michael Chados

    yeah, no pre-sale from what I’ve been seeing.

  • Shanklin07

    Pretty sure this will be great for construction guys. I work in power plants and let me tell you, it’s impossible to keep a phone in good condition in that environment. This will make a lot of guys happy, a smart phone that is rugged is long overdue!

  • Ufish2

    MDW rolled out GB over a week ago…guess it was time for big red to play catch up..lol………….running 473 leak and its GR8 :)..plus root which they will keep with there update..ha

  • Geezergaimr

    Okay, I just loaded the Gingerbread version 4.5.588 onto my DroidX. Am I going to still get the OTA update to the truly official version on May 10?

    • Anonymous


  • Luaymansour

    is the Droid 2 ever getting Gingerbread???

  • Bravo

    I thought the Droid X got gingerbread last week? If I’m not mistaken someone received it OTA?

    • Scott in MA

      That was unofficial and caused some real problems for some and none for others. This is supposed to be the real and official deal coming OTA from VZW on May 10.

  • lowchef

    looks like a thunderbolt…yet its not one…or is it…uh?

  • Queball744

    still can beat the thunder thunder thunderbolt!!!!!!!!

    • Mr.Joe


    • DBK

      The mutilation is unbearable……it’s: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunderbolt…..HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

    • DBK

      The mutilation is unbearable……it’s: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunderbolt…..HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

    • Emike72


  • Is the Dinc2 4g and dual core?

    • Mr.Joe

      No and No

      • So whats the upgrade?

        • 4 inch screen newer processor ffc

        • DBK

          Bigger screen, higher end processor, more memory, gingerbread, new sense, ffc (?)…..that’s all I can think of.

    • No 4G and no dual core

  • Happy 420 everybody 😉

    • Mr.Joe

      Well that would explain why all the “medical” marijuana shops are crowded.

      • Wish it was legal in my state

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I am not into the herb, but can you imagine the orgasm herb smokers must have today on 4-20 at precisely 4:20. I might walk outside at 4:20 PST and see if I can hear a collective scream

      • Anonymous

        we sync to GMT 😉

  • YourMomsTwaht

    Stupid rumors. May 10th is not long enough to fix GB’s bugs. Brightness changing, etc.

    • Mr.Joe

      That’s with the custom mods.

  • Anonymous

    GingerBread “roll out”.

    Hey VZW that was over two weeks ago for the DX !!!
    Well better late than never. (that Samsung policy)

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “G’Zone Commando”

    I am 99% sure this is this name of a vibrator, not a phone

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “G’Zone Commando”

    I am 99% sure this is this name of a vibrator, not a phone

    • Haha nice

    • Mike

      Comment of the day right here!

    • Anonymous

      now thats funny !!!

    • Davros / aka Chris Nimon

      It can be both when you call it 😉

      • FortitudineVincimus

        BOO YAAAAA

  • Mr.Joe

    I always figured Kellex to be a mountain man. All rugged and burly. Kind of like the guy on the Brawny Paper Towel package.

  • MrWolf

    Can’t help but notice the BING icon on the Commando. Hope that tank is rootable.

    • Mr.Joe

      That’s what I’m going to say next time I’m on a date.

      “Can’t help but notice ____ on you. Hope you’re rootable.”

      I’m sure I’ll get a call back with that line.

  • Blackmar_cdla

    droid bionic FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good to see Android try and splash into the rugged market. My dad has the G’zOne flip phone and the thing is a tank (has to be with the amount of times I hear it hit the floor in a given day). I have a buddy who is a firefighter and won’t get a smartphone because he’ll break it. I don’t think this will be a popular buy amongst this blog’s readers, but might end up being a solid move by our big green friend

  • Legion

    Droid Commando FTW!!!! 😛

  • Suga Shane

    Uhhh, I’m here for the gang bang?

    • Davros / aka Chris Nimon


  • Anonymous

    Is it me, or does VZW seem to have a “let’s throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see which one sticks” attitude about Android devices?

    • Have to agree with you. I guess its better than releasing one device and trying to make everyone like it though (don’t have a certain company in mind or anything….)

    • Nick

      It isn’t VZW that is throwing shit at the wall…it’s all the people throwing shit in Kellex’s mailbox.

    • Anonymous

      Yes that does seem true, but it’s way better than the lame-ass selection we used to have. Thank you Google.

  • KO

    The Commando is a phone I would never choose to get myself, but I really do love the fact that its finally going to be available.

    I have felt for some time that one segment that android misses entirely is the contractor, trade, ect people. Most of them stick to phones like the Boulder, ect.

    Finally an android phone durable enough to meet this segments needs

  • Anonymous

    Really VZ? Release the Casio Commando over Xperia Play on April 28th? Makes me want to buy one, just so I can chuck it off the grand canyon in frustration…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s VZW’s fault. There are reported delays of this phone all over the globe because of the earthquakes in Japan.

      • Anonymous

        Surprised that Rogers is going through with their launch, given the situation…

        • Mr.Joe

          You can always move to Canada!

  • Anonymous


    • Angry Turd

      What did you win?

      • Mr.Joe

        Sex in the City 1 & 2 The movie!

        Both with unlocked bootloaders and completely rootable 😉