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Angry Birds Rio Unplayable if Amazon AppStore is Uninstalled

If you installed the new Amazon AppStore this morning to grab Angry Birds Rio, you might not want to uninstall it any time soon.  If you do, and then try to play AB Rio, you’ll see the following message on your screen.

It looks like the Amazon Appstore was uninstalled from your device.  Please install the Amazon Appstore and sign in with your username and password to use this app.

Smart move by Amazon, but frustrating to those of you out there that don’t want an extra appstore app taking up space on your phone’s internal memory and in your app drawer.  Kids got to make money somehow, right?  Hopefully this isn’t a trend with all of their apps.

Cheers @davekover and everyone else!

  • Hoai_vien

    To hell with Amazon Appstore.  It crash my phone oh so often. Had to restart multiple times each time it crashes, before the phone work ok again.  Uninstall the Appstore, everything is back to working fine, but all apps free and purchased through Amazone Appstore stop working, with that exact message.
    I would never buy from Amazon again.  Google app store is just fine now.

  • Guest

    The real problem is that using the Amazon Appstore requires you to disable the security feature that blocks 3rd party apps.  While Amazon and the Android Market might protect users from malicious apps, there are scams out there are blocked from installing by having the “Unknown sources” box unchecked.

  • Rsuprenant

    that’s because as soon as you stop using there service, your apps no longer work! Beware of this peeps!

  • The annoying thing about the app store is the frequent updates.