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New Verizon Store Giving Away HTC Thunderbolt on February 12th in Grand Opening

If you live anywhere near Northampton, MA, then you may want to plan a trip to a new Verizon retailer that’s throwing a grand opening party on February 12th.  Why?  Because they are giving away a brand new HTC Thunderbolt and letting the lucky soul who wins it walk out of the store with it that very same day.  “But, but, I thought it wasn’t coming out until the 14th?”  So did we, but they are giving one away anyway.

Oh and for confirmation, we called the store, played really dumb, and were told that 1 person is guaranteed to walk out of the store that day with the device in hand.  We also asked really inquisitively if the device would actually be out and available to purchase by then and were told that it won’t be officially released at that time.  Fun, fun.

Here is the store info.

Cheers Zach!

  • StackB

    this isnt a “droid” branded phone, so why the constant coverage?

  • fredy

    looks like droid life took the day off nothing new on here today. But i talked to two best buys in Charlotte, NC and both said they had a verizon rep in today and that they will start to pre sell the TBolt tomorrow and the pick up day is on the 24th… But if it’s 250 at BBY and 250 at VZW then i’ll get it at VZW i get 30$ off the phone so why get it at BBY

  • GettingBentOver

    Ok ok guys, $250 isn’t too bad of a deal until you find out that the Atrix is going to only be $199 and is a hell of a lot better than the Thunderbolt. What’s up with Verizon there.

  • I”m sure this is a good phone, but it looks dated! I hope some company takes a chance with the design, all the phones look the same.

  • Mke236

    Why such a stink over Thunderbolt anyway? This is DROID Life, as in DROID Bionic.

    • fredy

      no as in all droid things droid is short for android as in android life

      • DBK

        Droid is the brand name for the hardware. Android is the software (OS).

        It’s because it’s a Verizon phone. This site covers most things Verizon as well as all things Droid. Thus the Thunderbolt limelight.

  • Brando

    I live in Massachusetts and I just got off the phone with Best Buy and they are the only chain that is selling the Thunderbolt exclusively and they are taking pre orders for it Tomorrow Feb 5th at all stores for 50 bucks. This will guarantee that on the 14th your phone is there.

  • Local stores in OKC are all saying “they can’t confirm” the 14th, but give me a wink and a nod while they say it. 😉 That said, “others” higher up have confirmed the 14th for me…despite the skepticism coming out.
    Also, I know the manager at one of the local BB mobile stores, and (s)he said they had a conference call with VZW yesterday, and will be selling it at BB on the 14th.

  • Brenden

    30 mins away might have to stop over there.

  • Mrgoodkat55

    My local best buy confirmed pre-sales for them start sunday feb 6 (that’s tomorrow) and the phone is due out feb 14th (that’s valentines day) also the same day as the dreaded i*hone release.

    • Anonymous

      Has BB ever started a pre-release on a Sunday, would love what your saying to be true. But, highly doubtful.

  • Dione.C

    dam why cant this be in new york somewhere 🙁

  • Robert Thomson

    just got off the phone with one of the the employees at this retailor and they told me official information regarding the thunderbolt… ok so first it is going to cost 599.99$ off contract and 250$ with a two year and 350$ for a one year they will actually have about 10 other thunderbolts to sell on the 12th but the 14th is the official release date so happy to finally get some solid info from verizon themselves. i live no where near massachusetts so i am very excited that it will be coming to a store near me only a couple days after! and this news is 100% official!

    • DaveIsAwesome

      Wireless Zone is an Indirect Retailer that franchises their locations. They could sell the phone for $8 if they wanted to. This information is not official from Verizon, only official for that location and most likely the other locations that the franchiser owns. On that note retailers must follow very strict guidelines when it comes to new releases of phones, so I’m sure whoever wins the Thunderbolt won’t be aloud to activate it until the 14th.

      On that note, I’m sure the pricing and date is correct because they probably won’t be selling the phone for less then what they could. I’m just saying this isn’t officail from Verizon.

      • KrisC

        The winner of the phone will be walking out with an active phone….it is from HTC & Verizon, it was sent to the franchisee for the grand opening.

    • Robert Thomson

      i apologize for the inacurate information i , Robert Thomson, had entered yesterday. i was incorect on the price it will only be $199 with the two year contract hense the 50$ pre order fee from best but so it will only cost 150$ when they actually get the phone thank you and i am very happy to help

    • KrisC

      I know for a fact that they only have the ONE Thunderbolt in stock and that the release date isn’t until the 24th. IDK where the heck you got your info from but you really should check your facts before you whip an entire board into a frenzy!

  • Anonymous

    this is completely unrelated but i just found a shipping box covered under inches of snow and i brought inside and i opened it and it was a google cr-48 laptop!!!! im sooooo happy right now!!!!!

    • Richard B

      I just got mine last week!

  • bobby

    hi i just called the store and played dumb just like you guys and they told me that the official release date was most deffinetly the 14th the verizon retialor guy said that him self heck of a vcalentines day gift right anyway i live no where near massachusetts so i cant wait to get my hands on one in my area!

    • LakrzFan4Life

      Judging by the way you just eviscerated the English language, I’m guessing you weren’t “playing” dumb. Hint: when a red squiggly line appears under a word you’ve typed, it means you’re doing it wrong.

      • jboy06

        Holy crap that was hilarious.

  • Gixxer1kdaddy

    Yeah I’ll be there bright and early. I wonder how they will pick the winner.

  • jboy06

    Who cares? The only smartphone that a person wants from Verizon now is the iPhone. It isnt even out yet and it has already smashed Verizon’s smartphone single day sales record.

  • Uplink

    ugliest LTE phone I ever seen

  • Wow, I live in Danvers, MA and that drive is STILL 2+ hours for me. =/

    When I saw this article, I got so happy, then I checked the store directions on Google Maps and got so sad. 🙁

    Guess I’ll be waiting out my 2 years with my DX until I’m able to upgrade. 🙁

  • Dellbx

    Qualcomm will be announcing their Snapdragon dual core processors next week. It wont be long before an avalanche of dual core phones hits us. Maybe I will wait a month or so and see what else comes along.

  • Dellbx

    I want that phone. No mo Moto for me

  • Raptor007

    The TB better be out on Monday if they are giving one away on Saturday.

  • Yuck

    I wouldn’t want that crappy phone even if they beg me to take it for free!

    • Anonymous

      so what your an iphone fanboy then?

    • Anonymous

      Bags are ready, lets roll out

  • Anonymous

    Road Trip!!! Anyone know a good I.D. forger? :]

  • Evltwn

    Why are we talking about a non-droid phone on Droid Life? Shouldn’t postings like these be on an.droid-life? Also what happened to custom rom Fridays?

    • Andrew Hewitt

      It’s still coming out on verizon, which is the carrier that promotes the droid branding, and this phone has specs to match and surpass any droid phone on verizon so far.

    • Anonymous

      Well, because it’s Mr. Kellex’s website, and he can post whatever the hell he wants. Besides, this phone is gonna be sick.

      • Anonymous

        yea sick like no good

      • Mke236

        Yes, its his website, but we all contributed in some way to the sucsess of this site. I feel like we are losing our identity… posting about devices that have nothing to do with the Droid brand. I understand times are changing FAST, but let’s not forget the reason we all came together as one: THE ONE AND ONLY DROOOOIIIIID. and it’s later counterparts. I agree, topics like this are for android life.

        • Anonymous

          Let’s be honest, if we didn’t post this kind of news, there wouldn’t be any news on this site most days.

    • Anonymous

      You have got to be kidding. The thunderbolt is the next big phone on Verizon. Besides how’s many custom Roms do you think there are?

    • Anonymous

      Because its on big red’s network an.droid-life.com is for non verizon phones. Didnt u notice that the HTC Merge was here?

    • Anonymous

      Because its on big red’s network an.droid-life.com is for non verizon phones. Didnt u notice that the HTC Merge was here?

    • Mke236

      Hells yea

    • Lakerzz

      Probably because deep down inside, we were all, (or at least, a lot of us), were hoping this nice device would be Droid branded. Kick a$$ device non the less…

  • Anonymous

    god damnit I want that phone, my OG Droid was dropped in the snow and now I need a new phone!!

    • Anonymous

      Droid Doesn’t do snow? 😉

    • TheDroidAbides

      My wife’s OG Droid went the same way. Stayed in the snow for over 2 hours before she even realized she didn’t have it.

  • thunderbolt1

    Thats perfect! Thats right near me!

  • Anonymous

    I am going to stop by my Veriozn stor and see what I can dig up, if any stores in my area are doing the same promo. If I can get one for free that saves me some cash for the Xoom 😛

  • Aaron

    thats so funny because i was already planning a trip to that area for the weekend. now i need to stop by there

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, I’m fifteen minutes away from there. I’ll have to pay them a visit.

    • Anonymous

      lucky S.O.B

      • I agree. I’m in MA, and I’m still 2+ hours away. =/

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that’s out in the boonies. Is Western Mass. even populated by human civilization?

    • KnightDavid

      I’m about 45 mins away, I’ll see you there 🙂

  • Chris Nimon

    Why don’t they ever do that stuff in Indiana, OH thats right we’re in the middle of BFE 🙁
    DISCLAIMER: No Egyptians were hurt in the writing of this post

  • Anonymous

    why not in florida?

  • BoB

    Just a couple towns over from me…thanks for the tip!

  • Jothen2002

    Man …I grew up down the street from there…Maybe I should go visit the family…

    form Tahoe

  • Anonymous

    I just checked the Northampton weather forecast for Feb. 12…

    Hi: 21, Low: 2, Mostly-Cloudy, 1/1,000 Chance of Thunder

    • Anonymous

      I just Checked my local weather here in the San Franciso Bay Area for the 12th

      Lots of Thunder from the wife after I purchase the Xoom and Thunderbolt lol

    • Anonymous

      I just Checked my local weather here in the San Franciso Bay Area for the 12th

      Lots of Thunder from the wife after I purchase the Xoom and Thunderbolt lol

    • DBK


  • Mth2134

    Road trip!

  • What!

    Do Want!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It looks great!