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Dolphin Browser HD Updated “for the coming Christmas gift”?

Huh?  The “coming Christmas gift”?  In the newest update to Dolphin HD that came out this morning, those exact words are found in the “Recently changed” items list and we demand to know what they mean!  Are they talking about Gingerbread?  The Nexus S?  Something bigger and better?  What!

We’re digging for more, but in the mean time, feel free to drop your ideas in the comments below!

Cheers jaytrain!

  • Christmas gift is out! http://www.appbrain.com/app/ch

  • Felipe

    Definitely will be support for Android 2.3

  • Maximaniac

    Everyone gets a REAL dolphin!! You get a dolphin! You a get a dolphin! You get a dolphin!

    • Sav

      Hahaha! I just spit out my hot chocolate!

  • uncle paul

    Longtime loyal xscope user here, I always HATED dolphin, but i gave it another shot last night, and ya know what? the newest version kills xscope,
    After testing in the same conditions I have found..

    Dolphin way faster overall,

    zooming and moving is fast and smooth as glass.

    formatting is much better in desktop mode,pages look great! (Xscope messes up the formatting most of the time)

    Flash is running much more efficiently and is formatting much better. I can play flash video and zoom in and out. With xscope it crashes video to grey and messes up the formatting of the video on the page.

    MY only gripe is dolphin needs to to clean up the chunky clunky tabs and ugly themes..

  • Jawshua

    Maybe they will stop being babies and add the Youtube downloader again! They would be great.

  • Chasemanhattan

    So what's everyone running? Dolphin HD or Dolphin Mini? I'm on Mini right now and I personally find it to be snappier, and maybe loads just a little faster. Anyone else have any thought on the HD versus Mini battle?

    • I tried both out and after reading miny is based on 1.6 and that more capable phones should be using hd and switched back and prefer the added features

  • Chris

    I'd like some Gingerbread for christmas

  • ckeegan

    Maybe they're going to give me the 10″ Moto tablet for Christmas? I guess I'll take it.

  • Skyskioc

    You mean I was a good boy this year and I'm going to get a gift from google ? Free? Can't wait to see what's under my tree on christmas morning…..

  • YOU get a Droid! YOU get a Droid! YOU get a Droid! Oprah/Dolphin co-promotion…AWESOME!!!

    • briderx


      • Mike


  • AnDroidSepTIX

    FLash SUpport

  • The Coming Christmas Gift Is………..Coal.

  • Ilhe1s

    I'm sure it has something to do with Dolphin HD and Mini.

  • rals

    Free Nexus S for everybody?

  • Where are those market screens coming from? I want my market to look like that I have been wondering for a few days now.

    • Found it… Not sure how I missed the post about it but so far it will not install on my OG with SS4.9

      • shr1k3r

        didn't work for me and sapphire either. though i believe kellex is running sapphire and the new market. Probably have to rename the old market first?

        • RW-1

          Go to droidforums.com, bugless section and get this in the from of an update.zip.
          Perform a nandroid backup, then install, works fine that way!

      • BroDroid

        I use the best rom ever also SS4.9 I downloaded an inverted market from droidforums.net search the themers forum for thebowers

  • Krissanderzz

    “GingerBread” for Christmas? How appropriate! Yes, I'll have some please!

  • Isn't this already free? I don't see what else they could have to offer.

    • Fa-Q

      free knob jobs? weeeeee

  • Romma1

    Maybe we are all getting “Fruitcakes” from Dolphin…

    • Timoh

      Panettone? Yes please!

      • Fa-Q

        mom? You gonna make me some Panettone french toast?

  • random

    say whatttttt

  • I assume part of this update is simply in preparation for a new feature that will be added to Dolphin…nothing monumental.
    Hopefully I'm wrong?

    Oh and First.