Dolphin Browser Reaches Version 10, Features New Interface and Web App Store

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One of the OG Android web browser apps that we used to hype back in the day, Dolphin Browser, received a big update to version 10 today. Whether you continue to use Dolphin after the introduction of Chrome for Android or you are somehow stuck with the stock Android Browser application, it is nice to see big time continuation of development for this app. It still has a massive amount of users and it continues to be a good choice for browsing the web. 

Inside the update is a brand new user interface design, something that users are never upset about. In addition, there is a new “Web App Store,” a page where users can add popular apps to their homescreen, allowing for a better web experience with various supported services. There is a new Dolphin key, allowing for single swipes across the browser menu to access various functions, plus the browser’s themes function has been updated for version 10.

What’s New:

  • New UI design
  • Web App Store: Easily add popular web apps to your home screen
  • Home screen now supports drag & drop grouping of speed dials into folders, with 60+ speed dial slots
  • Dolphin key: single swipe access to browser menu, tab list or Gesture/Sonar
  • Search directly within Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook from URL bar
  • Flash support can be re-enabled in settings
  • Themes & Night Mode have been updated for v10. Install the updated versions from Google Play

Are you still rocking some Dolphin?

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