LG B Photos Leak, Might be the Thinnest Smartphone Ever

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A new LG Android phone codenamed the “B” has surfaced over at Phandroid and it looks like the thinnest and possibly brightest smartphone on the planet.  You can see in the shot above how it compares to the i*hone which is supposed to be the thinnest according to those annoying ads, but this new phone is about to squash that notion.  And if you dive down into the gallery, you’ll see how amazing it’s new LCD screen is compared to both the i*hone’s and a Galaxy S device.  This is nuts.  

The phone is said to be going through the standard final build stage, but from these pictures, we’re thinking it might be close.  Just in time for CES maybe?  Looks like LG is ready to make a serious comeback after announcing the world’s first Tegra 2 phone last night and this phone today.  A ton of additional info can be found over at Phandroid.



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