Dolphin Browser Sets Eyes on International Browser Market, Forms Anti-Google Alliance With Top Search Engines

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Everyone knows that the US browser market is currently dominated by Google and Apple, but in emerging and continually developing markets, those companies’ hold is not nearly as strong. With this in mind, Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party web browser app that is available for Android devices, has partnered up with some of the world’s leading search engines to form an Anti-Google Alliance.

The companies that formed the new partnership are Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, DuckDuckGo in the U.S., and Yahoo! Japan. Now, the idea of waging war against Google on its own turf may not seem like a brilliant idea, but the goal is to benefit the people of the world that are truly “mobile-first users.”

Dolphin is leading the charge in emerging markets where hundreds of millions of users are discovering content via mobile web for the very first time. These are truly ‘mobile-first and only’ users that have no context of a desktop experience, which is more prevalent in the U.S.

Dolphin will currently work with these search providers to cater an experience built solely for those that consume most of their data through cell phones.

“Dolphin has partnered with each of these leading search engines to allow for a more personalized and localized experience to mobile browsing. Most importantly, Dolphin is bringing culturalization in markets around the world by tailoring the offered Dolphin Browser to the needs of each specific country.”

To top it off, Dolphin took this time to announce an update for the American version of its browser, which is now live on Google Play. The update, according to the currently listed changelog, boasts customizable themes and wallpapers, a language selector, and a toggle add-on for desktop/mobile views.

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