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Facebook Update on Android Brings Chat!

Holy ****!  Facebook for Android finally has chat!  Grab the update in the market and start stalking friends now!

Oh they also added push notifications which are key plus some additional bug fixes.  At least Facebook came through on a slow day.  Now if only Google Maps 5 would show up…

Cheers rudyt, imran and Cole!

  • Ksglidd

    how do i sign off of FB chat via the droid?

  • LOL!!! It's rare to see females on there.. especially real ones.

    I hate seeing naken guys on there just going at themselves.. God it's disgusting.

    So I created my own domain to fight for the cause.


  • LOL!!! It’s rare to see females on there.. especially real ones.

    I hate seeing naken guys on there just going at themselves.. God it’s disgusting.

    So I created my own domain to fight for the cause.


  • Cgsmith

    Hate this new app..how can a unistall and go back to original version of facebook?

  • This pdate facebook and start using it is if they allow it to be installed onto the SD card.Thanks

  • Angel

    How can this chat be disabled? It is always showing me online???

  • The notifications look and act just like they did before. Am I missing something? Thanks

  • Toine216

    So I can't view my friend requests anymore???

  • Mauro

    Finally, push notifications! My Droid is now one of the most kickass smartphones with the most kickass features and apps 🙂

  • It already has a bug. I can't turn off the notifications. They still pop up in the notifications bar even if I turn it off.

  • joe

    No notification ringtone for FB chat… boooooo!! But it's cool to have FB chat.

  • BAoxymoron

    is chat going to be push?

  • Tom

    Missing app2sd. The only way I will update facebook and start using it is if they allow it to be installed onto the SD card.

    Then I may give facebook a try.

    • antintyty

      use Titanium Backup and you can move ANY app to SD.

  • well I know you're all shitting on facebook but I actually like and use my facebook and my opinion on this is seriously to hell with the chat how bout they fix the notification system? It's absolute garbage.

  • nblufire12

    Wow this is a big deal

  • dman244

    What keyboard are you using kellex?

  • Pbatista322

    finally integrated FB chat in the app, iphony FB app was better until today!

  • Natthompson72

    hey kellex!
    is there any way you could upload a .zip file of this? I have LFY and can't dl over the preloaded facebook app 🙁

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Stanger

      move the preloaded one to the sd card or rename it .bak

      then install from market

  • Ecffighter7232

    Yeah looks like I was 3 hours late on that tweet… :::smacks head::: go me! Lol

  • eddieonofre

    hey Facebook says they added push notification right?? what only for the chat?? why don't they add general events (comments, post, tags, etc) push notification too????

    • antintyty

      they did!

      • eddieonofre

        no they didn't at least on the refresh interval there is no a “push” option and if you select lieke 1 hour it runs as a service in the background, which is not Push

  • Chris

    Am i the only person who has a Facebook and still didn't want facebook chat in their app? Because i have trillian on my droid which has aim and most other IM programs and it also has facebook IM which is where i use it. So now when someone IMs me on facebook it pops up on the trillian app and also on the facebook app as a message. so is there a way to disable facebook chat on the app?

    • Nxus1ne

      just don't open up chat, and it wont log you in

  • InvaderDJ

    Finally. Hopefully this will stop the whining on the Market about it.

    Although one thing I'm noticing is that contact synch may have been removed. Which was much more useful to me…

    • Nxus1ne

      it's still there

  • JRummy16

    Facebook is cool. For me fb is for all the people I actually know where twitter I have all the friends I have either never met or hardly met at all. Lol..

  • Droidz

    I was wondering what the notification is the one that looks like a droid bug?! what is it?!

    • CurtisNic

      i think its debugging

      • Stanger

        yes, it’s usb debugging

  • Bryan

    I'm also wondering about the push notifications…Can't seem to find the feature in the app. The notifications look and act just like they did before. Am I missing something?

  • Nxus1ne

    There's a “Go Offline” menu option on the chat screen, but that doesn't seem to work.

  • Clarkish

    So, am I now constantly connected to Facebook Chat? Or is it only when I have the application open?

  • drewr1992

    this is completely off topic, but can anyone show me where to get chevy's kernels? i tried one place but my phone said no and went all whacky on me.

  • sc4fpse

    Holy sh*t indeed!

  • joe

    Been using Trillian for this..

  • Ricky Jr.

    how do you use push notifications.?

  • daveee


  • now facebook chat needs some notifications….

  • Carlitosway77

    Notifications still sucks!!!! I'm tired to wait for the email to know any notification of my Facebook ….

    • DroidXWins

      my notifications have been awesome… for the past hour they have been in real time

  • Nyr2k2

    most excited about the push notifications.

  • The350zWolf

    who cares about Facebook, bring Google maps 5!!!!

  • Corthney

    i wonder how this will kill the battery! ive been using ebuddy when i really wanted to chat but i can log in and out of that. theres now log in and out button. seems like your always logged in

  • hey is there a way to update my market on cm6.1?

  • just saw that. awesome. kellex, whats the swype theme you are rocking?

    • Lakerzz

      Its fab's apex gingerbread theme on his DX…swype is themed that way in it…awesome theme btw…

  • David

    So I guess I could get rid of trillian

  • Pete

    It claims it has push notifications, but I still don't have the option in the settings for push notifications. It still does polling at a set time interval. Or do you just set it to poll at “never”?

  • Still don't have the Market update on my 2.2 Incredible, where do I get that?

  • heyyyy notifications finally work too

    • I noticed too! Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nathanbull33

        Notifications are not working for me at all. I get no sound from the ringtone I selected and nothing shows up in my notification bar. 🙁 I am on the latest build of MIUI so maybe that’s my problem? or do you have to have the widget up? i dunno but w/e im doing its not working.

  • Ewhitak

    I still cant get the market to update, anyone know when this update is supposed to be finished… I have a rooted D1 CM6.1

  • gil

    now, the problem i have now is that it does NOT make sounds when i receive a chat…..

  • Wow only took their Dev's 2 years of Android being the shelf to do this. Facebook Dev's finaly figured out they can't use Facebook PHP Framework and create an App.

  • Irus99

    Does anyone know how to enable push, when i go to settings and tap on “Refresh interval” there is no push settings.

    Using Samsung Captivate stock froyo ji6

  • Iloveboobies2008

    what rom/theme is that? it looks nice.

    • GeorgeFuknBush

      ya.. Looks like the new Apex rom.

  • Trillian ftw, but still a nice + for the fb app

  • Michael_NM

    Droid Life is my facebook. 😛

    I guess I'm just too old to understand the facebook craze. If I want find out what's going with my friends, I call them. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      WHO USES THEIR CELL PHONES TO MAKE CALLS?!?! Geesh! Get with the times!!! hahaha

    • GeorgeFuknBush

      Too old? Dude, almost all of the old folk in my family is on FB.. All of them are over 50.. I refuse to join! I've turned into the old cranky man.. Get off my lawn and get back on ICQ!

      • Anonymous

        hahahahaa I just laugh out loud…. me too I closed my FB acct 6 months ago and i refuse to join again but most of my family membersd (over 50) have FB LOL

    • flaglerkid

      Sure you call someone and all you get are the bitches of the day. The same thing happens with facebook but at least you aren't locked into a 20 min phone call.

      Too cynical?

      • Rashad4024

        No You are ABSOLUTELY right!

  • was just about to tip this when it was right on the homepage damn!

  • Cinnabuns

    I wish facebook would go away

    • Rashad4024

      Amen to that!

    • 1RoLa


    • kellex

      Amen to that.

    • I'm first and I care about Facebook! Woo hoo for me!!!!

      • GeorgeFuknBush

        weeeweeeee.. Congrats! You win a used urinal cake to use as a deodorizer for your room! Lucky mofo!

        • You're no longer welcome in this community Mr. Blacklist! 😛

          • GeorgeFuknBush

            lol.. I'm cracking up, the boss is staring at me and I'm suppose to be working.. damnit..

          • Glad I could do something cool today. Now get fired for slacking off!!! 😉

          • Anonymous

            My boss just gave me a verbal warning for being on Droid-Life – DAMNIT!!

  • jamisles02

    I've been able to chat with my facebook friends on my droid for a while now … with trillian!!!

    • AShoupy

      +1 for Trillian

    • kellex

      Well yeah Trillian is awesome. 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    first – and dont care about FB

    • Rashad4024

      It is all about Twitter!

    • GeorgeFuknBush

      not first and don't care about FB..

      • FortitudineVincimus

        but I beat you 🙂

    • Chewybang

      Don't care about first.

      • GeorgeFuknBush

        Don't care about not caring.. F it.