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Pre-Thanksgiving Rumors: Incredible HD in January and Motorola Etna is Verizon’s Olympus

Can you think of a better way to send you all off into a long food filled weekend than with a couple of quick rumors?

The first has to do with those pictures above which is rumored to be the Motorola Olympus, a device headed to AT&T some time early next year.  Well, if you spend any time cruising through the 8,000 Android forums out there, then you may have stumbled across a few threads that have users also referring to it as the “Etna“.  Apparently “Etna” is the code name for the Verizon version and fits nicely into the large mountain theme that Moto chose for this round of devices.  From here forward, we’ll do our best to keep the names separated, but all signs now point to them being the same exact device only running on different networks.  Expect Blur, Android 2.2 and a Tegra 2 packed inside unless a miracle happens and Gingerbread bakes itself on board at the last minute.

The second rumor has to do with a device that seems to be topping everyone’s list for yearly upgrades, the Incredible HD.  The Inc HD, which gained some buzz after a ridiculously rumored original launch date of November 23rd was mentioned, is definitely not coming this month and more than likely won’t see December either.  We had already heard from a VZW player that it had been delayed until the first part of the year and today we’re hearing it again.  Store managers have apparently caught wind of either our site or are hearing it from higher up the chain that it will definitely be a 4G LTE device and not seeing the light of day until January at the earliest.

Recap!  Motorola Etna is what we all care about now.  The Incredible HD is confirmed for the 10th time to be real and won’t be here until January.

Cheers Bob!

  • Anonymous

    this is prob the droid bionic

  • Trdracer21

    my next phone gotta have tegra 2 chip and honeycomb

  • Bymeon2010

    Where do people get this info. That HTC Incredible HD COME out to Verizon with all difference date. I have been waiting for this phone for a few months now and it never show up. Tired of waiting so I pick up the DELL VENUE PRO ,WINDOW PHONE 7 instead.

  • Motorola droid x2 aka etna. Win

  • joansie

    Hello!!! Has no one heard of the Acer phone and tablet in one???? I would think it can kick butt since it will be the first of its kind and yet people are talking about stupid, out of date foyos and phones. This Acer tablet/phone will be seven inches…small computer and phone in one, with one price….im creamming….mmmm


  • jasonangle

    Going the route of the LG tegra 2 device if this moto doesn't have dual cores and it is packed with Blur and bloat… although the HTC Inc HD, if dual cored might have my interests as well…

  • Still waiting to see the Merge, I want a keyboard but not crazy about BING……

  • Frederick

    Is this the “Super Droid” they've been working on? That one that's supposed to be Sanjay's baby.

  • I wonder if it has a HDMI jack?

  • and motorola's unique sense of style is thrown out the window

    • brando56894

      My thoughts exactly! To me it looks like the Nexus S, I would rather it have looked like the concept drawling that had been floating around (not the nvidia branded one, the other one).


    Will I be able to use Incredible HD on 3g, not really feeling to pay more. I already have four phone on my contractfor the family and not wanting to pay more for 4g

    • brando56894

      From what ive heard is if you have a 4g phone and 4g coverage isnt available you still have to pay 4g prices. IDK how true that is.

    • Rousellbrandon

      Same here I decided to get d2g last of the great 3g. Don't want to pay extra for 4g either.

  • Balthazar_B

    Too bad neither will be world-capable, most likely, and there won't be a decent world phone on VzW until next summer at the earliest. Though I'd be delighted with a (positive) surprise.

    • Towelie420

      World phone? Meaning the ability to globally roam? Foreign countries, count me out.

    • RB


  • Yea I cant upgrade until 2011 I have the Droid X so im good for now as long as I get gingerbread

  • Mike

    What kind of processor is the Incredible HD supposed to have? If it has anything less than a dual core processor it would be a waste of a good phone in my opinion. I'm just looking for a worthy successor to my OG Droid. If this Moto Etna has blur then no thanks. I guess that LG Tegra 2 device is worth a look too…

    • brando56894

      I dont understand why people see a custom UI as a deciding factor for a phone, you just remove it with a custom launcher.

    • Kw

      Incredible HD is supposed to have the second generation of snapdragon processor that is dual core and it will pack a very high resolution screen

      • TheDrizzle

        Would that be the Orion?

        • jxcgunrunna

          Yes. I am waiting for some benchmarks on that vs Tegra 2 and OMAP4 before I choose my next phone.

          • I just want a decent battery life. All I heard are bad complaints about the EVO and DINC having horrible battery life even with battery saver on.

            I'm done with MOTO phones via the bootloader crap. The X is mine (B/c i won it) But i will never buy a locked phone…EVER.

    • xyzlene

      could not care less about specs…ETNA BLUR.. forget about it. OG droid received updates in a timely fashion due to the fact that it was “vanilla”… before you splurge on a new phone, think of all of the delays the droid x, fascinate, and all other skinned devices that missed the boat. nexus s for verizon please!

      i should not have to root my phone for delays or bugs in the software. i think 2.3 vanilla will be a strong contender, with powerfull hardware. thus modding will be at a minimum.

  • The350zWolf

    It looks like all of the surprises are pretty much out and not a lot of exciting news will be happening between now and the first week of January. I'm already in the holiday mood :^) so I guess that the rest is as well and no real work will get done until next year.
    With that said, Droid Lifers, have a a great Thanksgiving! Be Safe.

  • viper1549

    i still think the Inc HD 3G is still coming next month but we will have to wait and see..

  • cdmoore74

    I won't be able to upgrade until June of 2011. So I can wait for ginerbread and maybe a higher resolution display to be released with a dual core processor.

    • Pnicuh

      don't verizon give u an early upgrade with in a year through your contract? i can upgrade my device and my contract end same month as you, well im just waiting how the Incredible HD turns out and the Motorola ethna turns to be, im so ready to jump ship to android, i got a blackberry s2… i hate that phone, so ready to jump to android.

    • Bymeon2010

      Yeah you wish

  • First!

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Congrats! You win a can of cranberry sauce!