Honeycomb Appearances Spike on Gingerbread Statue Unveiling Day?

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Before you all start digging into piles of stuffing, how about one last pot stirrer?  We had a few minutes of spare time and decided to sneak a peak at our Google Analytics which have been known to feature some of the new versions of Android floating around in the wild.  We had seen Android 3.0.1 (Honeycomb) in the past, but when we put up a range of dates we noticed something interesting.  Traffic coming from an Android 3.0 device spiked on October 22nd and hadn’t made an appearance any other day prior.

Why the 22nd you ask?  It just so happens that the giant Gingerbread statue was unveiled on Google’s campus that very same afternoon.  We also ran a story that day confirming Gingerbread as Android 2.3 due to a slippage of a Googler on a support forum.  So what’s the deal then?  Maybe we caught some Honeycomb testers looking to see what kind of press their Gingerbread statue received?  Certainly looks that way.

Update:  The second spike on October 26th just so happens to be the first day we heard about a Nexus One follow-up device running Gingerbread.  Coincidence?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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