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HTC Merge to be Unveiled November 18th, Will be “DROID” Branded?

A club in Seattle called Republiq is hosting a Patron Social Club event this Thursday, November 18th, that was originally supposed to be the unveiling of the HTC Merge and would also include a re-launch of the Droid Incredible.  (So much for the delay?)  And also,as you can see from the shot below, the Patron Social Club called it the “HTC Droid Merge World-Phone” which is what really grabbed our interest.  Remember, the Merge/Lexikon is a “Bing” device and we have all been under the impression that “DROID” branded phones would never see an ounce of Bing.  Has Verizon changed their thoughts on the Merge and turned it into a Droid?    

The second big thing is the mention of this party celebrating the “launching” of the device.  With it being on the 18th and previous rumors of the device landing on November 11th, maybe they just didn’t get the memo?  Or maybe Verizon still plans on announcing it?

We sort of think the PSC didn’t get the memo.  Check out the flyer for the event below which now only mentions the Droid Incredible…

Ali Landry in the house!  Anyone going?

Cheers Jeff!

  • Well the HTC Merge and would also include a re-launch of the Droid Incredible. (So much for the delay?) thanks for shared this with us.

  • Adpalodichuk

    I won the contest for free tickets.

  • l_c_w

    man I hope this is true (Nov 18 release)… looks like a sweet device!

  • kimir

    it doesn't have the new sense ui??? the bottom right ( if the phone is vertical) is the add button, not the scene button… :-0

  • JoeLivesLife

    That keyboard seems like bliss to type on

  • Adampa1006

    What is the screen size on this bad boy?

  • Honestly, ive been thinking about it…if you look at the design, theres no way it cant be a “Droid”, because if it wasnt a Droid, they would have made it looke probably white or like the G2…the color scheme is too similar to the “Droid” line

  • marleyinoc

    Yeah, I'd get this. But Bing has to be removable… I'd like a phone that pretty much doesn't have ANY bloatware. I don't even like the bloat on custom roms, but at least rooted I have option to remove.

  • Carmen Crishnaya

    Love Ali Landry 🙂

  • Droiduser27

    I'll check it out if its bing-less and i can root it….

  • InvaderDJ

    If it is, I'm done with Verizon. Done, I will not have a nicely spec'd phone so locked down out of the gate pushed on me as something high end. I don't even like that they're taking high end phones like the Fascinate and the Continuum and crippling them with unremovable Bing and other Verizon crapware and marketing them as low end phones. Them doing the same thing but then marketing them as high end would just be the end of Verizon for me. I've already been looking at the Fascinate or the Epic, and the Nexus S also looks nice, so if Verizon does this I'm out.

    • Cleetose

      See ya!

      • InvaderDJ

        Haha, well not going anywhere yet, but we'll see. I've enjoyed the mostly impeccable coverage, but if locking down Android like this is the future of Verizon's offerings, I can sacrifice it.

        Its funny, I've said this before but I think this does a disservice to Bing. If it was preinstalled and I could freely remove it then I would have no problem with it. Hell if it was preinstalled and I couldn't remove it but could switch it to another search engine without some promise of being able to do it later I wouldn't have a problem with it. I use Bing for probably 10% of my searches on my PC and I like the Bing app on Android itself, it is pretty polished and nice looking. But forcing it on me just grinds my gears.

    • theman125

      you realize when froyo comes vzw already said you would have the option to choose google as the default for search and that? But bye you can always go to a sub par network and then once vzw starts rolling out their lte phones bitch and moan about how you wish you would have waited

      • InvaderDJ

        I realize that and I will believe it when I see it. I've seen old Verizon and I haven't forgotten how two years ago the only thing they could brag about was their network, their phone selection sucked. I don't want to go back to that. So I'll continue to be skeptical until they can prove otherwise.

        And I'm giving them until my contract is up before I make a decision, so by this time next year. And despite how good Verizon is, Sprint was equally good for me (and cheaper) and I could deal with at&t.

  • Guest

    Ali Landry AKA Doritos Girl, not Ali Larter AKA…um…the chick from Heroes…

  • Maybe they are going to relaunch a red backed Incredible like the one pictured there

  • im hoping that is just the BING app from the android market and the phone isn't all BINGed up so i can get this right away!

  • d111795

    Looks like Ali LANDRY to me.

    • kellex

      Can't believe I screwed that up…hah.

  • Boo

    Ali Landry, not Ali Larter

  • Is this the only HTC phone to be released without a trackpad or trackball?

    • kimir

      dinc hd doesn't.

  • EggoEspada

    What do the mean “re-launch” of the Droid Incredible.

    • MOTOX

      Incredible Hd :):):):):):):):):):):0:0

  • iknowthingz

    Not a Droid. Sorry.

    • oh well speaking for everyone that uses the internet I think I can safely say that we'll all take your word for it and drop the issue.

      • kimir

        hahah nice

    • Of course it's a Droid. It has the red grill just like the Incredible.

  • im getting this if its not bing-ified and droid branded. time to replace the OG


    So maybe the hd will also be annouced? HTC “INCREDIBLE” HD…..RE ANNOUNCED….HMMM…PLS!!!!

  • KleenDroid

    I am interested in Ali Larter but am quickly losing interest in “Droid” branded phones.

  • looks like if this phone is a “Droid”…when it comes out, im gonna have to start searching for people on craigslist that wanna trade for my Droid Incredible

  • abuth

    so is the merge being released on the 18th or not??

    • Mamma

      The Merge will not be launched on the 18th. Odds are right now, it wont be launched this year.

  • sc4fpse

    Please please please please please. At this point, I want/need to upgrade from my OG Droid. But given my focus on international studies with my international relations and Russian degrees, I *need* a global phone. Unfortunately, the D2G and the Droid Pro just aren't doing it for me. My only – Read: ONLY – reservation in buying the Merge is Bing. That's it. Period. I want it so very badly, but Bing for me is a dealbreaker. Microsoft needs to learn to leave it's damn search engine on it's own phones, and not to touch my previous Android devices. If they had rid the Merge of Bing, then I can guarantee you, come January 11th, I will buy a Merge.

    • or you can be a man and take Bing off the phone yourself… just as I've removed every other arbitrary limit on my OG Droid…

      • Anonymous

        Matter of principle — If people buy Bing’d phones, Verizon will keep putting it on. If people refuse to buy them, they’ll stop. Simple as that. I shouldn’t have to remove it. I should have to add it if I really want Bing.

        • Anonymous

          This. Saying it can be removed is beside the point. Of course it can be removed. I’ve dabbled in just about every sane hack for my Motorola DROID that doesn’t involve alterating hardware (and that I have a second one I am putting serious thought into a heatsink mod I saw posted awhile back), I know it can be rooted and anything I want can be removed.

          But I shouldn’t have to do that just to make a phone good, rooting and hacking should make the phone better, but it shouldn’t be a requirement to use the phone.

          And Verizon has a history of doing things like this. Lots of people thought they were moving away from this when they started really backing Android but they are slowly pushing back trying to see what they can get away with. Give them an inch, suddenly we’ve got crappy BREW UIs and locked down Bluetooth that we have to pay to use.

    • iBowToAndroid

      That's why you root it!! Which is what you should be doing to your Android phone regardless 😛

    • when do you need this by? maybe it would be best if you got a second phone on another network for your globe trotting ways

      • Anonymous

        I have no desire for another phone. I bought a used Blackberry Storm 2 and took it with me to Russia this past Summer. Restraining myself from chucking it as far into the Volga as I could was a daily challenge for me. Never again.

        While I could easily buy a GSM-only Android phone (although to find one at a decent price, it would have to be stuck with an old version of Android, I’m guessing), I would prefer not to have to use a second phone. I would like to just be able to continue using my main phone, which is why I want a global phone.

  • Vaocmo70

    Guess the wifey is gonna get a new phone!

  • EggoEspada

    Lies, all lies. I want the Mecha, not the Merge. 🙁

  • Chrisss


  • jason6g

    About time!