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Nielsen: Android is Most Popular Phone OS Over Last 6 Months

More bragging rights for Team Android.

Neilsen released statistics today showing that Android smartphone sales topped all others over the last 6 months.  What’s even more amazing is the fact that 32% of all smartphone phones acquired in August were phones running Android OS, while the i*hone went down another 1%.  Nielsen made sure to point out in their data that they gave the i*hone 4 at least a full month on the market to compete so that no excuses can be made about the numbers.

+1 to all of us.

Source:  Nielsen

  • GNO

    Suck it, Crapple!

  • DarthRogue

    In a world that does, i*hones don't!

  • Aubreyvt

    I will give u a suggestion I*phone man. Take this page, print it off from ur I*phone,wad it up and wipe the tears from ur eyes. It will make u feel so much better. 🙂

  • whooo I'm one of the 14%

  • iPhonefanboy2010


    • Michael_NM

      You appear to be lost and yelling won't help you find your way. BTW: If by “gay” you mean happy, then you are correct. Android makes me very happy! 🙂

      • The_Other_Ray

        he must be from the elizabethan era. Android makes me happy.

    • DarthRogue

      It's post like this that deserve a dislike button… I'm still hoping they put one in…

      Also, This makes me part of both rises in android history! I got my droid 1 for my birthday in march, and then used a friends upgrade to get my DROID X!

    • i also hope they add a dislike button! why are you even here??? oh because iphone doesnt have cool sites like this?? your sites have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about because you guys get like one phone a year with such minor changes that should have been done years ago and you guys are so locked down and cant do cool thing with your phones like android phones can! all you guys can talk about is apps! what a weak standing point!

    • zero

      I dont know what a “Iphonegayboy” is doing on this site. I think he is jelous !!!

  • Thornfullessrose

    Who cares about blackberry they fail. The most important is android and ios

  • Eaturcrap

    Awesome! I love my Droid, btw. W00T.

    • Thornfullessrose

      I 2nd that “WOOT” with a WOOT WOOT! LOL

  • Travillion

    Maybe I can't read this chart correctly, but it looks like Android only “topped all others” since July, which would only be a few months. Android did, however, top Apple back in April, which would be 6 months. Not hating on Android, just clarifying what seems to be a faulty headline.

    • Stephen

      I believe what the headline is saying is that, of the people interviewed, more had bought a new android device than any other device in the last six months.

      So it would be like this:

      AUG 2010 –

      Me: Ma'am/Sir, have you bought a new cell phone in the past 6 months?
      Them: Yes, I bought a Droid X.
      Blah blah blah…

      • Michael_NM

        Spot on Stephen! The question is asked of a sample each month (“n” in the graph). So, in August 2010 1,744 people were surveyed about their “recent” (within the last 6 months) smartphone acquisitions, 32% said they had purchased an Android device. What's interesting to me is that August is a significantly higher sample than other months. This gives the data more statistical “power” (e.g. reduces margin of error) and therefore makes the case for Android even more compelling.

  • Hell bloody yeah! That's some great news there!

  • nothinbutagudtime

    That's because +pple sucks

  • Michael_NM

    With tears on his turtleneck, Steve Jobs proclaims, “At least we're not RIM…”

  • COOL…..I'm part of the “in” crowd….. can I wear my pocket protector in public again now??

    • Thornfullessrose


  • Patwww

    Thats awesome. Oh… and FIRST

    • Thornfullessrose

      hooray for u! U win…. absolutely nothing for being first! Lol jk

      • Patwww

        I win the feeling of being skilled at hitting Refresh!! lol

    • DarthRogue

      But the question is, did you read it all the way through? or did you just say first. Also congrats on actually having a comment in your comment of firstness. But if you just read the headline, that doesn't count…

      • Anonymous

        I love when people take this seriously lol