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R2-D2 Lock Screen Ported to DROID2 and DROIDX

The R2-D2Droid 2 lock screen has been pulled from the phone’s system dump and is flashable to both the Droid X and Droid 2 as a MetaMorph theme.  The process is pretty simple, but at this time is only available to rooted users.  I’ve included this in the instructions, but PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP.  Any time you are tweaking framework on a phone, you need to have a backup ready to rock in case something goes wrong.

Download:  lockr2d2.zip (alt link)

*Warning* – There is risk involved when flashing custom ROMs, themes or rooting your device.  You accept all responsibility should something happen to your phone during this process.  You’ve been warned.


1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
2.  You need to bootstrap the recovery using Koush’s Droid 2 or Droid X Bootstrap.
3.  Boot into recovery using the Bootstrap and MAKE A BACKUP.

(backup and restore>backup)

4.  Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
5.  On your SD card, create a folder called AndroidThemes.
6.  Download the lockr2d2.zip from above and unzip into your AndroidThemes folder.
7.  Open MetaMorph, allow it to perform checks and give it superuser access when prompted.
8.  Choose “Pick existing theme” and then tap the “lockr2d2.xml” file.
9.  Tap on “SubTheme:  framework-res.apk” and apply it.
10.  Your phone will load the new framework and will more than likely reboot.
11.  When it reboots, you should have your new Star Wars lock screen!

Via:  Droid Pirate

Cheers Elliott!

  • chaba87

    hi, i have a motorola milestone 2 from argentina, that works in my phone? thanks

  • Confirmed works on my Droid 2 Global. Great job!

  • The process is pretty simple, but at this time is only available to rooted users. well Thanks for sharing the info

  • Hello well Lets revert this into black while keeping the icons on the lockscreen. It would look so much better since most everyone's droid x's have a black style theme anyway.our blog provided us valuable information..Thanks

  • Man ! Love it !!! lol

  • Chief

    Still no D1 support! I'm a lock screen away from having a black R2D2 droid!

  • DroidPirate

    ALMOST ALL METAMORPHS WORK FOR D1. i've checked HTC EVO, DROId 1, Droid 2, Droid-X, Galaxy S , etc and most of the framework is the same throughout all devices. These will also work for the Droid 1.

  • Ichthus

    D1,D1, D1,D1,D1, D1!!!!!!!!! I really just want the boot animation on my D1. I already have the Zedge ringtone

  • Metzger

    Looks great! Seems smoother than the Froyo DX lock screen too, sweet!

  • worked great, really easy to do.

  • Bal1985

    Can the droid 2 lockscreen be used on droid 1?

  • Jawshua

    I can't wait until you can do this without being rooted, I love that lock screen it is awesome!!!!

  • Jobslave72


  • MMM333

    It worked nicely for me except for some reason it changed my wallpaper back to the Droid X wallpaper that the phone had when I got it out of the package. Not really a problem, just thought it was odd.

  • DellStreak

    Does it work on other android dvices with the same resolution???

  • Zsld0423

    worked perfectly! thanks for the new lockscreen! 😀

  • Any luck on getting this ported to D1 or any D1'rs try this yet..

  • Can we please get away from the grey and white. Lets revert this into black while keeping the icons on the lockscreen. It would look so much better since most everyone's droid x's have a black style theme anyway. 2 cents given. 😉

  • Spasell

    The lock screen on my device does not show the grey screen…just the 2 icons on both sides of DX,…Does the lock screen just contain those 2 icons?

  • AT

    Will this be availible for un-rooted DX? Or do you have to be rooted?

  • I very much so want this on my Godfather Droid.

  • k1cks

    Worked like a charm
    Guess I'll have to re-apply the metamorph theme if I change the main theme of the dx

  • evltwn

    I'm wondering why the Droid2 lockscreen hasn't been ported over yet for the Droid….that's what I'm really waiting for. Are there any Dev's who can include this in their ROM builds?

  • Mark

    Beautiful! Installed and working on my X running 2.3.15, Tranquility 2.3.5rc, Incognito Blurless. Almost makes me want to give up using fLockscreen…almost.

  • Davo376

    I just now (12:57 pm Eastern) found it in the market and installed it onto my D1.

    • Davo376

      OOPS… My bad… clicked on the wrong story. Meant this for the car home app. Sorry folks.

  • RickX93277

    My DX is stuck in landscape view now, kinda sucks, lol

    • RickX93277

      Disabled auto rotate and rebooted. Works fine now, re-enabled auto rotate

  • Nice. A definite add to my Droid X.

  • The350zWolf

    No D1 aaawww 🙁

  • 1bad69z28

    Awww, c'mon Kellex, Where's the D1 Love lol, You hsould know US D1 Rooted Users want this to.

    • Jdstell

      Also, D1 users are still the vast majority according to the recent user poll. http://www.droid-life.com/2010/09/29/wednesday-poll-rooted-or-non-rooted/

      • 1bad69z28

        Good Looking Out Jdstell, Case in point “USER POLL” I am looking at you Kellex 😛

        • Oh, come on, guys. I'm sure Kellex didn't wake up this morning and think “I'm going to intentionally gip the original Droid owners out there by only porting this to the D2 and DX.”

          Let's not all turn into the sort of people who make up Black Friday crowds and beat up the grandma who gets the last Tickle Me Elmo.

          • 1bad69z28

            lol, Well Grandma needs to Share the Tickle Me ELMO LMAO, I am just joking w/ Kellex, Someone's gotta rib him besides Tim A Tato 🙂

  • antintyty

    how about that clock widget they got?? that's what i want!!

    I'm going to turn my X into a R2D2DX…..

  • NorCalGuy


    • Kraymanbauer

      Right? wheres OUR rebel swag!? >=(

      • Ruddy

        I agree 🙁

    • Can we give these people more than two hours? Lol, patience, have faith in the community. Obviously its easier to get it ported to the D2 and DX

  • Trug2018

    Do you have to be Deodexed? Im rooted tho.

    • kellex

      I do not believe so, but may want to just in case. 😛

      I know that's a crappy answer…

  • m@

    Aww, no Droid 1 love.

  • bobafett

    where's the Droid 1 love?

  • Mazz0310

    Looks cool but I'll have to pass.

    Cool that they ported it though.

    • Mixdjjared

      Hey the link is dead, can someone post a mirror?