New Root Method Found for DROID2 and R2D2, Developers Still Show Love for the Older Devices

Still hanging onto that old DROID2 or R2D2 while waiting for a phone that catches your eye? We’ve got some good news. Since it was updated to Gingerbread, rooting the D2 was a bit of a chore, but now a developer using ideas that gained the D3 root, has an easy way to root Android 2.3.4 on the DROID2. It also works on the R2D2 edition of the device as well, since they run similar builds.

On Windows, all you need to do is have the Motorola drivers and RSD Lite installed along with the file that developer phifc created. There is support for Linux as well for a bit of diversity. If you’re looking to root your phone to get a bit more use out of it, hit the source link below and happy flashing!

Via: RootzWiki

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DROID 2 4.5.621 Update Finally Arrives – Includes Security Patch and Handful of Other Fixes

We aren’t sure what took Motorola and Verizon so long, but this was the update that was included in a soak test well over a month ago for the DROID 2. It’s build 4.5.621 and is essentially the same as the update we saw for the R2-D2 version of the phone at the end of March. It’s nothing major, other than the fact that it probably tries to break root, hence the “Google Security Patch” that comes with it. Otherwise, it appears as if this update was ready long ago, as the support doc was created all of the way back in February. Weird.

Anyways, head into Settings>About>System updates and see if it as arrived yet.

The update is 14MB in size. More info.

DROID 2 R2-D2 Update to 4.5.622 is Ready – Security Patches, Bug Fixes and Android 2.3.4 on Board

Still humming along on Tatooine, the DROID 2 R2-D2 edition has not been forgotten. Verizon and Motorola have both approved an update that will introduce a handful of security patches (likely breaking root), bug fixes, better data connectivity, and update VZ-branded apps. While this device will likely never see Ice Cream Sandwich, at least improvements to its current state are still being issued. After the update, your R2-D2 device will run Android 2.3.4. When support docs like this show up, an update is usually pushed within a week.

More info. The update is 12MB in size.

New Software Update Headed to DROID 2

It’s the DROID 2 this time, not the Global version which saw a soak test and changelog go live for last week.  This update could very well be almost identical to that of the D2 Global though, but we will have to wait for the release notes to know for sure. It won’t be Ice Cream Sandwich if you were holding out hope, since the DROID 2 was left off of Verizon’s list of devices scheduled to receive the Android 4.0.

See the email going out to Motorola Feedback Network members below.  (more…)

DROID2 R2-D2 Receiving Gingerbread Now

And just as we reported last Thursday, the DROID2 R2-D2 Gingerbread update is ready and appears to be rolling out to users right now.  A handful of readers reached out to us this morning to let us know that they received notification on their device to jump to 2.3 (blur version 4.5.602).  Doesn’t appear to be any new Star Wars goodies included, but truthfully, we are just surprised and excited to see it even receive this 137MB update.   (more…)

DROID2 R2-D2 Gingerbread Update is Ready, Yeah It Still Exists

What, you thought the R2-D2 version of the DROID2 would be left out of the Gingerbread fun?  OK, I’ll admit that I did too, but apparently we were wrong.  The 2.3 update appears to be ready (a support page usually indicates that) and could start rolling out within the next couple of weeks.  Not sure if there will be a soak test or not.  Too our R2 owners, be sure to let us know if you see anything after going to:

Settings>About phone>System updates

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How to: Return DROID2 Back to Stock 2.2 to Receive Gingerbread Update

We noticed that more than a few of you are having issues receiving the DROID2 Gingerbread update due to the fact that you are rooted, have removed bloatware, etc. and wanted to walk you through the flashing of an SBF file – basically the only way you can return to stock to get official 2.3.3.  We should warn you though, that SBF files wipe your device clean and are also pretty dangerous.  This is one of the few ways that you can actually brick a Motorola phone, so be careful.   (more…)

How to: Root the DROID2, DROIDX2, DROIDX, and DROID3 Running Gingerbread


Actually, this method should root just about any Motorola phone running Gingerbread.  So not only will it work on the DROID3, DROID2, DROIDX2, and DROIDX, but it should also work on the DROID Pro and D2 Global when they receive an update – hopefully the DROID Bionic too.  We were inspired to write this for the simple fact that the D2 received Gingerbread last night finally, and within 5 minutes I was rooted.

Thanks to Framework43 and psouza4 for putting this together.  It couldn’t be any simpler than this method right here.   (more…)