Koush Releases DROID X Bootstrap, Allows Full Nandroid Backups, Custom ROMs

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The guy just never quits.  Koush, whom you may know from ROM Manager, Cyanogen Mod, Clockwork Recovery, etc. just released what he’s calling the Droid X Recovery Bootstrap app to the market which tricks/hacks/laughs at your phone in a way to allow you to load Clockwork Recovery and create full nandroid backups leading to custom ROMs.  Yep, custom ROMs, full backups and pure awesomeness on the Droid X.  And so many of you say it couldn’t be done.

Here is the deal…

This is not a *real* recovery. The way this recovery works is by hijacking portions of your boot process during system initialization and starting into recovery instead. So, if you hose your system *COMPLETELY* you will need to SBF. Specifically, if your logwrapper, logwrapper.bin, or hijack binary are missing from /system/bin, you will be screwed.

Do I have to be rooted to run this?

So can we now install custom ROMs?
Yes, but you can’t replace the kernel or boot image. But really, once you have access to /system, anything is possible. It will just take a little hackery.

Will this work with ROM Manager?
Yes, but not yet. I need to make some minor updates to ROM Manager first to support this recovery. Future recovery updates will come through ROM Manager.

Rest of the “FAQ” can be found at the source link below.

If you are interested in the Bootstrap and understand the risks, I highly suggest you grab the donate version from the market, it’s only $2 and helps with the advancement of the Droid community immensely.


Source:  Koush

Cheers Koush and the other 50 that sent this in!



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