Daily Steals Sale: Galaxy Nexus LTE for $199, Galaxy S4 for $599, DROID X for $69 (Wait, What?), and More

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Daily Steals is currently running one of their “Last Calls” collections promos that includes a variety of Android products that may be worth a look should you be in the market for something new or “recertified” but don’t want to sign a contract. The Galaxy Nexus LTE on Verizon is one in particular that is carrying the low price of $199. And again, that’s the full retail price for the device, meaning you don’t have to sign a contract to pick it up. The phone is “recertified,” so you may only want to consider this one if you are desperate. Replacement G-Nex models are known to have issues.  (more…)

Old DROID X or Incredible 2 to Trade in? Amazon Will Give You Double Verizon’s Offer

Verizon has a trade-in program of their own, but the prices they are willing to offer on some phones are anything but high. For those that did not know, Amazon has a similar program. While some of their prices are laughable even when compared to Big Red’s, a couple of phones in particular are going for almost double what anyone else is willing to give you. The Incredible 2 and DROID X, a pair of devices that are far past their prime, can be traded in for $156 and $59 respectively. For comparison sake, Verizon will give you just $78 and $33 for these two.

If you are in need of some extra cash (Amazon gift card in this case) as we approach the end of tax season, this might be worth a look.

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DROID X .621 Build Root Method Released, Talk About Device Trickery

When Motorola and Verizon released their latest bug fixer for the DROID X as build 4.5.621, they pissed off owners of the device for the 116th time in under 2 years (actually it’s probably more than that). I’m referring to the fact that all previous root methods are now blocked, leaving those that updated to the new firmware without the ability to root again and fully enjoy their “open” Android device the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Well, in classic bird-flipping fashion, a root method has been discovered. Ready for it?

The steps involve flashing an SBF file that turns your phone into a Milestone X (the European variant of the DROID X), rooting that, and then taking control of your phone from there with a DROID X custom ROM. So again, you have to flash Milestone X .604 software onto your phone, root it, and then pick out a DROID X ROM that suits you best. It’s not pretty and as far as I can tell is not rooted .621, but it will give those that are stuck on .621 a chance to get off of it.


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DROID X Build .621 SBF File Released, Should Fix Fears of Bricking Phone

DROID X owners should download and keep this file in a safe place immediately. As previously reported, we have heard from multiple sources that attempting to apply an SBF to older build versions from the newest update of firmware .621, could potentially spell disaster for your device. Thankfully, an SBF file for this newest version has been released. You may not be able to go to previous builds, but at least you can revive a potentially dead device and have it running the newest build available.

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DROID X Update To .621 Firmware Rolling Out Now, The Mother Of All Bug Fixes

Owners of the DROID X are reporting success when manually pulling the .621 OTA update from Motorola and Verizon. This update is the major Gingerbread bug fixer that folks have been waiting too long for. Less device crashes, general improved stability, and even a fix for that annoying bug where the phone reboots while playing music. But remember, early reports are showing that after flashing the newest update, SBF abilities have been revoked and you could end up with a bricked device if you try to go back to earlier firmware. Good luck.

To pull update: Settings>About Phone>System Update

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DROID X Update To .621 Breaks Ability To SBF Back To Earlier Firmware

If you are a DROID X owner and enjoy rooting and flashing ROMs, then you should be immediately made aware of this new development by Motorola. If you have updated to the newest .621 firmware, flashing older versions of firmware via SBF could result in a perma-bricked device. Many folks who have tried the process since the update have been reporting on multiple forums and online sites that after flashing an SBF, the phone becomes a paperweight.

Until we learn more about what is going on, we recommend not trying to SBF your DROID X if it is on firmware version .621. Has anyone here ran into that problem or have you been able to successfully SBF after taking the update? Let us know down below.

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DROID X Soak Test Rolling Out Now, Make Sure to Use RootKeeper if You Want Root Afterwards

The DROID X 4.5.621 update is available now to Motorola Feedback Network members who signed up to participate in soak tests. As you know from the changelog we posted on Friday, this is a hefty bug fixer that should help stabilize your phone across the board. Head into Settings>About phone>System updates to pull it.

You will lose root after updating just like you will with almost any OTA update. We are hearing that OTA RootKeeper will work though. There is a good chance that the DROID 4 root method will work as well.

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