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ESPN Fantasy Football App Hits Market

ESPN wasn’t about to be left in the fantasy football dust after Yahoo! dropped their FF app and a new player called HuddleHub sneaking into the picture any day now.  On Saturday, the sports giant launched their own FF app, only this guy isn’t free.  For $4.99, you can snag it in the market.  Yeah $5 seems like a lot, but to fantasy football addicts, what’s another $5 right?  This app does come packed full of features in case you were wondering.  You cann add/drop players, check projections, see injury news, player cards, matchups, and so much more.

And to help ease your mind on features, I’ve grabbed about as many screenshots as I can to show you exactly what you are getting.  Enjoy!


Download Link

Cheers everyone!

  • C’mon already, ESPN!! I want the 2011 FF app!!  I’m standing by, ready to pay my $5 (or whatever).  Let’s go!  Snap snap snap!

  • Lame 5$

    screw you espn this should be free. From know on I'm not gonna use espn for my fantasy league.

  • Adam

    I have been searching for this app in the market and I can't find it and the qr code doesn't work either. Any ideas? Running droidx with leaked froyo.

  • Baazil1

    Yeah, don't quite get the $5 fee. Mobile site is just as good, so is your laptop! Was waiting for this for weeks, highly disappointed!

  • Baazil1

    Yeah, don't quite get the $5 fee. Mobile site is just as good, so is your laptop! Was waiting for this for weeks, highly disappointed!

  • kansasorpat

    I about fell out of my chair looking for the QR code for this… but then I realized it was $5 and calmed down. Then I went ahead and bought it anyway since I figured I'll use it more then most of the other apps I have and I hate ESPN's web-page even on my big Droid X's screen.

  • I WAS waiting for this on the Market, but I CANNOT see it, no matter what link or QR Code….I have some sort of Market visability issue with the 2.2 update I am running!
    I have been using a simple bookmark shortcut on my home screen for ESPN Fantasy, and I gotta say, it offers ALL of the same features…AND IT'S FREE!!!
    Plus the bookmark Icon is the ESPN Logo, so it looks good!
    NO NEED to spend the $5 based on Kellex screenies above….
    Besides Huddlehub is coming soon as well!

    By the way…Kellex what kind of team OR league name is “MILK”? ROFLMAO

  • Tek1231

    I don't see it on my X 2.2

  • nick

    Its not an official app. Compare the publisher with the scorecenter app and you'll find that they are different hence the high price.

  • BigJess300

    $5 WTF!!!!!! Yahoo's was free. I could you the app since I do have a fantasy league on ESPN, but I am not pay $5.

  • Ghostboy1031

    404 error…not found…did they remove it?

  • dylan84

    5 bucks is too much to pay for a fantasy football app.


    Anyone know what's going on with the CBS fantasy football app? Will there be a update, it's trash.

  • Terry4505

    Waiting on you NFL.com fantasy…

  • bobo

    HuddleHub Lite is free.

    Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you're not supporting John Clayton's puppet fetish.

  • DECGTc

    Guess Fox Sports doesn't like us!

  • evltwn

    Looks better than the Yahoo app that's for sure.

  • Trainlike28

    I got it for my Droid X and all i can say is its awesome. I did in fact have it bookmarkd before this but the app is so much nicer and smoother.$5 is a little much though,but i payed……..(head to the ground).lol

  • I can't get it. I'm running Sapphire 1.1.0 and it won't show up for me in the market nor will it let me download from a link.

    • Odd, I'm running Sapphire 1.1.0 on my Droid 1 and I could see / install.

      • I don't know what the issue is. Maybe I need to wipe and reload the rom.

  • Rain_king46

    I want this app because my fantasy team in on ESPN and it would make life easier. My problem is $5 for this app and less for apps like Launcher Pro, Beautiful Widgets, and Widget Locker which are easily the most useful apps in the market. ESPN is greedy on this one, gonna take me a while to swallow that pill

  • i got this a few days ago. no problems at all. but huddlehub was said to be released a few days ago amirite? and i just did a search with no results found for it. bummer.

  • nblufire12

    $5 is lame. Not buying it even though I need it. No reason it should be $5

  • DeeMat

    Is there a free trial?

    • not a chance

      • DeeMat

        A one week trial, or even three days would be good.

  • is anybody else not seeing it on the X ? for some reason I cant download it

  • ANTONkoolaid

    $5 for this is unacceptable when this is basically just a pretty collection of shortcuts. We have flash, might as well just bookmark direct links from the browser and have the same functionally for free.

  • Reddirt6string

    WOW! Does it have more features than HuddleHub is suppose to have? Not el cheapo by any means, but if I can buy a brand new BMW for 10k less down the road with the same options, I'm all for it.

  • Burnsj63

    app looks awesome, but $5 is a bummer for something everyone else does free….I set my line-ups during the week, usually watch my Packers with a laptop in front of me anyway, so no thanx….

  • Olgarcu7

    Does it come with live stat tracker, and point tracker?

  • mhoe

    or….you can just manage your team on the website now that we have flash….

    • Rain_king46

      This is my plan for now. Just create a bookmark.

  • When I think about my fantasies football doesn't come to mind.

    But in other news, Colts, FTW.

  • Rodys7