2018 DL Football Eliminator Challenge is Open! Win a Smart Display! (Updated)

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UPDATE 12/31: My guy, AngryHampster won! Shoot me an email and we’ll get you that prize!

The 2018 NFL season is days away from kicking off and that means the DL Football Eliminator is back! This is our 8th straight year doing this contest, which is kind of crazy to think about.

This year, we’re giving away a Google Assistant-powered Smart Display to the winner! We already have two options from Lenovo, another couple on the way from JBL and LG, and possibly one from Google. At the end of the season, we’ll actually let the winner choose which Smart Display from those companies that they want.

For those new to NFL eliminator challenges, they work like this. At absolutely zero cost to you, you pick one winner each week during the season out of all of the games being played. If your team wins, you move on to the next week. Just keep in mind that you can only choose a team one time per season, so there is some strategy involved. With that said, by no means are these challenges as intense as fantasy football or weekly pick’em challenges. This is the simplest form of an NFL challenge you can participate in. All you have to do each week is remember to pick a single winner. You can even make your picks via ESPN Fantasy app if that helps.

The season kicks off this Thursday, September 6 (yes, in 2 days), so you will want to sign-up now. We will try our best to remind you throughout the next couple of days to sign-up, though.

Join the group:  Droid Life Eliminator
Password:  droidlife

Simple rules for those new to eliminator challenges:

  1. Join the league up above.  Create an entry for yourself.  Get ready to pick winners.
  2. Since this is an eliminator challenge, you only have to pick 1 winner each week.
  3. Remember though, that you only get to use a team one time and cannot pick them to win again.
  4. If you choose correctly each week, you continue to advance.
  5. If you choose incorrectly, you are more than likely out. Still, continue picking though, as we may not have anyone finish the season perfect.
  6. If that didn’t make sense, check out the full “How to Play” rules here.
  7. If we run into a tiebreaker, we will decide a winner based on these rules. We go with ESPN’s rules and they determine the winner.


This year’s prize is a Google Assistant-powered Smart Display of your choice. By the time the season is over, that should include more than just Lenovo’s two options and could include a device from Google, as well as choices from JBL and LG. The winner gets to pick a Smart Display from one of those companies.

Winner’s prizes will only be bought and shipped within the US.

Good luck, everyone!



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