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Want a White or Red Incredible? Here’s How to Get One!

You were teased last week with the first pictures of a white Droid Incredible and again yesterday in our unboxing of the Samsung Fascinate with no mention of how you can get one for yourself.  Unfair right?  Well we’re now ready to tell you how to score your own white or even red, yes red, back plate.

These are official HTC accessories and will likely be in stores over the next few months, however, the only way to get them now is to have a local store special order them for you with the following codes:

White HTC Back: VZW6300DORW

Red HTC Back: VZW6300DORR

I haven’t seen the red one yet, but I’m guessing it’s similar in polish and quality to the white one which is a good thing.  Let us know if you have success in ordering these!

  • Michaelp1118

    I called Verizon and spoke with a customer service rep. Gave them the part number, and they shipped it to me second day for no charge.

  • Japorobotics

    Ordered a red and white one today by calling customer support and asking for the telesales department. Free 2-day shipping even to Honolulu!

  • dxxxxxxxx

    I wish they made these for the droid x…

  • dxxxxxxxx

    I wish they made these for the droid x…

  • salva13

    i think the white case looks pretty cool. red is overdoing it since the inside of the phone is already red..just my opinion.

  • Stayfly

    need one for the extended battery can't believe people still using the regular battery.

  • веее

  • LinZbee

    You can see about 17,000 listings for Droid Incredible cases under 'Droid Incredible cases' here on eBay:


    I have a bunch of KEWL cases for my Moto Droid in all kinds of colors and designs. It's fun to change my 'wardrobe' anytime I'm in the mood!

  • Az16amc

    I called my local verizon store and they had one in stock! I Hopped In my car and now am looking smooth with my white incredible!

  • Joemega2010

    I went today and they had no idea what I was talking about but were shocked that I knew about something that wasn't even in their system. Mines coming Wednesday hopefully!

  • I just got back from my store here in Colorado springs and they had one in-stock. i picked up the white one and the prototype Red will be shipped to my door step on Wednesday. now i might take my White Backing to a local graphics shop and get a Decal made for it. I'm Glad that HTC is FINALLY making More Accessory's for the Verizon Droids.

  • ashabalee

    we have 3 in my store. didn't know we had them till this morning. only the white though. and it is very glossy. no it is not a new whole shell, it is just a white battery cover. if you go into store ask them to do a stock check before you go ordering and wait on it. the store may just have them, but most sales reps won't know it because they never see the tiny accessories like that.

  • RFMike

    I'm working on ordering my red and white battery doors now.

  • Nguzzo21

    Dude sign me up!

  • Killer4247

    dx ftw

  • doomsjay

    Definitely give them the item code and have them look it up. I had to do the same thing when ordering a TV-out cable for my HTC Incredible. The customer support didn't have a clue what I was talking about, but after I gave her the item number, she was immediately able to help me and gave me a nice discount on top of it.

  • Off topic. Anyone else still waiting for the new froyo update for the moto droid?

    • DroidwithAloha

      I am…Hawaii. We have 2 Droid 1 waiting.

  • palomosan

    I also would like to see the red one and try it without buying it.

  • me

    we have the white ones for sale at the VZW store where I work

  • Dr. Obvious

    if you would like a white or red incredible then i suggest a magic marker. or crayon if you can't afford the high tech capabilities that a marker can contribute.

  • andrew401

    they are $25 dollars a peice. i just order the red one. I got it for $18 tho with my discounts 🙂

    • Where did you order it?

      • andrew401

        i called customer service number 1800-922-0204 and talked to a rep. i told them i seen that they had different colored battery covers and you had to special order them with one of the item #s. i gave them the # of the one i wanted and ordered it. it was very simple and easy i can't wait to see what it looks like now 🙂

  • Neither my local store nor the 611 number customer service people knew anything about this when I called to attempt to order it.

  • Tyler_chodosh

    yeah i rly want a red back for the extended battery and a case for my extended battery on my incredible

  • I wonder if they have doors for extended batteries.. you know, 'cause all Inc owners have to have one.

  • Tyler_chodosh
  • Dcejvanovic

    My store got them in stock. $24.99

  • Franzie3

    Any idea what the cost is gonna be??

    • Az16amc


  • Strange_creation3000

    Shocked u haven't talked about the R2D2 dock station yet

  • Evermour

    I'd get the white one :3 I don't like red on my phone, the less the better.

  • n13579

    I wonder if it is the same as the original orange that was on the prototype.

    • kellex

      I bet it'll look close to that. Should be sweet.

    • andrew401

      no it does not look like that. but you can go on ebay one guy has a couple of them but they are going for an average of $80 a peice. but it's not just the battery cover it's the whole phone shell. i made a deal with the guy for $50 for one of them and it's very cool. it has the android guy on it and says “with htc sense” on it.

  • Remy

    I wanna see the red one!

    • kellex

      Working on getting one. 🙂

  • Tbaybe02

    Nice to have the

    • Killer4247

      options. 🙂

  • EggoEspada

    I'd be interested in seeing the red one…

    • Killer4247

      Ya the red one would look pretty cool but I wish they could not recess the lens. That's the reason I didn't get one because of the lens and waited for something better to come such ended up like the Droid x which I have now with leaked froyo and im lovin it.

      • RFMike

        i'd be careful with that leaked froyo, From what i've read Motorola will not make patches for people running an unofficial version of 2.2. So to get the real deal you will need to down grade your self in software.

        • Killer4247

          Thanks for the concern rfmike but for the time being all of the major hacks like roms and stuff are being developed on leaked froyo and you must have leaked froyo for them. Also when the official update comes out I have the sbf file on my Droid x sd card its called the gift.zip I downloaded from birdman website its for 2.1 so I will downgrade when all of the hacks are ported to official froyo but thanks for your concern

          • Good it looks like you are staying ahead of the game.

        • Mrpicolas

          Moto may not but the developers will include them in their builds

  • +1 for not telling people to just go to Walgreens and buy cheap nail polish to paint their battery doors.

    Although maybe this is a cheaper option?

    Where's the bedazzled one?

    • kellex

      I'll show you bedazzle.

      • Mrpicolas

        Lol Kellex bedazzles.. jk:-)

  • Davidmets6

    Firsttt and SiCk