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R2-D2 DROID 2 Pictures Flooding in

On September 30th, you will all have the opportunity to jump online and snag one of the 50,000 or so special edition R2-D2 Droid 2‘s and with such a small number to be made available, you better be ready.  If you had previously been unimpressed by the first couple of photos to hit the interwebs, then maybe some of the new shots to come out over the weekend will change your mind a bit.


Anyone ready to pull the trigger and pick one up?

Source:  IGN, CNET, VZW Twitter

Cheers Zareh and Luke!

  • Weston

    Beautiful. I want two. One to use and one to store away.

  • Weston

    Beautiful. I want two. One to use and one to store away.

  • Dechral


  • Motofan

    Some will, some won't, so what. This phone is going to sell out and all of the people who first looked at it and said ” I would never”,will be kicking themselves when they see this phone in a few years on a auction site worth a thousand times what the person paid for it. Think of all of the things people said they would never buy that became collectors items. They are only releasing 50K, hmmmmmmmm.

  • Per phandroid — the DROID is back!!! Nice. +1, Verizon:

  • kulz

    great for the collectors but not for the everyday folks….imagine using this phone EVERY day…. mehh~

  • joesred

    Can you imagine seeing people holding this up to take pictures….

    • JT

      i feel pretty awkward holding my DX up to take a picture… but holding that up would be even worse.

      Not that I feel it's a bad design, I just feel that it doesn't appeal to too many people. I think people are underestimiting the “cool gadget” effect the phone will have on people who don't know the difference between an Eris and a D2 when they see the phone in person.

  • Make a c 3po droid 2

  • Camaros_Kill

    I think they would have been better off making 5000 of these MAX instead of 50k and upping the price because i dont see them selling out of these. In fact, id bet that the reg D2 will sell out n reps will offer up the R2d2 version and ppl will just say theyll come back another time or go somewhere else to get one.

  • EricPitt01

    I will be purchasing this phone.

  • Justin

    Its cool, but not for me.

  • that's sexy. i love it.

  • otter34


  • guz1115

    “Droid Don't” unless they are targeting the 10-15 year olds!

    • 10-15 year olds in 1981?

  • I know this is off topic buuuut….apparently the droid is back in stock at verizon according to phandroid!!!!

  • Droid 4G needs to be Darth Vader. And being Vader, you CANNOT lock the bootloader. {{-_-}}

  • ” Droid Shouldn't “

  • Evermour

    Id get it just because it looks different… and if it had an 8mp cam..

  • PsychoticPenguin

    I think if I were to buy a “high end” phone like the Droid 2, not matter how much I love Star Wars, it should look like a “high end” phone and not a novelty.

  • xmetl

    its so ugly, seriously i would just get the regular droid 2

  • yourdum


  • nextdd2

    outdated phone with a new fancy shell… moving along!

    • HMB

      it's the droid 2

  • texashorns88

    This is not the Droid I'm looking for….

  • Nick

    I like it. Just get it and put a cover on it; plus when you want to upgrade, you can sell that and tell everyone that it is “limited edition” & it would get people more interested in it than a regular Droid 2.. right?

  • Sput

    Now if they came out with an R2-DCup Droid model that's an entirely different story.

  • I hope it comes with the following bloat ware: Smoke screen, Rockets, Laser, the ability to hack into any other computer in seconds … you know REAL R2-D2 stuff. Seriously it better come with all six & bonus features in HD Preinstalled. SUPER GEEK NERD WHATEVER

  • I don't know what I was expecting but that ain't it.
    Would I buy it…nope.

    Would I purchase it…yup…and then sell on ebay for 3x the money to set aside for an android tablet and a way cooler phone.

    Looks like a skin to be slapped on it.

  • RW-1

    Obviously Lucas is starving for money … I would never be seen holding that, and yet they want to do just a white one as well, yuk … I'm not against SW, or having sounds, tones, and backrounds, etc. But that goes too far. Let Hasbro make one for the kiddies. . . I'll bet Lucas doesn't use one …

  • viceversa

    Not going to touch that with the new dropped calls problem.

  • I'm sorry, but for those bachelor's out there, this phone will ensure you do not get near any female in a romantic sense!!! And possibly for those in solid relationships too!!!

    As cool as it is, and as cool as Star Wars is, and especially a Star Wars Android Phone it's so f'n cool but just not something that is gonna go over as stylish/sleak AT ALL!!! Just my 2 cents!

  • tbaybe

    still looks like someone slapped some stickers on the droid…

    • 1bad69z28

      Yea, they slapped the ugly stick on it alright LOL

    • HMB

      all you need is a high quality picture of this thing and go to skinit or whatever web site and make yourself your own sticker.

  • Steve M.

    Hmmm..you know, you kids in the Graphic Design field should totally consider making a sticker for the back of your phone similar to the design on here. That's basically all it is externally. I'm sure someone will have the goodies inside for us once it's out.

  • 1bad69z28

    This reminds me of the glasses issued in the military, BCG's (Birth Control Glasses), walikng around with this phone and it BGD (Birth Control Device) LOL!!!!!

  • 1bad69z28

    I just can't see myself walking around with this phone and anyone taking me seroiusly that this is a real phone lol. My kids would think it's for them LOL

  • Luke S

    Love the front, hate the back

  • tonytbone7883

    Little over the top for me but the new ROMs for it will probably be cool. 🙂

  • Mmmm. No. like I said storm trooper would have been better or boba fett, hell honestly… Batman! Give me a baterang dpro

  • That thing is FUGLY!!

  • zach471

    Oh yeah. Want. Definitely want.

  • El El Kool J

    Pull this bad boy out at the next Comic-Con you surely gonna get laid… 😛

  • Nah… just a painted backside that will rub off way too soon… I'd much rather have a Samsung Fascinate in my hands. But that's gonna have to wait until November.

    • CompCrash

      My upgrade isn't tell April so I think I will wait tell then and see what is out. I do like the Fascinate however it doesn't have a front camera, and that is what I looking for.

  • Steve

    That thing is sweet. And I couldn't care less about what someone else thought about my phone. I buy what I like, not what everyone else likes, or would be impressed by. Makes me wish I qualified for the early upgrade!

    • Worm4603

      if I bought things cause of what other people thought I would have a I*hone.

  • Luckeydoo313

    it looks awesome

  • JosueD

    I dont like it at all, It completely looks like a toy! =P Seriously!


  • rals

    That phone will sure to get you laid.

    • I don't think using your right hand counts as getting laid…

    • tonytbone7883

      LOL !!!!! really? LOL

  • EC8CH

    Sure it looks good, but how many parsecs does it take for it to do the Kessel run?

    • CompCrash

      +157 likes for the worst Star Wars line.

      PS: The prequels don't count, they are to messed up to be included.

    • And now we know who they make this for…

      • EC8CH

        The answer is under twelve.

        • Yup, children under 12… Xp

          • Anonymous

            I’m 12 and I love it!

    • Anonymous

      But… Parsec measure distance…what other lies have you told Han?

  • There would have to be some feature worth having. If it just is a Droid with a few different animations and sounds, I am not down with it. If it can repair the millenium falcons hyper-drive…sign me up

  • StephanC

    You know what? I'll make an exception to my last comment. If R2-D2 Droid DOES that hologram thingy like in the Star Wars movie I might be tempted to buy it. Otherwise stay the hell away from me.

    • CompCrash

      Who wouldn't want holograms of hot girls coming from there phone.

  • Scotty89

    completely lame….

  • Dsturman

    If you bought this phone, you might be cool amongst the Comic-Con crowd, but mocked everywhere else. Pass

  • EC8CH

    Help us Obi-Won Kenobi… you're our only hope…

    That ringtone on this phone… Dorks dream come true!

    • CompCrash

      Hey! How did you know?

      Jk, actually I think I'm a big enough geek. I have libe mario wallpaper, 1-up notifaction, mario dies for talk, and starman music for a ringtone. NOw only if there was a Mario theme…

  • Timoh

    Still not impressed. I'd actually be embarassed to use that phone, even at home by myself.

  • adams

    unbelievably not nice 🙂

    good thing it's limited edition! 😀

  • StephanC

    It looks like a toy. Who the hell wants to be seen answering this thing when it rings? People will look at you like you're crazy!

    • Lemmy

      And what’s wrong with toys? Toys ROCK. Plus, I don’t give a rat’s unmentionables if a bunch of idiots look at me like I’m crazy…

    • Anonymous

      shouldnt what a phone does be more important than what it looks like? a phone could look like a Duplo building block, but if it was the best phone in the world, i’d buy it. screw what everyone else thinks

      • Anonymous

        I focus quite a bit on aesthetics when I make a purchase. Power is important to me but so are looks.

        • Anonymous

          i c…so you’d miss out on the best phone in the world, just because it was ugly…good to know

          • Anonymous

            Well, I might change my mind if it were the BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD. But, the D2 certainly isn’t the best phone in the world. I’ll wait to see what Moto or HTC has to offer in December.

          • Anonymous

            i didnt mean to imply that the R2D2 was the best phone in the world, sorry if you took it that way, was just giving a what-if situation. personally i think the r2d2 is hideous, but if the special features are awesome, i may consider it, but they’d have to be EXTRA awesome for me to. i’m not eligible for an upgrade til next year so for me to spend 600 dollars on a phone it’d have to have some awesomeness to it, but looks are the least important thing on my list.

  • Mrpicolas

    Kellex you buy it I'll put it on my contract and we split custody:-) lol…

    • 1bad69z28

      LOL I wouldn't claim that thing with your d*&% , if you know what I mean LMAO!!!. RUN FORREST RUN


  • i'd buy a “darth vader” droid pro

    • Ditto!

    • Dude….hell yes lol

    • You say that now… but then when Moto pushes out some lame garbage like this you will have to eat your words. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Yes. you can get it now on Best Buy, until the stock runs out. Or you can wait to the end of September to get it in abundance. R2-d2 New Surprise!

    • That already exists. It’s called the Incredible.


      Hell yeah!

      • You better recognize the Vader Tater…lol

        • DROID VADAR


  • First 🙂

    • *points to self*

      • CompCrash

        *point to patty and self* Am I the only one that thinks geek role the world and let everyone else live in it. Ok ok, I might just be a little bias.

    • adrianne curry?

    • EC8CH

      “Nerds” watch Star Trek

      “Geeks” watch Star Wars

      • Flyinion

        What if you watch both? /duck

        • Lemmy

          Well, logic would dictate, you’re a nerdy geek.

      • Chris Nimon

        That would be illogical

    • I want to be classified as a nerd with a Star Wars Phone… my only problem… I would throw a case on it right away to keep it from getting a scratch, I have had a sedio innocase with holster on my droid and love it wouldn't run a phone without some sort of case… now an R2-D2 innocase… I'm sold… but that aint happening… if I had the skills I would consider painting mine… hmmmm….

      • EC8CH

        Just encase it in carbonite…

      • Droid1

        I agree. I love the metallic look of my droid 1 and have a plastic looking thing protecting it but I keep it on to keep the droid safe. They should have made an R2 case instead.

      • Clear plastic case FTW {{-_-}}

  • PyroHoltz

    Kinda cool but I don't I'd sport the R2D2