Ask Dr. Root: Battery Life, LauncherPro Docks and Icons

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What is ask Dr. Root you say?

Well with the influx of new Droid-Life readers, and the mounting questions being asked. I thought this would be a great way to help the community. Each week I would like to take the top three most requested topics and answer them for you. This week I will be starting with my three topics. To submit your topics please send your emails to [email protected].


Dear Dr.Root,

How do I get more battery life out of my droid?

Well kiddies glad you asked, SetCPU found in the market is your friend. Whether your over-clocked or not, you should take the time to set up some profiles. Setting profiles will enable you to ramp the processor up or down depending on your needs. Also using a low voltage kernel will help

This is an example of some settings that have worked for me using a p3 lv 1 ghz kernel. Check out the time and battery percentage left.

How do I get those custom docks you all have?

This ones easy guys first visit this LauncherPro link, then find a dock you want. Long press on the image and save to your phone. Next, go into your launcherpro settings and press appearance settings and then dock background. Select custom dock and pick it from your gallery. Back out of settings and see your new dock.

How do I get those custom icons on my homescreen?

Go to the market and get folder organizer. If you need icons use Google and search for icon .png or start here.  Save the images to your SD card. Next, select apps in folder organizer then find the app. Click on the arrow and select icon. Find your icon in your gallery and select it.

Now long press on your homescreen and select shortcut. Choose folder organizer item,select app and find the app name you put your custom icon on and select it. If you have done this right, you should see your shiny new icon on your homescreen.

Thats it for this edition, looking forward to your questions.


mrpicolas (aka.. doctorpicolas)



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