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BlindType for Android Debuted in Video

There are so many keyboards on the market these days that it takes something pretty special to grab our attention and BlindType has managed to do just that.  A keyboard that is smart enough to know what you are attempting to type as long as you are in the vicinity of a key sounds too good to be true right?  Not to the BT team.

When an early video of BlindType surfaced with the new keyboard at work on an i*hone, our jaws dropped and obviously had us wondering about the status of an Android version.  Wonder no more as we already have it in action on a Nexus One.  This will also give you a much better idea of the potential in a way that no words can describe…

How can you not be excited for this keyboard? Is this the Swype killer?  To find out the latest info including release dates, BT is encouraging users to follow them on Twitter.

Feel free to read more at the  BlindType Blog.

Cheers Stephan!

  • Edfritz

    This is great! I still prefer Shapewriter for my general texting. Swype is good too. But, when you are on that long drive, this would be fantastic. I can only assume that is works just as well if you are more accurate in your typing and only make a few typos.

  • tonytbone7883

    will this work on droid 1? where do i get it???

  • tonytbone7883

    will this work on droid 1? where do i get it???

  • realigion

    Damn, that looks good. Maybe now I'll be able to text under the table in class. Previously I'd have to use the hardware board with both hands (suspicious) or look at the screen and use the touch keyboard with one hand (suspicious). Now I can just wildly tap and hope it doesn't misinterpret a message to someone important! 😀

  • speak to text is the killer one here.

  • RanballX

    NOOOOOOO… I just started getting good with Swype!

  • Finally i can understand my moms texts

  • tonytbone7883

    where do i get it???

  • It's really nice. A great alternative for someone who doesn't like swype but a swype its not 🙂

  • Hey People… ITS FAKE… are you serious?!

  • Brochaos

    this is more similar to swiftkey than it is to swype.

  • I'm gonna try thanks! I love swype but have issues when trying to fix words. It always predicts something and makes for an interesting word. I think swype needs a few more settings like no production when you go back to fix a word would be nice.

  • GNO

    Sweeet! A translator for my drunken typing.

  • I mean – it looks amazing -but its not like swype at all.

    this is like the keyboard/mouse or controller match up – it isn't and won't be the same at all – no matter how its fitted to do similar task…

    you'll just have to pick the one you like better

    [vote – keyboard/mouse]
    [[haha just KIDDING – don't start that debate please? haha]]

  • Chris Nimon

    Did anyone else notice this video said “also available on *phone” Looks like people are finally realizing theres a new king of the mountain.

  • Ryan

    I saw this and im like “Dang thats awesome! I need that!” and then there is talk about about no beta and its probably a paid app and im like “Well i don't need it that bad, haha!” Although i would like to support the dev.

  • picaso86

    Where is out BETA free version????

  • Cyberdemon

    This looks pretty neat i must say!

  • no talk to text button! BOO!! multi-touch!?

  • Cpt Mike Beard

    This will be a paid App. I can't imagine that they'll give this away for free, especially if there's no Beta.

  • Ford5pt0

    The only swype killer will be blind swype 🙂

    • Cyberdemon

      that's what i was thinking! if someone were to incorporate it all into one!!! how kick ass would that be?

    • Droidzilla

      Swype is already extremely forgiving with errors like selecting the letter next to the one you wanted. I can't see it getting any better without The Matrix.

      • David

        Does anyone have Swype for Froyo?

        • I have the motorola droid with froyo and swype on it. Love it.

        • Rgile84

          Sure do

  • Swype killer? Kellex, really?!? NO SUCH THING! 🙂

    Happy Monday y'all!

    • tbaybe

      lol i agree!

    • Surfgirl757

      I guess all the people with a sense of humor have moved the new improved chat room. lol

  • Bill

    still waiting on the keyboard that can read my mind..

  • Tubeaday

    Where's our BETA?

  • Durkaderp

    Why not just make a phone with an x-ray back light so you can see through your finger?

  • Michael_NM

    O tdeahl nffd hets… I really need this!

  • I'm definitely excited about this.

  • tbaybe

    wanna try it out! Sounds good for when you are driving!

    • Casey Branham

      you shouldn't be texting while typing to begin with. geez. People like you are the ones who wreck and injure or kill people like me and my 2 girls.

      • Seems like he probably was using 0 sarcasm. Like me in this posts. And all my posts. I'm sarcastic zero percent of the time.

        • +1 for being a lump of coal

          • briderx

            +1 for the string of useless comments..

          • +1 for fun

          • Mohit K Chand

            -3 Dumbasses

          • +1 for being moderated due to arguing about txting and driving. LOL

      • I think it's ok to text while typing. Texting while driving however, is a problem.

      • tbaybe

        and im sure you have NEVER texted while driving. Chill out.

        • Synergy

          Some of us don't because we think operating something several tons and 30+mph can be dangerous enough that doing several other things at the same time is a bad idea that can, you know, KILL people. Including ourselves.

          • Cpt Mike Beard

            I am texting this comment in my car right now. It's amazing. I am a badass.

          • Droidzilla

            You must be murdering schoolchildren left and right with your death contraption! You driving to work is probably just like Mad Max, only with less vests.

        • NO ONE is ignorant enough to say it is a good idea to text and drive, but I would venture to guess that 90% of the people that crash while texting are generally lousy drivers and would probably have crashed for another reason (allowed themselves to be too distracted by something else).

          Is texting and driving a problem? Yes. But it is a judgment issue. We don't need another law to stop it. We have gone WAY too far down the road of making everything that is dangerous illegal. Dumb or irresponsible people will still be dumb and irresponsible if you try to legislate around their idiocy. You're just hanging yet another safety net under them and, in effect, we are perpetuating our own stupidity and irresponsibility, just as welfare and other social programs have perpetuated laziness. Ugh. God Bless America, but we have got to stop being such sissies.


          • Reeb99

            Amen, you can't idiot proof everything. They should just make the driving tests harder to begin with. If I really need to reply to something without pulling over, the voice text works great.

        • Totaan

          I text while driving all the time. I also text/eat while driving.

          • Pooch

            Why don't we just legalize drinking and driving????

            Just don't do that [email protected] and jeopardize me, my wife, and our two kids.

            Laws are put in place to protect the general society against those who are too stupid or too inconsiderate to set boundaries for themselves.

      • Tom Cullen

        google voice translation FTW.

      • While I agree its not safe to text and drive I'm one of the few that say adding such a law like banking texting and driving takes away from peoples rights. And before I'm attacked I should add yea I text while in the car not while driving. That means red lights or bumper to bumper traffic. But if a person is wanting to text and drive let them. If they crash that's thier fault. If they kill someone that's on thier concious. I don't like that innocent people die from drivers who text…its not right. But people die every day. Its a part of life
        Best thing to do is be careful drivers be aware of our surroundings and beware the consequences if you do crash for texting and driving. Its not for everyone. Ier takes coordination. When I had my chocolate 2 with the standard burton dial pad I could text a whole paragraph without ever looking at phone. Ever since I got my first touchscreen since I can't feel my way typing I've just decided to only text when vehicle is stopped… People should keep thirty rights to make thirty own choices and learn from mistakes. This law is just another way to boost the quota for cops and its just the citizens shortfall…

  • JosueD