Easy Root Returns, Just Not in the Market

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One of the hot topics over the weekend was the removal of Easy Root from the Android Market.  Yep, the same one that roots your Droid or Droid X with the touch of a button and has been covered by us from the get go.  For reasons yet to be made public, Google decided to remove this app from their marketplace which left many of you with a pile of questions including one major one, “Will there be future support for the app?”  The answer is yes.

The developer behind Easy Root has figured out a way to still get paid and also provide you with updates.  While this method seems a little out there and inconvenient, you might as well keep up with it since you’ve already paid the $.99.

We’re not about to go into reasoning behind the removal, but wanted to let you know that your purchase still has support for the time being.  Be sure to check your main Gmail account for instructions from the dev.

For more information plus support, head over to the Easy Root blog.



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