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New NFL Mobile App Hits Android Market

Forget about the NFL Mobile app we leaked to you back in April.  That app was pulled from the market weeks ago while Verizon reworked it so that it looked extra fantastic when the Droid X launched.  Well, that time has come.  The all new NFL Mobile app is available now in the Android Market and at first glance is quite the upgrade from the previous version.

You can set up your favorite team, alerts and best of all, watch NFL RedZone on your 4.3″ screen in case your wife forces you into a Sunday shopping trip to Nordstrom.

Mid-post update: There is one major negative and it might be a deal breaker.  As of 9/1, a $10 per month VCAST subscription will be needed to play video. (Yuck.)  Like our $30 required data package isn’t enough?  And I just went from uber-excited blogger to half-way depressed blogger.  I need RedZone everywhere!


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Cheers Pete!

  • Thomandcarol

    Can you stream live audio of the games? If not this is worthless….

  • Anonymous

    of course this starts the week the Chargers game is blacked out in SD!!!!!haha i even went out and bought a micro hdmi cable to hook up the red zone stream to my tv


    also dont bother trying to flash a backup or install an older version of the app if you have already updated. old versions propt you to update before they will even open

  • Harley_ken

    I would use it , but they get enough of my money already..

  • Mayswf

    Its all a scam to take more money from you , at the end of the day you are paying for a coneveince.. So dig deep and ante up lol…

  • eric

    yup… total bs…. when i first got this app it was awesome… I pay 30 bucks a month… No thanx…

  • Bobby

    Well i got the Droid X the day it came out. July 15th. the cut off day for free NFL Video is July 22.

    But guess what.. it asks me to pay 10 dollars a month.. verizon says if it asks me to pay.. then i have to pay.. nothing they can do..

    wow im starting to hate verizon.. one of the big reasons i got the phone was because of this free app.

    Im guessing maybe i did not activate the NFL Mobile app before july 22.. so there for they did not know i had the app b4 that date.. and therefore i got charged.

    would of been nice to kno this when i bought the damn phone.

    please e-mail me at superfly891@hotmail.com if you found a way around this

  • Thebigb76

    They are doing what ATT did with Iphone. Android is supposed to be open source and Verizon is making an app that wont work with other androids. Crazy