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Droid 2 Device Caught in the Wild Again

Hey look, the Droid 2 again!

It sounds like one of Gizmodo’s readers experienced a little hands-on time with the Motorola Droid 2 recently and came away with the same impressions and stats as we did. (Check out our exclusive photos here.)

-Same look and feel as Droid 1
-Better keyboard
-8GB internal with 8GB SD card
-Android 2.1 with Motoblur 2.0
-5MP camera
-Same dark chrome color with blue bottom

I’m really starting to believe more and more that this chrome and blue model with Android 2.1 and Motoblur 2.0 is in fact just a test model.  The color scheme doesn’t match up to the rest of the lineup’s black/gold/red exteriors and remember that the Droid X even seemed to morph each time we saw a new shot of it.

Oh and Gizzie’s reader mentioned “Droid 2” not being the final name, but our official commercial slides definitely said Droid 2 on them.  A last minute name change seems a little unlikely.

Source: Gizmodo

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • OFCOURSE it will caught in wild as its superb with mindblowing features–Better keyboard-8GB internal with 8GB SD card,,Android 2.1 with Motoblur 2.0 ..5MP camera…really cool..

  • crowdSPRING

    Droid is superb! -5MP camera-8GB internal with 8GB SD card etc all these features are wow! of droid 2..but hope that it would not be much expensive!

  • Watch Enthusiast

    I hope this phone would be cheaper…not much costly…anyways its a cool cell phone to carry …WOW!! 5mp camera…great!!

  • intmc

    This is a nice looking phone with nice features.great…i love mobile phones., cant buy all..but will surely go for it.

  • I think this Droid 2 was my aim because the keyboard but the screen looks too small for me….

  • Its good that it has same look and feel as Droid 1.

  • Well The. Droid was supposed to be the next “google phone” but they got played I wouldnt wanna release anything with stock Android either..

  • There’s a difference in built. The color scheme doesn’t match up to the rest of the lineup’s black/gold/red exteriors and remember that the Droid X even seemed to morph each time we saw a new shot of it.

  • Hey look, the Droid 2 again! It sounds like one of Gizmodo’s readers experienced a little hands-on time with the Motorola Droid 2 recently and came away with the same impressions and stats as we did.Thanks

  • Well The Droid was supposed to be the next “google phone” but they got played I wouldnt wanna release anything with stock Android either..Thanks

  • jeninachan

    Well, I say this is a nice looking phone although I'm not a fan of BLUR. Hopefully they will give choices for buyers. However, I must say this look way way better than the 1st droid.Droid II Detailed Reactions

  • I don't like the light-silver edge, stupid.

  • I don't like the light-silver edge, stupid.

    • jeninachan


  • Delphs

    I'm going to get this one. I have a blackberry curve 8330 and was due in may for a renew every two, so this will be a huge upgrade. The X seems gigantic, and I prefer a physical keyboard.

    This phone isn't supposed to entice Droid owners, just to keep the product line fresh and competitive.

    • Delphs

      I am also assuming that this phone will be cheaper, hopefully 100 dollars less than the X.

  • So really this is just a rehash with a better CPU :S
    It seems lacking in the face of the Droid X, well very underwhelming would it have hurt so much to just market the Droid 2 as Droid X but with a keyboard? :/

  • g35

    This remindes me of when I had my LG Voyager. About 6 months after I got it the LG Voyager Titanium came out. All it had was an updated OS and it was grey. I love my Droid. I think I will wait for Motorolas next slide out keyboard phone. Although this is good news for those don't have a moto Droid and want one.

  • Picodroid

    It's going to be called the Droid D2, not Droid 2/Droid2.

  • thescreensavers

    Big Changes or not, this will be my first Droid and (crack face on) I need it now!!

    June 23rd cannot come soon enough

  • EC8CH

    Maybe its pronounced Droid Dos?

    Pretty cool right… Droid Dos Does!

  • bobby

    I do not normally correct peoples grammar… but the two spaces after the period has to stop. That was the old days when you typed on a typewriter.


    • EC8CH

      You seriously just blew my mind.
      Thanks for making feel like a completely out of it gereactric for the first time in my life.

      • binarypower

        Lol, u made me laugh so loud at work…. Sorry, it had to be said.

  • WhereIsTony

    Kellex as someone with both device. Do you notice a big difference in touch screen recptiveness between the moto dorid and the droid incredible?

    • Stephen

      I have a Droid and one of my friends has an Incredible. We used each others phones on a trip we took for school, and the Incredible and Droid were equally responsive, but the Incredible felt a little bit more accurate.

  • azurikai

    looks good but I just don't have the money to fork out at the moment :/

  • Stephen

    The gizmodo article also said that 2.1 with ninjablur was only a placeholder for stock 2.2 according to the Verizon rep.

    • WhereIsTony

      As a former Verizon employee (Customer Care) I can say you would be amazed at the misinformation that gets rumor spread amond the lower level employees.

  • twohawks

    HELP!!! I have a major problem. I tried jrummy one more time. I installed Jrummy's Froyo ROM and wiped cache and did a backup. Everything seemed to go well until I shut my phone down and then started up again. Now I can't even get the phone to start correctly… unfortunately I'm in an endless boot loop that I can't get out of. I can't do the typical boot into recovery by starting up holding the x down. Anyone have suggestions???

    • Battery pull, try booting into recovery manually again.
      If none of that works….Flash it with RSD. Sorry…

      • twohawks

        Looks like it's RSD for me. 🙁

        Unfortunately I'm stuck at work and can't load it on my PC (they lock us down pretty tight). I'll do it when I get home tonight.


        • Ouch. So what were you trying to do?
          Maybe we can find a way around that…
          So you're just stuck in boot loops and cant get into recovery? :-/

  • 6 more months and we'll have the Droid3

  • JediWebGeek

    Am I reading that right, 8GB on internal RAM? Don't get me wrong, I hope it's true, but that seems a little steep to me.

  • Last minute name change unlikely? Just like the Incredible – wait, maybe we should call it the “Droid” Incredible, but do we have enough time?

  • Motorola fail, so far this is even less of an improvement than the new iphone. Don't get me wrong, I love my droid as much as the next guy, but I feel like if this is anywhere near the final product, then the only way they can advertise it is to slap on the “Droid 2” label and hope that everyone buys it just because of the name.

    • billtvshow

      Pretty accurate actually. I'd propose calling it the Droid Underwhelming.

  • Don't like because they went and put Blur on it, pretty simple.

  • jay

    They probably don't want to release anymore stock android experience phones because Google shafted them back in January when they released the nexus one. The. Droid was supposed to be the next “google phone” but they got played I wouldnt wanna release anything with stock Android either..lol

  • holidayK

    i will be getting the droid2 because the droidX is wayyy to big. its like a tablet, i want a phone… ok people tell me when you are REALLY going to use the HDMI out… once every what.. 6 months?

    • Timoh

      You should hold it in your hands before you say it's way too big. It's not that much bigger than an Iphone with rubber shield. It looks bigger because the screen. The Droid 2 was my aim because the keyboard but the screen looks too small for me. Now, even though i wanted a physical keyboard, im leaning strongly for the X. Just have to see how easy I can type on it. I use my phone for calls the least. I want a big screen for media/texting/note taking/web browsing.

  • darkseider

    Well they have essentially the same guts as far as SoC and memory go. The big differences between the X and the Droid 2 is 4.3″ screen and 3.7″, Slate / QWERTY slider, 8MP Camera / 5MP Camera, 720p Video / No HD Video, HDMI Out / No HDMI out. Overall the Droid X is the biggest upgrade in terms of size and features. The Droid 2 is more or less the speed of the Droid X with all the same features of the original Droid. Now the other thing I think worth mentioning is that everyone has been saying this is running 2.1 yet the Android 2.2 helpful tips widget is clearly visible.

  • The main appeal of the Droid (at least for me) is that it runs standard Android. I don't like Sense. I HATED Motoblur (the Cliq was my nightmare) imporved or not, wouldn't Ninjablur get in the way of rooting?


    A MUST TO DO !!!!! I love my original DROID more and more its simple and fast but i was wanting to ROOT like everyones been talking about but need my phone constantly and didnt want to press my luck and leave good enough alone. Boy was I WRONG ! If you are worried about screwing your phone up it should be a personal quest to find someone to do it for you. Its like a BRAND NEW phone and it shot straight to 1 GHZ. Its got a whole new feel with APPS and color its WILD !!!!!

    • Its exciting isn't it 😀

    • andrew401

      I personally think rooting TOPS OFF the Android phone. It's honestly not the same when stock

    • Alex9483

      I am so technologically challenged, I was thinking the same thing- find someone to root it for me. It sux being out in the cold when all of you joyfully describe the new powers that a rooted phone has.
      I mean I live in Chicago, there has to be a rooted kind soul around here…. : )

  • rgn2000

    I could see this being called the D2 (kind of like R2D2). Anways, this phone was not made for entice D1 owners, it is for the new phone buyers and they will have a choice between the D2 and X. All D1 owners are under contract anyways and very few will pay full price anyways. The Droid Pro will be for us D1 owners at the end of the year.

  • John Mo

    I really hope they dont end up going with the chrome border. Remember, The Droid is all man, all robot, not some shiny beauty queen. ^_^

  • Whoever took those pictures is busted. There's a serial number exposed at the bottom.

    • Tabe

      Not really… The person that took the pictures attended some type of tech event for work and VZW had a booth at which they were showing off the phone. So it wasn't one of the testers leaking the pics them self. The booth attendant obviously allowed the guy to take the pictures, so if anything THEY would be the ones busted if they were supposed to let him take pics.

  • Tabe

    I find this part of the quote from Gizmodo interesting:

    “When I asked about the software, the Verizon representatives told me that it (BLUR) most probably wouldn't be coming with that on it and would probably have Froyo (Android 2.2) plain (without any skin).”

    So will the D2 not be running Blur? Kinda makes sense to me, since the boot animation that we've seen seems to be that of the Droid X (judging by the eye)… So maybe the D2 demos that have been leaked are running the software that the X will ship with, for on reason or another, but itself will ship with Android 2.2 (or 2.1 with a quick update) and no skin…?

  • Negrito768

    ill pass. ill keep my droid Once i figure how to root but still keep 2.1 and have the nerve to do it and overclock it at a stable 750mhz ill be all set. Anyone care to help me with this 🙂

  • ProPheTz


  • Ace Z.

    I argee with Kellex…there's no way this is the final Droid 2 model. I hope not, they're gonna surprise us on the 23rd.

  • lugzey

    I saw on BGR that it has a 1 Ghz processor. Here is the statement…The reader confirms, verbally and with images, that the phone was running Android 2.1 with Ninjablur, and sports: a 1 GHz processor, 8GB of internal storage, micro-SD card slot, and 5 megapixel camera. The tipster did say: “When I asked about the software, the Verizon representatives told me that it most probably wouldn’t be coming with that on it and would probably have Froyo.” There you have it Verizon, Android, keyboard-loving people.

    • kellex

      Yeah we confirmed 1.0GHz earlier this week. 🙂

      • lugzey

        Sorry about that…been busy. I guess that I'm a little behind the 8ball.

  • I gotta agree it seems like a minor upgrade for the money. At least throw in a 1 Ghz cpu and some 720p video to make it comparable to the droid X. Then we can choose between the bigger screen and the full keyboard.

    • jo

      wuaaa! are you too stupid to read the article? i HAS a 1ghz cpu so it will of course also be able to record 720p video!

  • Skinnhc

    As much as I love my D1 I think my money will go to the X. D2 looks the same as the original with some improvements. If I'm going to get a new phone at retail it has to feel new to me.

  • Guttatae22

    I honestly dont see a reason for ANYBODY to want this phone if u already have the original Motorola DROID this is a waste of money Motorola companys could of saved

  • SetNick

    All I can say is the wife is ready to get rid of her Droid Eris and she has been digging my Droid lately. Looks like a Droid X maybe in my future.

  • I think it looks pretty damn good but I will still have to go to the Droid X. Hey Kellex, what is your phone of choice out of these 2 devices? I remember you saying a while back that you may be more focused on the original Droid even after the Droid 2 comes out.

  • Justin

    I'm confused because the Droid X and the Droid 2 both are supposedly going to be running 2.1 out of the box, but they both have the little Android tipster widget thing that is found on 2.2.
    Might we be seeing a different version of 2.1 on these phones? 2.1 update 2 maybe? Or could Verizon be holding out on us and actually ship these phones with 2.2?

    • Scea0512

      That would be my guess is that both of these phones will come with froyo!!!!!

  • still gotta be better for me to fork out another $200+

  • The Droid x compared to the Droid 2 is night and day guess I'm retiring the good ol Droid for the Droid x 🙂 better specs guards where stuck with MOTO blur regardless

    • Adam

      not disagreeing with you, but both Droid 2 and Droid X have the same UI is really the new Blur?

      • kellex

        Its the new Blur which is supposedly not terrible. Droid 2 still could check to stock Android though.

        • John Mo

          Doubtful, especially since it has the 'blur' button layout and menu button. It doesnt look as bad as the original blur from what Ive seen though.

          • Tabe

            Dunno, Kellex could be right… (see my post from 21min ago)

          • Tabe

            And also see Kellex's statement in his piece above, talking about thinking that the units that we have seen thus far might just be test models – as the color scheme doesn't match the rest of the Droid lineup. If that's the case, then maybe the production models will have the regular menu icon…? Or they could keep the “Blur icon” with no Blur but still have it act as a regular menu button…

        • andrew401

          I honestly hope so. or if infact it does have this terrible motoblur garbo. I hope we can set defaults to vanilla like you could do with the Droid Eris. I think that if it does not come with option ( if it does have this garbo UI on it ) then they will piss off A LOT of customers. I know I speak for a BUNCH of people then myself.

  • Adam

    if anybody has notice the button locations are different is because the ones on the Droid, Nexus One are “Google Expierence” ones. In which Google had say in the phone. All other Android phones are OEM phones. That's why Droid 2(if that's what it's still called) has new UI on it. Just look at all the different makers like samsung, motorola, etc. all have different placements and icons.

    • Nice didn't think of that. Good catch

  • bob

    Come on verizon, just launch it!