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Comparison: Motorola Droid X vs. HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone vs. Eris

The Droid X is popping up everywhere and in new fashions all the time.  Check out the latest photos which compare it to the size of the EVO 4G, the iPhone and in a battle that brought instant cackling laughter, to the Droid Eris.  If you thought the EVO was maybe a little too big and bulky, you can think again.  The Droid X is well, big baby. (Not Davis.)

We also get a couple of additional details with these pics.  That is definitely the new version of MotoBlur.  You can see the Twitter widget on screen, plus a new calendar/clock/Beautiful Widgets looking thing.  Damn that screen has some real estate.

And lastly, some specs from the postee (maddigital):

No front facing camera
Magnet sensors trigger dock and car mount modes
Quadrant System info reads..
CPU (if i keep refreshing the current cpu freq modulates)
Name: ARMV7 Processor Rev 2 (V7i)
Current Req: 1000mhz
Max req: 1000MHZ
Min FReq: 300 MHZ
Cores – 1
BogoMIPS: 598.90
Hardware: Mapphone_CDMA
Renderer: PowerVR SGX 530
Version: OpenGL ES-CM 1.1
1500mAh battery
No Sim Slot
Power button and Home button wake the screen when locked


Source:  Android Forums

Cheers Erik, Joe, Matrix2004!

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  • Oh nice, thanks for share!

  • Oh nice, thanks for share!

  • Rhalm24

    droid x rules

  • vette69

    DONT GET THE DROID FOR ONE REASON, George Lucas has rights to the name “droid” and im sure that he is paid well by the phone makers to use that name.(Read the small print in the commercials) After seeing the new Star Wars movies and what they did to Indiana Jones, the idea of giving him more money is something i cannot be a part of. Therefore my next phone will be the Evo 4G + I already have sprint, and qualify for an upgrade, and have 4G in my area.

  • Barney

    I wonder why they did NOT include a front facing camera???
    it seems as though it would be a no brainer to have it since their competition has it….

  • JAck

    My wife has the HTC Eris and she likes it.
    here are some websites to maybe get a cheap one.

  • Ecksman

    who's original picture is that??? and what are you doing in my hometown of piscataway??? go chiefs!!

  • Ugh… my contract just ran out with Verizon, and I was about to renew and pick up an Incredible. Now I don't know whether to go ahead and get the Incredible next week or wait until the X and the Droid 2 are announced. The only problem is that I don't know if my current phone can last until July 19th.

  • Funky

    I love the fact that its bigger I think thats a plus, I mean I love my droid don't get me wrong but just like my penis I wish it was bigger

  • Looks like a nice phone. But it's not a big enough leap from the Droid to justify trading up (especially without an upgrade price).

  • Carmen Diva

    lol wow…i love how i read that women are going to flip everytime a guy doesn't get on cam.

    LMFAO i think the cam would benefit the guys more so than the girls. I can hear my ex if we were still dating
    'babe, get on cam…show me something” lmfaooooo

    Anyway besides that dumb comment…it looks like a very nice device…I love my evo and left verizon for it. I don't think it beats it but it does give the Verizon users an Evo-like device 🙂

    I guess motorola droid x would've been my new phone had i stayed with verizon!!!

  • Javallamaftw

    Hmm, it appears to be true that the X doesn't have a front facing cam in these pictures. Maybe this is an early prototype or something… hopefully i really want that camera

    • Javallamaftw

      I mean hopefully it does*

  • Bjmattox

    Too big.. i thought going to my droid from a blackberry was a huge change…now i love it but my buddy just got the EVO and its to big for me to be lugging around….
    Kellex… looks like you live very close to me. Jersey Strong!!

  • dr0id

    it looks better than the other 3 phones lol

  • dr0id

    cool phone. Motorola Droid X for the win!!!

  • ijoe

    if anyone is looking for some help with the moto droid download rooted shoutbox from the market and some people are always in there helping.

  • Thanks for the post, looks like we just need big V to give us the official word. I'm happy with my incredible, so it'll be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next few months. ..

  • I will have to wait and see what processor as i am still very happy with my overclocked droid. 1.2 ghz.

  • Shannon

    These are for the most part all great phones. Some are going to choose the iphone others will go with the Motorola Droid and other with go with an HTC. Which ever you might choose. Just let me ask you this do you want to pay this bill or do you want to learn how to make money on the bill from all the same providers that you are using currently! If you want to here more email me at [email protected]

  • Hydrolex99


  • Bryannichelson
  • miosis

    Droid X is motos reply to the iPad/Tablet industry!

  • RealGame22

    So many people crying about a front facing camera now. The phone you have now don't have one, unless you have a EVO.

  • xelhandroid

    Ummm, the Droid X looks incredible! Why are the whining about no front camera?! I don't even see the functionality of video Skype in a cell phone. Laptop and a wifi spot cures that dilemma. A celly is for calls, texting, and IM if you absolutely need it. People want too much out of a comm device. Sheesh!

    • Charlie

      Are you kidding me? A cell is no longer for calls and texting alone. If you think this is not so, what the hell are you doing with a Droid? Yea, “Sheesh!”

      • Tom

        I agree. these things are now pocket computers. It is quite incredible.

    • Guyver

      well then make sure you don't get a smartphone since they are only for calls, texting and IM. Get yourself a clamshell/Flip phone and be done with it

  • Sorry but I have another probably silly question. If I purchase the Droid 2 is there a way I could add the old motoblur to my phone? I still think the old motoblur is prettier. Well I'm a female I like to have a pretty phone lol.

  • Adam

    actually, it started with the brick phone in the early 90's, then the original flip phone, then a model called the star tac, v phone… Then the razor saved their butt about 8 years ago.

    Moto has be dominating for years! And there is your saturday morning cell phone history lesson.

    Droid user, wanting Droid X bad.

  • That looks really pretty!

    Only a couple things that may bug me are..

    – the no physical keyboard.

    – no front facing camera

    How many MP's is this? I dont think Im gonna get it if verizon is gonna have the 4G phones out by the end of the year.

    • EggoEspada

      They defiantly wont have a phone with LTE equipped phone by the end of the year. Probably this time around next year. Get a one year contract with this bad boy and you'll be good.

    • Guyver

      they won't have 4g phones out this year. They will just be launching their 4g network at the end of the year so you will get to use the new hotspot devices on it. Verizon said their first 4g phone won't be before the middle of 2011

  • cduce2411

    Man, Kellex, you are the first to get these stories out there. Devotion!

  • Ulnek75

    one question, why are some people saying the droidx's 750mhz processor is faster than the 1ghz of the incredible? how does that work?

    • Its something like a 3.0HGz P4 vs a Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz.

      Got it? TI OMAP is better than Qualcom

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKF9GOE2q38
      Seriously…. Ignorance is bliss and all but…. As anyone should know its how well you get it done not how fast….If its done right the first time then its more efficient.

      speed does NOT =efficiency.

  • wow, thats a large screen, I like it anyway

  • root4life

    wouldnt mind seein what the boot animation is on the x. anyone else

  • No Front Camera = No Sale

  • Why does the app drawer soft-button look different than in the previous pics? In all of the other pics it is a circle with a triangle inside and in the pic above it's the little squares like in stock Android…

    • Brendan

      they are using a home replacement i think its helix

  • zidu

    No Sim Slot???

  • Ok I am a little confused is the phone in the first picture to the left, the same as the one on the second picture to the right, because they look completely different and the both are made by motorola?

    • Same phone, different lighting (and looking at a different screen)

      • Yea I was a little confused because if you look at the bottom of the phone, one looks like it has physical buttons and the other looks like soft button.

  • Ray

    the droid X looks massive @ some these phones are gonna be too big I don't wanna be lugging around phonese the size of a PSP.

    • fred114

      I dont know Ray. Buddy of mine showed me his Evo today, and though it look massive compare to my Droid, it fit perfectly in his shirt pocket. I think the size of the screen creates somewhat of an optical illusion. Yea, the phone is larger, but looks even bigger than it is.

      • Guyver

        I wish everyone would stop saying the EVO is big or huge. It's 3/10 of an inch bigger than the iphone. The EVO just uses more of the phone for the screen. The iphone uses less of the phone for the screen. Where in reality does 3/10 of an inch equate to HUGE!!!!?

  • Not. Feeling this. I really think they missed the boat. Unless they manage by the end of the year to come up with a vanilla android phone with evo screen 8mp camera front facing chat camera,wait what am I saying basically an evo with a better or comparable processor I will be sticking with my rooted Droid for a very long time. In fact as long as our community stays strong it really doesn't make sense to switch because root is more important than having a new phone that I could do on my droids months before the masses.

    • MicroNix


    • jxcgunrunna

      Nexus 2?

  • adams

    i'll have one of those. 🙂 (DROID X)

  • Jay P

    all I know is this thing is a giant DROID ill buy it if they dont have a rumored 2 ghz high end technologically device by the end of the year. Moto is the king of phones it all started with Moto Razr.
    Sanjay Jha, is a cool dude hope him and his company keeps making good on their end.

    • Adam

      actually, it started with the brick phone in the early 90's, then the original flip phone, then a model called the star tac, v phone… Then the razor saved their butt about 8 years ago.

      Moto has be dominating for years! And there is your saturday morning cell phone history lesson.

      Droid user, wanting Droid X bad.

      • LXR

        The Star Tac almost crashed Moto lol.. i worked for a cell company at the time and i never heard 1 happy customer of the star tac lol.

        Have Moto Phones gotten better on reception in the last 5 years?

    • merrypol


  • No front facing camera is somewhat disappointing in such a large phone. I'm not sure if front facing cameras are going to catch on, but with a phone that has it all, it seems like this feature should be included. Is HDMI confirmed?

    • geekabilly

      video chats/calls won't be much until 4G — even in Piscataway, NJ…

    • djspikezz

      I think too many of you people crying about no “front facing camera”, have no girlfriend or wife. LETS THINK PEOPLE, you have a front facing camera, your chick is gonna trip anytime you don't use the feature.. I mean what if you just woke up and you look like %$%*&*$, or your with your other girlfriend. Everytime you don't use the front facing camera, the chicks are gonna trip out on you.

      Front facing camera can stay away IMO…. Just cause Iphone 4 has it, who cares, I don't want to be like Iphone, I'd buy one if I wanted that stupid crap.

      • KittyKittyLickLick

        Exactly! All I hear is people bitching that there's no front facing camera. Honestly, if it had it, people would find something else to bitch about. And on the iphone, video chat is iphone4 to iphone4. Besides that, I have only skyped on a couple occasions, on my laptop. Its not like your going to be driving and video chatting at the same time, or walking dowtown, eyes glued to your phone. I'd love to see how many things you run into. So no, I can live without a front facing camera. Its just a feature to brag about cuz nobody else has one.

        • Eric Sorensen

          I'm sure I can live without it. But I do use Skype to video-talk with my family in other states. It would be nice to do that on the phone, too. I have tried it with the stock Droid and Fring, but it's very choppy even on wifi. (of course, if you stand in front of a mirror, the rear facing camera works just fine!). With this fast Droid X phone, I'm sure the video would be much smoother. My guess is it COULD handle a front-facing camera and process the video no problem (maybe not on 3G). The motorola phones in Europe have them…

          • djspikezz

            We shall see. I don't think the 1GHZ snapdragon processor is all that great and there for it'll still be lacking in the capability that most of us Droid users would expect. 2GHZ ftw.

        • MicroNix

          No, its not because its on the iPhone. The EVO had it first anyway 🙂

          For me, its a dream of seeing this become a reality ever since the first time I saw it being used in a SCIFI show as a kid. To be able to see people you rarely get a chance to see face to face over your mobile phone would freakin rock. Calling the folks who live 200 miles away and seeing them would be cool too. Its not all about your GF/BF or wife/husband who you see all the time…

          • I'm pretty sure a lot of phones in the EU and Asia had a front facing cam for videos calls before the EVO 😉

        • Austin

          we are trying to find reasons to upgrade… and something that we are all looking for isn't available on this model.. remember you are on a blog community site for one of the highest end android phones on the market… we are all use to having the best, and we not upgrade until our standards are met… for me I don't know if I will use the front facing camera, but if i'm going to get an extremely high end phone where comparable phones include a front camera I better get a front camera.. better safe than sorry

      • First off ill assume you're joking about cheating. Secondly all my point is that it takes something that has everything and more than any other phone has to get me to leave my baby the Droid. Nuff said.

        • djspikezz

          Yes, I was joking about the cheating. Just saying the 18-29 year old crowd of ladies.. not all that would be stereo typing but a lot of them.. well you know how that goes. They get IMO if you don't answer the phone when they call. You could be sitting on the toilet or skydiving and they'd expect you to pick up lol.

          Front facing cam meh… I guess useful in a business situation, but i think they phone would need to be able to conduct like up to 4 different video chats at once to be done the right way from the start.

          That would take a 2ghz. phone. 🙂

          • I'm going to be honest, I don't have a webcam. I've never video chatted in my life. I'm not sure I would ever find a use for the front facing camera, however in a phone this massive that features everything else, there is no reason for it not to be included. I'm not saying it breaks the deal for me, but it seems like it should be included in a phone of this caliber.

      • Dyster


      • Guyver

        Just cause the iphone 4 has a front facing camera? that's not even out yet. The EVO has a front facing camera. Out before the iphone. The rest of the world has front facing cameras. It's been about 4 or 5 years now? So why even mention the iphone 4?

  • uly


    thats what she said.

    • Chris Nimon

      What? Nobody else watches The Office

  • EggoEspada

    Also, anyone see the 3G Mobile Hotspot app? Freakin' sweet… I hope it stays.

    • brandonmee

      If not I am sure hopeful it will accidentally be leaked.

    • what is it called

      • EggoEspada

        It shows in the picture of the app drawer… the very first app. Its green.

  • TheDon

    Wow that thing is huge!

    • xyzlene

      not feeling this device at all. with all that real estate you might as well go for a pmp. archos anyone? between your wallet, pack of gum, and whatever else you put in your pockets – your going to need a man bag, or a fanny pack for all you schmidt – sayin'…….. very content with the original droid.

      why buy a unit that is not lte compatible? 1 more year. patience is a virtue.

    • Preston

      That's what she said.

  • Seano

    looks like the postee is from piscataway, nj hmmmmm.

  • EggoEspada

    Nice… The Droid X just chilling looking sexy.
    Defiantly beats the Evo though. If only it had a front facing camera. Its something nice to have, but I can defiantly live without it.

    • Aleksmilosevic9y

      Id rather chat on an 8 mp camera on back than a vga one on front

      • KittyKittyLickLick

        The Evo's front camera is 1.3mp, It's the iphone that rolls with VGA up front

        • 1,3 or VGA what's better

          • jxcgunrunna

            VGA is 640 by 480 or 300,000 or .3 Mega pixels. One megapixel is 1,000,000 pixels, thus the EVO can capture 1,300,000 pixels vs the iPhone 4's 307,000

    • MicroNix

      Sorry but if it can't match and beat an EVO, then its not “incorporating all current technology”. No front facing camera = fail. Other than that it is hot. I'm not even sure why Moto is bothering with that Droid 2. Droid X is going to be where its at.

  • uly

    the screen looks a bit bigger than the EVO's screen.Hey where did the cool red button go? well as long as froyo doesnt lag i wouldnt really mind the “ninja blur.”

  • caphoagie

    IPhone looks like could be a mini iPhone that was rumored years ago.

  • Aleksmilosevic9y


    • kellex

      Nice! Bright and early!

      • Aleksmilosevic9y

        Its my first first!!

      • KittyKittyLickLick

        Glad to see your willing to work weekends for our viewing pleasure. BTW, like the riff on the C's player. Kudos!