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Download: Android 2.2 for Motorola Droid


The Froyo build which we saw here and here is finally in the wild and ready for your personal viewing pleasure.  Yes that sounded dirty on purpose as I crawled my lazy bones out of bed at 6:30AM on a Saturday, just for you (OK, that’s probably a lie. Who wouldn’t wake up for Froyo?).

So what do we have here?  An apparent early 2.2 build for the Motorola Droid.  I say early because it appears to have a ton of missing features from the Nexus One Froyo and also has a few bugs.  With that said, the MyDroidWorld guys have made it easily installable via nandroid backup in both ClockworkMod and SPRecovery, so anyone with root access can check it out.  When you are finished, you will keep root access and your custom recovery, so just make sure to backup your current settings in case something bad happens.

This also comes with a custom kernel, so you can overclock to 800Mhz right away.

(Want to root your Droid and try this?  Check out our full 2.1 rooting guide.)

Early feature list:

  • It is indeed Android 2.2
  • New Market with “auto-update” feature
  • Apps2SD
  • Froyo Launcher with 3D app drawer
  • USB Tethering (no Wi-Fi tethering)
  • New camera software
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work (FIX HERE!)
  • Update: Might have JIT.  See benchmark below.
  • Update: Gallery works, just took 30 minutes to load photos.

Update 7:37am: Had this 2.2 build up and running for a good 45 minutes now and I’ve got to admit that it is pretty damn fast.  It seems like the longer you play with it, the faster it gets.  Interesting.  While the MFLOPS in Linpack aren’t there, check out this Quadrant benchmark I just ran.  If only wi-fi worked…


Ready to do this?

*Warning* – This has the potential to be disastrous on your Droid.  You take all responsibility should something happen when you go through this process.  Droid Life is not responsible for dead devices.*


Download:  P3DF-CW.zip

Installation Instructions…

*Note 1* – This process uses ClockworkMod Recovery.  SPRecovery method/file at source link.

1. Make a backup of your current ROM.
2. Download the P3DF-CW.zip file from above.
3. Extract folder named 2010-06-
4. Place folder 2010-06- in the /sdcard/clockwork/backup folder on your sdcard
5. Restart phone in recovery
6. Go to nandroid, select restore, select the above folder and press the camera button.

*Note 2* – After installing this nandroid, update the kernel to fix wifi.  Kernels here.

Comments or questions?

Update 10:53am: If you used the SPRecovery file and have lost root access, please install this file.

Source: MyDroidWorld (Big “thanks!” for releasing this!)


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  • I would recommend downloading from the direct Google LINK…but anyways..nice post.

  • It seems that it’s because there’s no words entered in the “User dictionary” with this ROM. Did I do something wrong?

  • Madhav377

    whr do i find dis nandroid?

  • Danny DeMichele

    Though 2.2 build for the Motorola Droid appears to have a ton of missing features from the Nexus One Froyo and also has a few bugs…its features are great…I will surely want to update it and also as MyDroidWorld guys have made it easily installable.

  • katt

    Ok so it says I should backup my phone b4 downloading 2.2.. wut is the best app 4 this.. I hav a motorola samsung milestone.. thnx

  • Well what do we have here? An apparent early 2.2 build for the Motorola Droid.

  • Always I faced a problem when I am going for Froyo downloading I need expert guidance….are you expert…

  • Always I faced a problem when I am going for Froyo downloading I need expert guidance….are you expert…

  • The 2.2 rom seemed to take too long to start up, and lagged a lot between screens even after everything had been updated.thanks for shared this with us.

  • Well it was stuck there for about 30 min going through a loop and blinking and start over with the white progress gradient over the android. Thanks for the information on blog.

  • Dragon_mnl2

    Is also for motorola backflip?
    Even for a non-english version (android 1.5)?

  • Gritz

    WiFi works… i just installed Froyo and it works fine 🙂

  • Gritz

    WiFi works… i just installed Froyo and it works fine 🙂

  • terrell

    is it possible to use this update with a droid eris

  • Stiwrx07

    i rooted it but i dont know how to get the nandroid folder on sd card help

  • Kody

    hey I installed 2.2 on my Droid, and now my camera will take pictures but when I go to view them, its just a blank screen and the picture isnt there, is there a solution to this?

  • Wolf

    It keeps telling me to erase boot before applying the restore. What did i do wrong?

  • codelinx

    Swype does work on froyo moto droid rom, I have it and it functions fine…I believe its the….or something close to that….

  • codelinx

    Has anyone had issues with titanium backup no working?….I have root access bc I can run barnacle wifi tether setcpu and root explorer..is anyone having this issue with titanium backup showing no busbox available do not have root access…

  • RogerDroid

    This is awesome! I finally took the plunge and rooted for the first time today to get this. I ran into a problem though. I found that swype wasn't working. It seems that it's because there's no words entered in the “User dictionary” with this ROM. Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to download & install a preloaded User dictionary?

  • Mike Pezzy

    I am trying to install Froyo and have run into a problem. I have successfully rooted my phone and extracted the P3DF-CW file, but I don't have the /sdcard/clockwork/back up folder. I only have the clockworkmod folder on my sd card. How do I proceed to install Froyo?

    • codelinx

      Read the instructions slowly….and meet all the prerequisites…and if the folder doesn't exist its bc you might not have made a backup using the rom manager app….

  • Tried to use the restore using nandroid and got to

    Erasing boot image….
    Restoring boot image….
    Restore failed

    Any ideas?

    • codelinx

      Make sure you unzip and put it in the proper folder if you are following the directions verbatim or exact or whatever it is …

  • tim

    I cannot access recovery after froyo installation. Tried holding x on boot, also going through rom manager. I want to be able to back froyo up. Anyone have the same problem???.

    • Jose Martinez

      Try flashing SPRecovery through ROM Manager and then flash Clockwork Recovery again… that should work.

  • Brian

    IDK if it's just me, but even though my android 2.2 quadrant score was 1200 or so… BBv1.1 still seemed so much quicker. The 2.2 rom seemed to take too long to start up, and lagged a lot between screens even after everything had been updated.
    Uninstalled and back to BBv1.1
    Waiting for the actual 2.2

  • So I installed Quadrant for my unrooted droid and I'm at 301 🙁 HELLLP

    • Jose Martinez

      I don't know what to tell you since I haven't had an unrooted Droid for months… but if you look at the bar results in Quadrant, the average Droid(unrooted) number is around 350 (second bar bottom to top)

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    I selected the top folder and it put 2.1 back on there… should i try the bottom folder?

  • Cory

    Wish I could join in the froyo goodness. I can't get RSD lite to recognize my phone although my moto connect knows its there. Lend a fallen brother a hand. Maybe point me in the right direction. Moto Droid Unrooted 2.1 Followed everything on Droid Life to the T

    • Delandrody

      it's either you do not have the current RSD lite or you do not have to the moto drivers installed on you computer

  • bakerboi

    how long does it take to boot up after install. i used SPrecovery file and followed the instructions, rebooted and I got the “M”, then the blue “android” witht he white going across it. it was stuck there for about 30 min going through a loop and blinking and start over with the white progress gradient over the android. did i do something wrong?

    • Sondun2001

      I had to turn off the phone, hold x and power to get back into SPrecovery and do a factory data wipe and cache wipe when it booted the 2.2 restore was still there!

  • codelinx

    installed the 2.2 froyo on my droid that was rooted and had cyanogen mod installed and had used titanium backup on all prev rooted roms, but it seems it doesnt work on this rom. anyone having a similiar problem?

  • tonytbone7883

    missing features? bugs? I'll wait till non-experimental version is out. I really want everything to be working.

  • ajavgeek

    Works like a charm, cannot thank you enough for our developers who made this available for Droid this soon…. first time I feel like this is just “FLYING”, you touch any app, it does not think, just does it. Simply amazing….

    Thx Kellex

  • Dito_Muertez

    Didn't know this would take away my root, can't be havin that. Nandroiding it now.

  • okland272012

    I loaded this rom through clockworkmod yesterday and everything was wiped clean, and after a few hours i just decided to go back to bugless beast 1.1. Now today i tried reloading it through sprecovery and it kept all of my stuff and i didn't lose root plus wifi worked from the start and it is extremely snappy and for some reason i have a custom boot with it? but no matter what i do my benchmark is only around 850

  • Napes

    Has anyone found that after one reboot 2.2 becomes extremely unstable? I'll install the ROM, then restore my settings and whatnot using Titanium backup. Then after 1 reboot, everything freezes up upon load. I can't use the launcher, swipe between home screens or open apps.

  • jstell

    Reading some of these comments… I think I'm going to wait a little while before trying 2.2. It's not quite there yet.

  • b00ky

    Anyone having some initial slowness and lag right after installing the ROM? I backed up my old ROM CM, wiped data & cache and then installed this update – which installed fine. But right now my phone is just running kind of choppy. I installed the 1Ghz kernel but haven't set up Set CPU yet. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this at all? I am wondering if having Apps2SD installed and running prior to this might have had some effect on the installation. Maybe the formatting done through ROM manager is different than what this ROM needs.

  • brute

    In order to get Froyo, you have to your phone rooted or can you wait for the update on your phone?

    • blackcatroad

      you can wait, but there has been no mention of a possible release date

  • caustic3881

    So is it comical that I have a cross between the team chaos clean black and roberj13 blue energy

    • aczm1988

      Im about to try doing a drop theme with this rom lol. Hell if that works ill try dark edge next 😛

      Probably get errors out the ass but thats why i got backups 😀

  • aczm1988

    New baseband update is out now at http://www.droidforums.net/

    Scroll down main page to find link.

    Use the good ol' update.zip method and it works fine 😉

    • blackcatroad

      did you get the SS# requirement?

  • hy

    can u get the 2.2 update if are running droidmod?

  • aczm1988

    Smoked theme out now for froyo rom 😀

    Not sure if it works with this rom, i got my froyo rom from blackdroid.

    Smoked Theme: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1S27I20O

    Apply as update.zip method and install.
    I used clockworkmod to install it.
    Enjoy 😀

    • caution guys! I upgraded to 2.2 using Kellex's file and this didn't work for me. I got stuck in a boot loop at the droid eye. Good thing I made a backup just in case!

      • aczm1988

        I didnt have that problem, but if you didnt get it to work i went to http://www.blackdroidmod.com and downloaded his version of this rom. Same thing basically its just a hell of alot faster and runs cooler IMO.

  • steve

    corp calendar is gone. after installing an apk, i get a “the application corporate calendar (process com.motorola.calendar) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again” every couple of minutes.

  • Shane

    Please help, after performing Install Instructions for SP Recovery, Droid keeps displaying Droid logo and red eye then loops again in displaying Droid logo and red eye. After removing battery, I can bring up SPRecovery. Any help is appreciated.

    • Shane

      I think Im getting closer. I restored BS-20100606-2246 instead of BS-20100605-0547. I am now seeing the newer Android splash screen loading but still in a loop. I guess this is a step closer than my previous problem. MyDroidWorld specific instructions were:
      3) Place BS-20100605-0547 in the /sdcard/nandroid folder on your sdcard
      4) Restart phone in recovery
      5) Go to Backup/Restore, select advanced restore, select the above folder and press the camera button.
      Now after this step you must select “perform restore”, Once completed, I assume you hit the power button back to top menu of SPRecovery and select “Reboot Device”.

      If I am wrong in my last steps can someone please tell me? Im strong, I can take it….

      • same problem here Idont know whats wrong

        • RealGame22

          Just wipe data about 3 times

      • timarnette

        I have tired everything. And I just can't seem to get it. I thought I just had it and I did not. I am doing just want it says.

      • RealGame22

        Use BS-20100605-0547 for SPR, then after that. Wipe data/Factory 3 times

  • ZivkoP

    Ummmm…Ive been having trouble with rooting, but I am rooted (I just cant install any new roms using Rom Manager) and when I check my SD card I found that I had 2010-05- instead of 2010-06- also I didnt find it in the open…I found it in the backup of folder of my clockworkmod folder. So could that be the reason my root doesn work so well? Am I not updated or something? PLease someone let me know cause I would like to be fully rooted and I am not recieving help from anyone. So pretty please with all of the tastiest treats you could think of on top 🙂

    • I don't know what side effects you'll have by installing the wrong ROM file.. As for the location of the file, yes, it should be in the backup folder for clockwork mod. Are you still on 2.1?

  • steenerk

    I downloaded 2.2 and lost root using clockwork. Please help

  • timarnette

    Can someone Please help me. My Droid will not go past the Motorola Logo. I was in Rom manager get a Rom. Now it will only go past the Logo. I really do not know what to do. Please Help!!!!

    • Jordan

      do you have a backup?

      • timarnette

        Yes I have a back up. I fixed it. Thank you so much. I was crazy I was putting a 2.2 rom and I only have 2.1 rooted. Again thank you!!!

  • JHDroid

    Does DMUpdater work on 2.1 update1?
    If so what does it do other than root? I don't want my phone to change, I just want root access on stock 2.1.

  • Drew

    Man, this rom is smok'n! I thought this thing was supposed to be unstable. Does this rom include JIT, because if it doesn't I can't wait too see how fast my Droid thing flies when the official 2.2 update hits. Finally, flash, voice command, apps to sd, pin lock. The only issue that I had were with google maps not updating and chrome to phone was a no go.

  • RealGame22

    If your doing SPR, and trying to get root access/permission. Make sure you only have one 'update' file on the root of the SD card. That's why i couldn't get root permission, because i had two 'update'. FLAWLESSSSSS NOW!!!!! 8)

  • blackcatroad

    is there a cpu temp monitor that works with this 2.2 ROM? “temp monitor” can't access it. Playing a game for ~10 minutes it seemed like it got very hot. setcpu never gave a warning though, and never seemed to throttle the cpu down

  • Toy

    Can someone help me. Now that I have installed 2.2 my phone keeps rebooting every 45 mins even less if I am on the phone. I am at a total lost. anyone else having this problems?

  • aczm1988

    Ok hot off the press and working great: Team Chaos – Clean Black For Froyo theme. I installed this over froyo which i got from http://www.theblackdroid.com/udfroyoalpha.zip

    That froyo version is blackdroids which i think is faster and runs cooler.

    Anyways this might work with this froyo version but do a backup anyways and then go into rom manager and go to team chaos and run the black froyo team chaos theme. Its a nice black to temporarily solve that ugly stock look. Smoked theme is coming soon from his changelog here:http://forums.blackdroidmod.com/index.php?/files/file/237-ultimate-droid-froyo-alpha-everything-you-heard-and-more/

    Btw his version comes with working wifi preinstalled so no needing to get other kernels unless of course you want a higher one 😛



    • timarnette

      Thank you very much

  • does anyone's camera have a pink/red tint? for some reason, my camera has a reddish/pinkish tint on its pictures..

    • I have this too. Has anyone else seen this?

      • YES!! OMG ITS DRIVING ME INSANE! I mean the camera has never been the best but now all the sudden its really bad, Half the time i can't even open up my camera, more less take a picture.

  • Dan

    Wifi tethering is such a huge feature. Why is it missing? It works on Nexus One, no?

  • nateroman

    question… is anyone else having trouble with google maps? It will not load with the 2.2 update

    • nateroman

      nevermind it finally started working…

  • timarnette

    For some reason I am having to update every app. And I still do not have 2.2

  • timarnette

    I did everything and it says I still only have 2.1 Can anyone help!!!!

  • go4it7arh

    I mirrored the P3DF-CW.zip on CloudApp (which uses Amazon S3)… the URL is http://cl.ly/1IU8
    MegaUpload is evil. I had to reboot my router and my modem before it would actually let me download it entirely, so this is for any others that run into this issue. Would be awesome if the person who wrote the post added the link, 😀

  • anthony

    Does google maps not work for anyone else on 2.2?

  • k0tix

    anyone else having issues with the screen going black with just the noti bar showing and the phone crashing or having to do a batt pull when the sync icon pops up?? Is there a fix?? Had to go back to bb1.1 cuz I couldn't do anything on my phone it just lagged like a mofo!

  • Chris

    Brilliant. It's clear from A LOT of the comments that many folks shouldn't be attempting this.

    Installed via nandroid and rebooted. Took forever to boot and longer than that to get itself sorted. Following, I dropped the 1G kernel on it and ramped setcpu. Installed flash and it is working flawlessly. In fact, everything is working flawlessly. Came from BB 1.1 and was getting wifi download speeds of ~3Mbps (other devices on home network getting 10-12Mbps. Now getting 9-10Mbps consistently with 2.2.

    Quadrant score of 1267!!! Linpack of 15.511. Wish I would have done these tests on BB.


    • timarnette

      Hi Chris,

      I am rooted. I want to do this really bad but I do not want my phone not to work. Could you please tell me step by step what you did. I would thank you very much.

      • Chris

        I would love to share something magical with you, but I simply followed Kellex's excellent instructions above. Do you have ROM Manager? If not, you need to install, flash clockwork mod recovery, and do a backup. Then jump back and follow the above instructions.

        If you are not familiar with this terminology, then you probably shouldn't attempt.

        • timarnette

          I do have Rom Manager

        • timarnette

          How long does it take to reboot??

  • Mark Powell

    I used clockworkmod recovery, I have lost root permissions. I see if you used sprecovery and lose root access that there is a update.zip file that you can use. What if you used clockworkmod and lost root access, you can't use the sprecovery file right? Is there something to use if you used clockworkmod?

  • bob3176

    when i boot into sprecovery there is no option to select the folder that i downloadedit just starts restoring. what am i doing wrong? i think it has something to do with not putting the folder in the right place on sd card but i dont have clockworkmod/backuo folder listed on my sd card. very frustrating. just a newbie please help

  • bob3176

    i have rooted for first time stuck at the point where it says place file in clockwork/backup. no such file on here. please help started last night and would like some weekend not doing this. thankx

    • jordan

      Do you have rom manager, or in other words do you have clockworkmod recovery

  • DdddD

    select the above folder and press the camera button?
    What do you mean the above folder?
    The top folder?

    • Ajenvey

      no he means the folder called 2010-06-

  • Now is there a way to do this with out rooting and voiding warranty? or can you do this and go back to stock 2.1 for the warranty again?

    • Chris

      Yes, via ROM Manager.

  • dylan84

    You know what…I was going to hold off on doing this…but the pull of Froyo is too much to ignore I think.

  • Ajenvey

    Does anyone know if this has the Increased Microsoft Exchange support that was announced to have or not?

    • Igon

      1. There is a signature for new messages only. It does not insert it for replies and forwards.
      2. There is only one calendar app now… no Calendar and Corporate Calendar.
      3. Still no select all for emptying the trash.

    • James

      It does not receive exchange security policies such as require pin or remote wipe the device. It seems just like the old exchange client. I wonder if they were not able to port over the e-mail 2.2 or if thats an HTC thing for the policy. Both the Incredible and the HTC EVO support exchange policy out of the box.

  • xstevex

    can someone let me know whats the difference with the new camera app im trying to decide if i should flash 2.2 or wait for a rom

    • the camera loads up and takes pictures faster

      • nothing else like any new options or settings?

    • bryce

      loads alot faster and takers pictures alot faster as well

  • DiGz76

    I got it to load but all of my downloaded apps were gone. Only stock apps were there, but it did show my superuser ninja. I tried to download titanium so I could restore my apps but it wouldn't download. Same with rom manager. Rebooted into recovery and did a nandroid restore of what I was running before. Bummer I wanted to play with Froyo 🙁

    • James

      I got both Rom manager and Titanium. You probably needed to wait until it synced up, it took about 15-20 minutes and then everything was smooth.

      • DiGz76

        I've actually got it working since I posted this. Thanks for the response!

  • Joe

    Will Droidlife make a Video Tutorial please for us users who are already rooted!! that would be awesome

  • Anyone get Chrome to Phone registered?

    • It say error when do it

      • Collin

        Same here. =[ Hopefully someone can figure out how to fix it soon.

    • Jordan

      i just let mine sit for about thirty minutes and it never completed

  • fratboy

    how do u use the apps2sd? i want to transfer my apps to my sd and the option is dimmed?

  • Burn

    Has anyone had any trouble with the HTC IME keyboard on this ROM? After installing it it keeps force closing..

  • This is all just amazing! I feel like it's my birthday or something!! 🙂
    I mean, I woke up this morning and saw all of this and all day I've been playing with my Droid 2.2 and I'm in heaven!
    It's soooo FAST, and I just watched Family Guy on Hulu.com, and my BMW finally works with my Droid!! WOW. Thanks to EVERYONE that made this possible. 🙂 🙂


      +1 It's a great Saturday!

    • Jordan

      how did you watch hulu….I tried the debug, desktop mode workaround and it doesn't work

  • gstone2

    ok this is strange, i just installed 2.2 and everything seems to be working fine, but it will not mount my sd card. anyone run into this problem?

  • Peter

    seems a little laggy i installed the 1.25 kernal did i do something wrong???


      Give your phone time to load up everything, I'd say at least 10 minutes and then start playing with everything. Reboot your phone. It has been getting faster for me as the day has gone on,


  • So far so good, except that Google Maps won't install. Might be a deal breaker for me, I use Google Maps a LOT

    • yhwhsozo

      I had the same issue

      • NopeJustMike

        I couldn't get Google maps to load either……but then I noticed i had maps installed; clicked on it and it seems to be working just fine.

    • Jordan

      did you just get the notification that said it won't instal because after i got that message i noticed maps was already installed

  • HELP!!!!!! I can't restore or back up anything using Rom manager after upgrading to froyo. Anybody having the same problem?

    • Jordan

      go into rom manager and download the clockworkmod recovery, i ran into this problem and all i did was go back in and download it again

      • thanks but that didn't work either….. what i actually did was downgraded the clockwordmod recovery to, rebooted into recovery and nandroid restore to my b.b. backup everything seems to be normal and i got a froyo nandroid in case i want to play with it.

  • Kellex do you have a video on doing the partions for apps2sd cause it didn't load up for me

  • So far works great. Only thing I've run into is Maps and Skype don't work. I can live with that for the time being. LOL

  • bigceez2002

    should i root for this update 2.2 is it worth it let me know guys and why should i root for this or wait for the realone

  • BBQ Lou

    Okay so I played with froyo all day and I am headed back to BBv1.1. The reason is I like it better but will say that 2.2 has potential. I think that probably sums up what a lot of people are thinking. Cant wait for som ROM's.

  • I retored froyo and it said no apps2sd partition found. skipping format of s/d-ext;E: can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2
    no such file
    can't mount /sd-ext/

    what do i do?

    • blackcatroad


      • Thankz
        Thought i might have ruined my phone!!!!!

        • blackcatroad

          seems to be ok, but there is no app2sdcard.

  • darkcomartist

    I played with it for about an hour and finally gave up. It looks pretty but I coulding install the new kernel because clockworkmod had it greyed out even though I clicked on settings and advanced (thingy) so I could load the kernel. It loads really slow when you boot up your phone but I love the fact that it downloads all the apps you had from the market, something that didn't happen before for me. I'll wait for the official but it was nice looking. thanks to everyone who posted it so we could all play around with it.

    • I likewise dont have any options for apps2sd. I tried partitioning with ROM manager but I still cant get it to work. Running low on ideas.

  • blackcatroad

    i still show superuser permissions but Titanium says I'm not rooted. (even though the allow screen comes up and i approve it) I used clockwork…..should I install the sp update.zip?

    • had the same issue and thanks to this post i got it fix, thanks blackcatroad!!!!

  • octacon

    ok guys i need help keeps saying error while flashing boot image what im i doing wrong

    • jeff

      same prob pleas help!!!

  • carterlive

    going back to pete's bb v1.1, followed all directions as stated, very slow on my droid, nothing but fc's, wont even let me sign into my google account in the beginning

  • blackcatroad

    can someone explain how to setup setCPU to overclock the chip? Ive ben on Pete's BB w/ no need for setcpu.

    *ducks from noob flames* 😉

  • chris

    my phone takes forever to boot up now?

  • joey

    Can you make this for non rooters please just for all the people who like to follow the rules thanks

  • vertigoelectric

    Well, I've followed the directions exactly, and updated the kernel by following those directions exactly, and now not only does everything look like crap, I still have no Flash and the phone doesn't seem any faster.

  • Twohawks

    Does anyone know if this thing includes the ability to use voice dialing from my Bluetooth headset?

  • vertigoelectric

    Well, I've followed the instructions, and the phone works, but now everything is even slower than it was before I did this.

    • yeah, same happened to me, it got so slow it would freeze up immediately and had to pull the battery everytime…I went back to the rooted 2.1 they offer that link above…that seems better than the official 2.1

  • jd

    and how do i get all my apps back?

  • jd

    but in my phone info its says 2.2 and booted fine just slow as hell

  • jd

    do you only place the 2010 file on the card or the whole zip file too?i got a file not found at the very end when i was doing the nandroid recovery restore?

  • Tim K

    quick question….and i ask cuz i just rooted yesterday, but using rom manager do i need to wipe data everytime, and if i don't does that mean that all my app will stay or do i need to download them each time.

    • Tim K

      nevermind i figured it out but at what cpu temp. threshold

  • timarnette

    Where do I find folder named 2010-06- Can anyone help please???

    • aczm1988

      When you download P3DF-CW.zip unzip it and the 2010 folder is in there then put that 2010 folder on your sdcard in the clockwordmod folder ….. sdcard/clockworkmod/backup then restore that backup.

      • timarnette

        So do I put the P3DF-CW.zip unzip on the sd card first??

        • aczm1988

          No first download it to your pc then extract it then put the 2010 folder on your sdcard…..sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/2010 like so

      • timarnette

        I do not quite understand!!

  • Rick

    Is anyone else having problems downloading apps from the market?

    • FunkyMonkey88

      I was having problem download market apps. I had to revert back to a stock image. Going to wait till ROMs come out. Was very slow for me as well.

  • aczm1988

    DId anyone notice under sounds in the settings menu you scroll down to the bottom and it has a screen lock sound option. Clicks when you lock the screen, and when you unlock the slider. Lol thought it was cool

  • Jordan2494

    This was exactly what i wanted for a little preview. looking forward to this!

  • Marc Unwired

    We Broke MyDroidWorld.com … there is now a note on the site …

    “” Froyo broke the sever…hahaha.
    You know Android Kicks Apples Ass when a little release like this creates so much attention.
    Due to the recent release of Froyo 2.2 for the Droid, we have seen an enormous load on this site, Please check back shortly to get your turn at Froyo.
    Here are the links to the files though… please check back shortly and visit the forums.
    clockwork recovery link http://www.mediafire.com/?cfy2jywymuj
    sprecovery link http://www.mediafire.com/?2umued2iyy2 “”

    Schweeeet !!

  • marcunwired

    Note on My Droid World Site …

    “”Froyo broke the sever…hahaha.
    You know Android Kicks Apples Ass when a little release like this creates so much attention.
    Due to the recent release of Froyo 2.2 for the Droid, we have seen an enormous load on this site, Please check back shortly to get your turn at Froyo.
    Here are the links to the files though… please check back shortly and visit the forums.
    clockwork recovery link http://www.mediafire.com/?cfy2jywymuj
    sprecovery link http://www.mediafire.com/?2umued2iyy2 “”

  • Damn… Maybe it should be time to root my fone.

  • scuba_koop

    I have tried those p3 droid kernals twice. Each time after I apply them, my phone reboots with a red notification light and says to plug in my phone, like the battery is dead, then it shuts down?
    I have to use nandroid and reload 2.2. I guess I won't keep trying. Any ideas??

    • aczm1988

      Ok heres what i did i had the same problem with the red light coming on and the 0% battery. Ive only tested this on 800 and 1000 kernels. Download the kernel, put it into a folder on your sd card. Boot into recovery and choose “install zip from sdcard” the find the kernel and install it. Boot back up and crank it up with setcpu, your good to go.

  • talkdj

    Whoops My Droid World is now down for the count. “Hey Lucy, Wha Happened?”

  • Anyone have a mirror? They appear to be slashdotted.

  • Kurt

    I LOVE THIS. My Droid is loving it too. Anyone have anything they added to theirs to make it even better?

  • andrew401

    hey kellex i got wifi to work, let me know if you want the kernel i will email it to you if you dont already have it

  • Zachary S.

    I have never rooted, so I'm not great with this stuff. But I have a few (stupid) questions. First, do I need to root on 2.1 first before I install this ROM? Second, I have absolutely no idea what Nandroid backups, clockwork mod recovery, or SPRecovery recoveries are, do I need them and what are they? Lastly, is there anyway to do all of this ON device and for free? Thanks so much!

  • Tom

    ran into several problems. Namely Titanium back-up claiming lack of Root access coming from clockwork… So for now, back to JRummy to wait for a Rom to be based off of froyo

    • jt

      just hit the problems and redownload the busybox. fixed that for me

      • Jordan

        where do you download busybox? it is not in the market and when i go to the website there are a bunch of different downloads

        • Claire

          Jordon – When you are in Titanium look for the “Problems” button at the bottom of the screen. It will walk you through the download.

      • Tom

        honestly… that is more trouble than worth when i am waiting for it to finish restoring my apps… So for now I'll wait for Koush and Cyanogen to put out a rom.

    • DJ

      works for me

  • aaannd we have WiFi and Overclock!

  • sundawg

    so if and when I use this 2.2 froyo build, will i retain root access?

  • NameWasStolen

    Is anybody having issues with adding google accounts? Mine has just disappeared like a fart in the wind for email, talk & contacts. Droid still sees other email accounts & facebook account.

  • JHDroid

    Is there a way to root my Droid without using a computer? Also, why isn't there a simple one click to root .apk for the Droid like I just read about the Unrevoked root for the Evo?

  • okay, i guess it starts really damn slow because it retores the existing apps.. doesnt say anything until it finishes though, lol

  • Winterfresh

    I would be careful, I installed this and was using it for a few hours and all was going well. but then my brother asked why I just sent him a bunch of random texts. nut phone washing through and re-sending every text I had in my outbox. so I did a battery pull and reverted back to cyanogen.

    • Thomas

      that's weird…. that didn't happen to me

      • Winterfresh

        I have no idea why it started doing that

  • Thomas


    • Jess

      Try this – go to ROM Manager, flash SPRecovery, reboot into recovery just to make sure it flashed correctly and is indeed SPRecovery. Then reboot your phone. Go into ROM Manager again and flash Clockwork. Then reboot into recovery. I couldn't reboot into Clockwork so I did the above and have been able to since this morning to backup and restore.

      • Christopher Drinan

        Thanks. This worked for me.

  • Holy goodness! this is awesome, but it's so freakin slow!! Is it just me? or is it like this for everyone else?

    • blackcatroad

      this thing is sad slow. hopefully the new kernel and overclocking will help

  • Trug

    They fixed the Wifi!!!

    • jt

      so does the link need to be updated

      • Trug
        • jt

          after u download that zip do u do the same with it and put in just like the steps above?

          • Trug

            I have sp recovery so i downloaded the 2.2 nandroid and instaled that though backup/restore. then i installed the update that zip for sprecovery after (seperate file thats on the mydroidworld.com site). With the new kernels if you have sp recovery its just an update.zip method, for Clockwork though im not 100%

          • aarynk

            Wondering same thing… have never just downloaded a kernel before do I go through ROM manager or by holding x and power and installing like that?

        • Anyone have a mirror? They appear to be slashdotted.

          • Trug

            Got this when I went back to the site…..

            This account has been suspended.
            Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

          • p3droid's website is http://p3designs.info/kernels/

            could you grab the appropriate kernel from there and see if they're the same? I doubt it, but it's a long shot 🙂

  • Jawa

    Followed all these steps, used AppManager to backup apps, used SPrecovery, installed P3 Kernel from http://www.p3designs.info/kernels/ and it was the 1200Mhz one, runs ridiculously fast, good work!

    • adams

      cool, gonna try that

  • jt

    after downloading the zip file cant find any folder named 2010-06- to extract

    • timarnette

      I can't find it either. Can someone help please???

  • trumpet444

    whew! that freakin m logo took forever to go away!

    • wacko

      mine doesnt go away and i cant get my backs it says nop files to backup or siomething like that HELP!!!

  • well, it didn't necessarily brick my phone…but it pretty much made it useless…I suppose I was forwarned…
    my Droid is now a slugged out POS which freezed whenever you do anything…or if you don't do anything, it just freezes. Fantastic.

    • gonna try and run the original update.zip for the official 2.1 no more of this rooting for me.

    • aczm1988

      Well if its that bad for you just restore your other rom, assuming you made a backup 😛

      • yeah, good point…I did make a backup…also backed up all my apps before starting this project…

        • jd

          how do you backup apps?

    • ok, what I did….I reran the “restore” and it seems to be working this time…

  • trumpet444

    flashing the “backup” right now. soooo fn nervous.and never get nervous flashing a rom

  • skeleton

    If you install a different kernel will it fix wifi

  • Nader

    Do I have to wipe my data? And if I flash back to my old Jrummy ROM will I get that data back?

    • aczm1988

      No, and yes. Install it through clockworkmod. Make a backup of your current rom go up top ^^^ and get the clockwordmod zip file and follow his instructions. If you want to come back to Jrummy restore the backup you made, and all is well.

  • Now that I have updated to 2.2. How do I put back everything that I had installed on 2.1? I have reinstalled everything back manually in the past but it takes up too much time. HELP!

    • aczm1988

      Well if it was me i would have used my “MyBackUpPro” backup of all my settings and apps. But thats just me 😛

  • Twohawks

    Bluetooth Voice Dialing???? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

    • Marc Unwired

      Yup .. Bluetooth Voice dialing Works !!!

  • anthony

    2.2 runs great super fast and flash is awesome thanks kells this is awsome! Been following this site for months now never left a comment until this!

  • aczm1988

    Kellex you freaking rock lol ! What a way to start the day, wake up to a froyo rom 😀

  • what if i used ClockworkMod? Will I lose root access too?

    • EggoEspada

      No, you should be good.

  • Giovanni

    im getting a MD5 Mismatch! error? whats wrong?

    • Igon

      Did you rename the folder from the zip? I was getting the dame error until I changed it back to the original name.

  • radioactive2008

    Easy install. Its 45 mins and Its still slow. I guess its still downloading apps. I will give it all day today to speedup 🙂

  • Meticode

    So after getting everything I wanted on this and overclocking to 1.0Ghz with P3Droid this is the fastest thing I've ran so far. It's super-fast. I really hope ROM developers make some custom roms of 2.2 since it's a completely different build with new features and that JIT compiler compared to 2.1.

  • droidaholic

    This rom is really good.. I have really good service at our house so no wifi doesn't really bother me.. very stabe and flash works great

  • musicandnumbers

    Anyone else having a problem uninstalling Twitter? I want to use another twitter client, so I have no use for the official Twitter, and it won't let me uninstall. Any ideas?

  • lamaur

    hey droid-life first time comment…. i need help i can find the /sdcard/clockwork/backup folder any suggestions….i do have the nandroid folder, i really want 2.2 but dont want to put file in wrong folder and brick my droid. thanks

  • adams

    why am I unable to instal google maps on this rom and how do I overclock to 800mhz?

    • Brandi

      im having the same issue did u figure out how to solve it???

  • kellex

    Post updated. Includes update.zip for those of you who lost root using SPRecovery.

    • Dan

      The update.zip doesn't seem to work for me. Tried installing it from recovery and the ROM Manager but I don't think it worked. I still have the Superuser app and it asks me for permission from things like Root Explorer and SetCPU, but I can't do things like fix permissions in ROM Manager or apply the HTC Swype theme from MetaMorth (it says I don't have SU permission). Any ideas?

      • kmarker

        Im having the same problem, when I try to use Titanium Backup it say that I do not he root access even though I did everything the way that this post said, and also it sees like I dont have apps2sd

        • MrC1122

          open titanium backup and click on the “problem?” tab (lower right) it will prompt you to install busy box…that's what worked for me.

  • Isaac

    wait what happened to the smooth scrollin with the bounceback that we saw in p3droids videos? that was the main thing i was looking forward to damn 🙁
    awesome find tho kellex ur the man!

  • spy890

    Overlocked using the provided kernel to 800mhz, i get 12ish mlfops on linpack and my record for quadrant is 1161, second only to the nexus one with 2.2.

    It was slow to set up but after about 45min of use this thing is flying now.

  • Been playing around with this. So far it's pretty sweet. Google Maps won't install though.

  • aarynk

    Downloaded works great so far… a little slow at first but getting faster like everyone said. So far looks to be pretty stable. Just waiting for all my apps to re download now!

    Thanks again Kellex for posting this with SIMPLE instructions!!! You're the man

    Also thanks to the DEVS. that worked their ass off on this

  • beastcmg

    just got done messing with the camera and takes pictures a lot faster now cool

  • Twohawks

    Does this 2.2 build support Bluetooth voice? I'd almost rather have that then have wifi (don't use wifi much anyway).

    • Marc Unwired


  • I am getting an error message “E:can't mount /dev/block/mmcbblk0p2. What am I doing wrong?

    • Same. It means apps2sd won't work. What do we need to do? Partition first?

    • sundawg

      got the same error… I mean my phone rebooted and now I am currently resetting up my phone but did everything work for you?

      • boostfreak

        Same error, went into a M loop… recovering my old ROM as we speak

  • Ray

    The only disappointment i have so far is no wifi which means we really cant get the full potential of flash until this is fixed

  • It looks very tempting… but i think i'm gonna wait for the OTA and hope the glitches are fixed…

  • Nick

    Looks like were getting closer and closer every day to seeing 2.2 coming OTA to our Droids!!!! I just hope that the above 2.2 is still an early one and linpack scores are gonna be higher. I hit 9.933 once on my Droid so I hope I see faster scores to prove that there will be a speed increase on it. Speed and Flash is all I want, I can even do with no apps 2 sd…..well maybe hahaha. I plan on buying a sandisk 32GB micro sd very soon because my old 16GB got screwed up somehow and wont reformat. TAKE US TO YOUR FROYO….LEADER i mean

    • Ray

      i have heard 32g card dont actually work so you might wanna check that out before you waste your money

      • 32gb cards work just fine. You have to format them in your computer instead of the phone.

    • aczm1988

      Yea pretty sure kellex did a post a while back on 32gb cards not working, i would check that out first.

  • sean

    anyone has google map issue after apdate?

    • YES!!!!! Won't update right? Downloads but won't install for me.

      • adams

        same here

        • droidaholic

          mine wont install either.. dont really use it that much so its not that bad

          • MrC1122

            takes about 30 sec. to load, but other than that…works fine

  • Winterfresh

    I might be going blacktop cyanogen. Even with launcherpro it is laggy and unresponsive, its not terrible, but I've been spoiled with the awesomeness of cyanogen for far too long.

    And I have been using it for about an hour and it hasn't smoothed out at all. Only getting about 9 mflops in linpack

  • aarynk

    Sorry to sound a little slower than everyone but how do I extract the file once it's downloaded? Do I just open up the download and look for the file I need to move to the Droid?

    Thanks for the help!

  • mkedroid

    Ok Droid Lifers, this is off topic, but I need your help. Is anyone else experiencing FC's in the Android market? As of today, I cannot install any apps from the market. Apps begin to download,but when its time to install, I get a FC. I've unistalled updates in the market app and rebooted. Didn't work. Now I don't even see the market in my app list under settings. I have the icon on the desktop and in the app drawer, but not under the settings, managae apps. Anyone?? Thanks in advance

    • Jose Martinez

      Are you filtering the apps list to include all apps? (menu->filter->all) If you have then that's weird! I remember I once had problems in the market with the same symptoms you described and if I remember well I uninstalled the market app and rebooted the phone or so and to my surprise it got installed back automatically, this time working normally.


    Working great so far, Linpack scores of just under 13 so far with the included kernel clocked to 800. Thanks again to Kellex and everyone else involved in getting this ready for us!! Bring on the themes and custom Roms!!
    Donation to whomever ports over the first blue theme!!

  • Nah. I'll wait for the ROMs. {{-_-}}

  • bill1253

    Got it running. Had superuser. Took a while to install then it automatically downloaded the apps I had from before- 57 of them. It is amazingingly fast! I tried the wifi setting and like it stated- not working. I did notice the contacts can now be setup with last name- nice.
    Overclocked w/setcpu at 800 MHz- had Quadrant benchmark of 1136

    • bill1253

      Anyone have any luck installing another kernel??
      I've tried bekits lv, sv, and p3 lv all 1200Hz. None got past the M

      • You need to use kernels built for the new system. None of those are. P3 has some kernels coming out soon which should allow higher overclocking and wifi abilities.

    • adams

      how do u overclock to 800?

      • bill

        Use setcpu to overclock

    • bill1253

      EDIT: updated kernel 1200 MHz- Quadrant score 1629

  • Bryce J Gattshall

    tried doing this on my droid and it said no apps2sd partition found??? whats that mean

  • Rich

    I can ( and am running) with wifi….

  • Gustavo

    Will this work in a milestone?

    • Tom

      Not unless you got the bootloader unlocked

  • Ron

    I'll wait awhile for maybe other build release to include all the latest feature and bug fix…

  • drummer26

    About to try now!

  • Austin S

    so what are the possibilities of getting this on non-rooted devices anytime soon?

    • evltwn

      non until the OTA update.

  • aarynk

    I want to try it out but not sure… couple of questions for anyone who can answer:

    1. Can I go back to a back up if I don't like this?
    2. I still get SU app with this?(been reading on Droid forums that you have to download the file again after you DL 2.2)
    3. Is it worth it?

    Thanks again!!

    • Jess

      I used clockwork and I still had SU when it installed. Also, I backed up my current ROM beforehand and have been able to switch back and forth between the two so just make a fresh backup beforehand. Also have patience. It took forever for my apps to auto redownload and install… FOR.EV.ER. I let it go and when it was done then I sett setcpu back up and overclocked to 800 and it's steadily getting faster and faster. With a good backup you can play with froyo but switch back to your old ROM for everyday use.

      • aarynk

        Thanks for the response!! Cool.. I think I was reading that the SPRecovery one you have to DL the SU again.

        Sorry for sounding like an idiot but I can make a back up just from going into ROM manager right? Glad to hear that the apps auto install as well. Also how do you extract the file once you download it? Sorry I've never done a ROM install through Nandroid back up. Do you just click on the file inside the download and move just that one?

      • aarynk

        tried it and works great so far… now just waiting for all my apps to redownload

  • And one other thing, I'd expect the JIT compiler to behave like you described. The first time you run an app it certainly has to compile it, but after that, you're running the compiled code.

  • So, is the no WiFi tethering simply due to the fact that there's no WiFi at all?

    This sounds neat, but I'm gonna let you rooting early adopters have fun with it. the no WiFi really is a dealbreaker for me.

  • -Sigh- This is the type of thing I'd like to take part in, but I really don't want to risk rooting my Telus Milestone 🙁

    • iammebane

      i was the same way, but the instructions, are so easy to follow, and i followed the videos step by step. never an issue..

      • Would you mind linking to the instructions you have?

        I have it in my fool head that Telus would have a problem with rooting; this isn't true, is it?

        • Nathan Metzger

          I think every network has a “problem” with it since it is a breach of contract to do so…but it is most definitely worth it! And with ROM Manager, you can go back to “Stock 2.0, with no root” and then let the OTA update pop up and you will be on stock 2.1 with no root if you ever have a problem with your phone and have to take it in! Hope this helps…also here are the instructions…or everything yo need to know lol: http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-droid/

          • timarnette

            How can you go back to 2.0 with ROM Manager. I have Rom manager.

          • I'm going to wait until the Milestone's bootloader is broken further before I take the dive. I figure skinning is one of the major reasons I'm going to be rooting, and I'd rather have all options available and not have to worry about constantly checking for an update.

  • Jess

    Everything in working order so far except apps2sd… am I missing something? HALP!

    • Jess

      Nevermind… reading is fundamenal. I'll play around and see what apps will move. On a brighter note, high 12s linpack scores consistently. Wonder if swype will have any issues?

  • palomosan

    Good times good times, Kellex you on a roll.

  • It is nice. The Incredible is my everyday phone so while 2.2 is fast on my Droid, my socks are not blown off.


    Kellex for President!! Your the man!

  • Jason

    Hmm my phone said

    No app2sd partition found. Skipping format of /sd-ext.
    E:Can't mount /dev/blocl/mmcblk0p2
    (No such file or directory)
    Can't mount /sd-ext/!

    Not sure what to do from here…

    • Jason

      Nevermind. Just rebooted and it works fine as far as I can tell.

      • Did it install 2.2 when you rebooted? I am afraid to reboot. Please let me know. Thanks

        • Had the same thing. Rebooted fine, but as implied, the apps2sd won't work bc the partition for it doesn't exist.

          • Kevin

            Is there a way to make that partition? Would it simply be called sd-ext under the root or is there some other name it should be given, so that the restore to 2.2 can work flawlessly? Kellex, it seems that yours is working, what's your partition called?

          • chris

            please let me know if u get this to work thanks

            i have same problem

          • Kevin

            ok I got it to work.
            First, back up your sd card to your computer or something, then use the rom manager's sd card partition tool to make the partition. I made a 512mb partition with a 32mb swap size.
            Do the reboot as instructed and you should be fine. I am still downloading all my apps and I'll be looking through each one to see if any can be moved to sd, but i didn't get the error about not finding the sd partition when I did the recovery to 2.2.
            Can't get flash to download yet though. Haven't tried looking through the gallery, wifi works with the kernel for 800mhz at least.
            Let me know if you have any questions.

          • we did the same things but I did get the error when loading 2.2

          • Kevin

            Did you reboot after you got the error our did you restore the backup that
            you made before attempting to go to 2.2?
            I was coming from cyanogenmod if that helps at all.

          • I came from a stock 2.1 rooted (fresh, had just reloaded from scratch). After I got the error I rebooted and since it started up and worked I just left it. Contemplating reloading, just thinking about waiting it out for a possible fix since I just spent my evening reconfiguring once already 😉

          • Had the same issue, tried partitioning with ROM Manager to no avail. Not sure what else to ry. Running low on ideas.

    • aarynk

      Got same on mine right now… rebooting to make sure it worked

    • adams

      got the same error, booted allright but it was extremely slow.

      i then used the sprecovery method to install and it seems to work….

  • brando56894

    AWESOME! This just made my day 😀

  • Samson

    Hello, do you have any overclocking with the Quadrant test??

    • kellex

      I just put it up to 800mhz.

      • Samson

        Thank you Kellex!! Hope to see your video test!!

      • g00n

        Ok, got setcpu goin.. default setting was 384 max.. up'd to 528 but i'm not that familiar with how to go beyond that..

        Any help would be great.. even at 528 it's still awesome..

  • andrew401

    Kellex how did you get SU permission with this ROM? I dont even have superuser.apk….. please help i need to OC

    • Dan

      I've read some folks have lost root, but I never did. And, P3Droid should be releasing OC kernels this afternoon. So far just stock is available.

  • Adam

    Any news on when the official update will be released?

  • I love you I woke up early today and decided to see if anything was new. YEs YESSSSS!

  • andrew401


    • Chrisd3

      Do you still have SPRecovery?

  • droidaholic

    let me get this straight.. u dont name it update.zip and then install like that.. its basically a nandroid backup? and u just restore right?

    • kellex

      Yep its just a restore of a nandroid. It really is like a ROM, but based off of a 2.2 build.

  • teejaytm

    Video???? 🙂

  • Roy

    I did this and like you said it is super slow and wi-fi doesn't work. I'm going back to cyanogenmod with Drop theme, but this is definitely a step in the right direction!!

    • kellex

      No give it time! It'll speed up!

  • Hawk

    Oh and by the way… From 2.1 OTA (no root), Flash SPRecovery, Flash this Nanroid backup, NO ROOT.

    • Chrisd3

      What do you mean. You don't have root access?

    • Came from BB v1.1, flash clockworkmod recovery, flashed Nandroid… LOST ROOT, apps won't reinstall from either Astro or Titanium (which says “no root).

      Any suggestions?

      • Ok, found the answer to the Root / Titanium Backup issue over on Droid Forums:

        “Titanium won't work because BusyBox is not installed. In Titanium, hit “Problems?” Let it install BusyBox, and then restore your apps like you always used to!”


  • kellex

    Quadrant benchmark added. You'll be impressed.

  • kellex

    Only certain apps work in apps2SD. It will allow me to move SetCPU over but nothing else so far.

  • Chrisd3

    With that benchmark it make me want to root.

  • sdierks

    I think I might wait for someone to do a build before putting this on even with how badly I would like to have Froyo if some stuff doesnt work.

  • Mark

    Does it have flash 10??

  • OMG Kellen. I can't believe you have stooped to this!?!?
    Posting a fake and shopped entire ROM?!
    BIG THANKS to P3 for sharing.
    I will install this “fake and gay” ROM in a bit; p
    Without wifi it won't stay.
    We are getting closer 😀

    • puck

      your phone is not bricked DUMBASS. Pull battery out and boot into recovery and pick a rom douchebag

  • Jamerson90


    sorry. i couldnt help it 🙂

    • kellex

      Haha d*ck.

      • Jamerson90

        haha. i got flash 10.1 running on my droid 😀

        • kellex

          Its pretty good too huh?

          • Joe E

            Not having wifi is tough with flash…..hopefully not that this is out someone can get wifi working

      • Chris Nimon

        hey, theres a smiley for that 8==D

        • go4it7arh


    • Wacko

      i cant get passed this part either am i doing something wrong???

      • Jamerson90

        I was just joking with kellex about all that. Mine took a while to get past it, but it def got past it.

        • go4it7arh

          Same here. Then I installed the new kernel and over-clocked it, now it's 4x faster than it was when I originally got it. 🙂

    • You haven't bricked a phone unless it absolutely doesn't turn on…and even then you can flash it back…i find it very hard to brick a phone

      • Jamerson90

        twas all a joke. noone had said it, so i felt i'd give kellex a good laugh. hence why he called me a d*ck 🙂

      • Chris.Go

        LMAO loosen up bro! Put the DROID down and get laid TODAY!

  • Hawk

    Umm… gallery works just fine for me. Slideshow even works in the dock. Anyway, yeah… it's slow. Also, apps2SD does NOT work for me. The option to transfer the apps is grayed out on every app. After being on my phone for 30 minutes-ish is seems to be a bit speedier, but still not even closed to 2.1 stock. I'll be flashing back to 2.1 OTA in a few minutes. Don't see the point in having this on my phone yet.

    • kellex

      Only certain apps work in apps2SD. It will allow me to move SetCPU over but nothing else so far.

  • Cool, I'll wait though. Need my WiFi for network access.

  • Awesome, thanks for getting this up so early!

    I think I'll pass though, having JIT that actually works is one of the main things I'm waiting for, and since it doesn't seem to be working here I think I'll hold off for now.

  • p3droid


    you may need to update your post.

    1) gallery works just fine for me
    2) i'm getting a 12 on the linpack score, flying around for me.
    – it has a lot do do when if first starts up, after a few moments it is very fast.

    • kellex

      Post has been updated to show gallery working. 😛

      Once I overclocked to 800Mhz, I'm now getting 12MFLOPS. We need to times that by 3 to see JIT like we did on the N1.

  • Ray

    doesnt look like it has that much goodness in it but i will try it just to see what the early build is like.

  • caphoagie

    Pass untill more polished thanks for posting this K.

  • I'm excited this is out but gonna wait til the custom roms come out w/ all the goodies and everything is working

    • Think i will wait also. And ive been waiting so long for the flash player.

  • Ben

    So this is what its like to wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy!

  • SkyCadet

    ZOMG I wish I knew how to root crap… Oh well. I HAVE been hearing a ton of rumors that this weekend is our weekend, fellow Moto DROID owners! We may start seeing the OTA updates available sometime today or tomorrow (again, speculation/ rumors), so y'all know how it goes. Here's hoping! And to all of you rooters, have fun with your early Froyo… I can only sit back and crave the one I ordered at the moment =p

    • Chrisd3

      I highly doubt there will be an OTA this weekend.

  • kellex

    Updating download link.

  • Mandroid2010

    Already reverting back to my former ROM and Incredible nuff said

  • andrew401

    this made my weekend…… i been waiting up since 5 AM for this lol

  • iammebane

    key word… slow…….gonna wait

  • Jamerson90

    can we confirm that we can get back to our backup with no problem?

    • kellex

      I haven't done it, but it sounds like others in the above comments already have.

      • aarynk

        Should I wipe data/cache? before I install the Nandroid?

  • Meh, ill wait. While it may have 2.2 stamped on it, its lacking in the stability department. Also for all you who moaned about the Nemo player…. this isn't for you lol

    • andrew401

      ummm this is def VERY stable I am running it as we speak. and it's not like you can't get the official once big red releases it

      • kellex

        It's actually pretty stable, just has bugs.

        And yes, this is not for the NEMO crowd. Haha.

        • andrew401

          haha +1

    • Yeah I like my rom so waiting for the real deal u know all the devs will be jumping all over this

      • joshua

        Devs won't be jumping alll over it.. the source for 2.2 isn't released yet.

  • brandonmee

    Should I unroot for the OTA update so I can get 2.2. I guess that answers that question ha. It might be buggy, but it will be only a matter of time before it is all better. I wouldn't be surprised if it is fixed by next saturday.

  • no gallery or wifi? I'll pass for now. I'll wait on the custom ROM's this will inevitably generate.

    • andrew401

      i dont know where you're getting your info from but in every aspect your wrong. it's very snappy just slow for the first 5-10 min untill it warms up to your phone. gallery does infact work, and i got wifi to work so yeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhh do ya research first

      • BIG DADDY


        • mightyjohn

          yeah, i cant update google maps either.

      • James

        What he said!

  • ajavgeek

    That was fast and way too early…. Awesome, going to install tonight, all planned.

    Thx Kellex

  • Chrisd3

    First 🙂