Hangouts is Losing SMS Integration on May 22

With Google Voice back in action, Android Messages getting a major push as the RCS client of the future, Allo out here doing nothing but acting as a punchline, and Hangouts transforming into a 2-piece enterprise solution going forward, we have some clarity on...
new google voice

New Google Voice About to Launch? (Updated)

Oh boy, are we about to be treated to a new Google Voice? Maybe! A handful of Google Voice users (including me) are seeing a new banner at the top of our Voice accounts on the web that reads, "The new Google Voice is here." That note is followed up with a link...

Google Voice Just Received an Update!

But it seems to be nothing other than bug fixes. The icon hasn't changed nor has the UI. It's still ugly and retro and in need of some love. It is v0.4.7.10, though, which is a bump up from  Play Link | Download Link (.apk)