Your Google Voice Might Look a Little Different Today

New Google Voice Icon

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Google Voice picked up a new update yesterday that does a couple of things of note. First, it changes the accent color everywhere to a greenish tone instead of the blue that has been associated with it for years. With that color change comes a new icon as well, so be on the lookout for something new in your app drawer or on your home screen. You can see the new icon above.

In addition to the new color scheme and icon, the update seems to have helped push through a new column for “Contacts” within the app. I know that some have had this column since last week, but the update to the new color scheme finally gave me the layout you’ll see below.

The Google Voice web portal has been refreshed with these new colors too.

And I think that’s pretty much it. I’d clown all of the white that is now included in the app like I have been other Google apps, but Voice went all-white a while ago.

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New Google Voice Colors



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