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Nest Hub Max

Sling TV Arrives on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

When I reviewed one of the first Google smart displays, the Lenovo Smart Display, one of my big takeaway was that these devices were going to be great mini TVs and media consumption devices that could be put in any room. Because they fit nicely onto a desk or...
Google Home Hub Deal

DEAL: Google Home Hub for $59 at eBay

This isn't a deal through Amazon's Prime Day, but it's still a hell of a deal. Right now, you can grab a Google Home/Nest Hub for $59 over at eBay. That's $70 off the normal $129 price and $20 lower than Google's current $79 offer. Outside of that $50 offer...
Google Home Hub Deal

DEAL: Google Home Hub at $59.49 is a Crazy Steal

Google Home Hub, which has been rebranded to Nest Hub, is so insanely cheap right now. You can grab one over at Rakuten for $59.49 with coupon code. And remember, this thing was originally priced at $150 when it first arrived at the end of last year. When you...