Google Makes It Easier to Review and Delete Your Search Data

Google Search Data

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Starting today, when you open up a Google Search page on your phone or desktop, you’ll be able to easily get into your search history, to see the links you’ve interacted with, the terms you searched for, etc. Google is adding a “Your data in Search” option from the Search page, taking all sorts of steps out of how you take a look at your history.

Now, you’ll be able to open a side menu from the Google home page and tap on “Your data in Search.” That will open up a dedicated page to your Search world, so you can delete any of your history, adjust Google ad settings, checkout the voice data Google has on you, and learn more about the stuff that Google is tracking.

If you aren’t yet seeing the side menu on mobile, just go to and you should see a “Control your data in Google Search” link just below the search box. That’ll get you into the page I referenced above.

This new control is available on mobile and desktop today, but won’t hit the Google App on Android or iOS for a couple of weeks.

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