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Google Play Music

Poll: Which Music Service Do You Use?

For some reason we haven't asked which music service you use since like 2016 or so. We're clearly not doing our jobs properly, but with the hot topic around these parts right now being music services, let's do an update on it! Which music service are you guys...
Apple Music Promo, Verizon

Apple Music Gets All-New Design on Android

Apple Music, an app we haven't written up in almost a year, received a big update today on Android! Typically, I would follow up that initial statement with jokes about Apple products being featured here on an Android site and how no one uses it and all that...
google play music

Poll: Do You Still Buy Music?

Pretty simple question, right? If you are wondering about the timing, it's because the internet media fumbled and slobbered all over itself yesterday when a report surfaced suggesting that Apple was going to kill off paid music downloads within the next couple...