Apple Music Finally Comes to Google Assistant Speakers

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Google Assistant and Apple Music are finally becoming friends. Google announced today that Apple Music can be set as your default in Assistant as you fire off commands to play tunes throughout your Google Nest speaker system.

Once live, you’ll find the option to set by opening up Google Assistant settings, choosing the “Music” section, and then ticking the dot for Apple Music to play as the default.

This is big for those who prefer Apple Music on Android because Verizon gave them a free subscription or because their family all owns iPhones and shares a family account. Now, they can tell Google to play their favorite playlists, albums, artists, mixes, etc. and Assistant will do so from the music service they actually use. To play all of your liked music, try saying “Hey Google, play my songs.”

The support includes multi-room audio and all of the other features you get from Google Assistant smart speakers. This sure sounds like full support for Apple Music.

Google says to expect Apple Music as an option to start rolling out to Assistant today in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan.

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