Google Shares Updates to Gemini, Circle to Search With Samsung’s Z Series Launch

Google Samsung Launch

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As a part of the Samsung launch today, Google is sharing news surrounding some of its own products and using Samsung’s new devices as a way to let you know they are coming. Things like Gemini, Circle to Search, Wear OS 5, and YouTube TV all have new goodies on the way.

Here’s the quickest rundown in history:

  • Gemini App: Thank to an update that will drop “soon,” Google says that Gemini can be launched on devices like the Galaxy Z series while you are watching a YouTube video. You should then see a suggestion for “Ask about this video,” which will then show a Gemini overlay or the option to move it to split-screen to get that extra info about the clip.
  • Circle to Search: “Later this month,” users of Circle to Search will be able to solve more complex topics like symbolic math, plus it’ll be able to scan barcodes and QR codes that are on your screen.
  • Wear OS 5: We first learned about Wear OS 5 back at Google I/O and today, Samsung gets to push it to the masses first with the new Galaxy Watch 7 series. That’s the news here, that Samsung’s new watches get Wear OS 5 first. No word yet on when your Pixel Watch 2 might see it.
  • YouTube TV in multiview: On the Galaxy Z Fold 6, you’ll soon be able to watch 4 different streams on the same time in YouTube TV’s multiview feature. These are still pre-selected combinations, but that number should work quite well on a squareish device like the new Fold.

And that’s it! Since these features can likely run on other devices outside of Samsung’s world, you may want to be on the lookout for them on your own Pixel or OnePlus or other Android phone.

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