Pixel Watch 3 Report Says Smaller Bezels, Bigger Brightness, UWB

Google Pixel Watch 2 - Watch 3 features

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Following our weekend report on the Pixel Watch 3 stopping through the FCC, where it revealed all sorts of surprising info around connectivity, a new report from a Google inside source has shared new details around specs. And for haters of the Pixel Watch’s big bezels, a piece of this info will make you happier.

The new report from Android Authority reiterates a few things we already know, like the 41mm and 45mm case sizes the Pixel Watch 3 will launch in. The two-size rumor has been floating around for some time and there is ample evidence now to essentially confirm this. We’ve also seen retail listings for Pixel Watch 3 bands that further add to this idea. In other words, Google is making bands for two watch sizes and we’ve seen them.

But back to this report, we’re being told that Google will use the same Snapdragon W5 processor from the Pixel Watch 2 and continue to include the custom co-processor with it. That’s not surprising at all, since Qualcomm hasn’t made a new W6 chipset and Google is likely done with Samsung’s wearable chipset leftovers going forward.

Where we’ll see changes starts at the displays. The new displays are said to have smaller bezels on both models. The bezel width on the Pixel Watch 2 supposedly measured in at 5.5mm and will decrease to 4.5mm on both 41mm and 45mm watches for the Pixel Watch 3. I know that isn’t huge and the bezels will still be big, but we’ll take the reduction in size. On a brightness note, each display could jump to 2000 nits at a peak level, which would be wonderful when outside.

For batteries, the Pixel Watch 3 (41mm) will reportedly stay at 310mAh, while the Pixel Watch 3 (45mm) will jump to 420mAh. Neither of those should be considered large and I’d imagine we’re still looking at single-day battery life for the new Pixel Watch.

Remember the UWB sighting from the FCC documents that we found? This source has apparently confirmed UWB, although no one still has any idea how Google will utilize that in a watch. My guess would be for digital car keys, but they could also use it as a part of the new Find My Device network on Android.

And finally, the Pixel Watch 3 is expected to launch in silver and black in both sizes, while the 41mm model could see a “Gold” variant. The 45mm model is said to see a “Hazel” colorway of its own, too.

If all holds true, the Pixel Watch 3 sure sounds like a minor upgrade, unless Google has some sort of new health sensor tucked away for a later reveal. If anything, we’re just excited about a bigger size.



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