June’s Big Pixel Update Hasn’t Hit Most Verizon, T-Mobile Devices (Updated)

Pixel 8a

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When a new month hits and Google publishes details about its newest Pixel update, they typically tell us that we could see those updates immediately or over the next several days and weeks. We’re impatient people, so we tend to like the “immediately” part before then getting frustrated at the second portion of the timeline where within a day of nothing we consider the rollout potentially taking much longer.

For the June Pixel update, most were excited about receiving it because it was a major quarterly update that included over a dozen major bug fixes. It also happened to be a Pixel Feature Drop, a lot of which arrives via individual app updates, but can also need a system update in order to show themselves.

The June update, unfortunately, is taking some time to rollout to everyone. Google did say that the update was, “starting” on June 11, but once again suggested that “the rollout will continue over the next week in phases, depending on carrier and device.” As it turns out, T-Mobile and Verizon customers are still waiting. That likely means Google Fi as well, since Google Fi runs on T-Mobile’s network.

Readers have continued to drop into our comments to let us know that updates are not here, with device and carrier clarified. Several reddit threads suggest the same. We know that Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 devices on both carriers are left waiting. We also know that Verizon has yet to update their own individual Pixel device support pages, so they are confirming that Pixels on their network should not have received the June update yet.

Here’s the thing – you can continue waiting or you can manually update to the June build using adb commands on your PC. I know, you shouldn’t have to. I agree. However, Google has posted the build as a global build that should work everywhere and on every Pixel device. They have not (yet?) specified if there will be a build specific to Verizon or T-Mobile. There is a chance that happens as those updates begin rolling out, so keep that in mind.

All I can tell you for now is that if you have been checking and wondering where your June Pixel update is on your Verizon or T-Mobile Pixel device, there isn’t anything wrong with your device if you haven’t seen it yet. Those two carriers are taking their time in allowing you to receive it.

  • UPDATE 6/18 11:21AM: The update is rolling out now to Verizon Pixel devices. According to readers and Verizon support pages, the build is AP2A.240605.024, which is the same global build we talked about above. If you haven’t yet, go check for it! And if you already manually flashed it, keep on keepin’ on.



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