Samsung June Updates Land on All the Devices

Galaxy S21 FE

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We’re mid-way through the month of June and almost all of Samsung’s still-supported phones have seen updates. Samsung kicked off the month by updating the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S20 series. They are now pushing updates to everything else, from the Galaxy S21 up through the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

For those who read that opening and were excited at the possibility of new toys to play with, knowing that Google just released a big Pixel Feature Drop this month, I have bad news for you. This is only the June Android security patch, according to Samsung and Verizon. In fact, the only note on update pages says, “The current software update provides the most up to date Android security patches on your device.” That’s it.

That said, new software is new software and there is always a potential for bug fixes with the security patches. To find your new software, we have the entire list below:

  • Galaxy S20 FE: TP1A.220624.014.G781VSQSEHXE3
  • Galaxy S21 FE:  UP1A.231005.007.G990USQSBGXF1
  • Galaxy S21 FE (2022): UP1A.231005.007.G990U2SQS9GXF1
  • Galaxy S21: UP1A.231005.007.G991USQSBGXF1
  • Galaxy S21+: UP1A.231005.007.G996USQSBGXF1
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: UP1A.231005.007.G998USQSBGXF1
  • Galaxy S22: P1A.231005.007.S901USQS5EXE3
  • Galaxy S22+: UP1A.231005.007.S906USQS5EXE3
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: UP1A.231005.007.S908USQS5EXE3
  • Galaxy S23 FE: UP1A.231005.007.S711USQS4CXE3
  • Galaxy S23: UP1A.231005.007.S911USQS3CXE3
  • Galaxy S23+: UP1A.231005.007.S916USQS3CXE3
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: UP1A.231005.007.S918USQS3CXE3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3: UP1A.231005.007.F926USQS6IXF2
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4: UP1A.231005.007.F936USQS5FXF1
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5: UP1A.231005.007.F946USQS3CXE9
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3: UP1A.231005.007.F711USQS7IXF2
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4: UP1A.231005.007.F721USQS5FXF1
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5: UP1A.231005.007.F731USQS3CXE9

To check for Samsung updates, you’ll head into Settings>System updates>Check for system updates. Let us know how that goes.

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