Here’s a Pixel 8 That’s $10 Cheaper Than Anywhere Else ($160 Off)

Pixel 8 - Best Deal Today

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Google’s “final call” for current Pixel 8 deals isn’t quite done yet and most places have it for $150 off. There is one place you can get it for $160 off, though, and that’s Woot.

The current best Pixel 8 deal at the moment is through Amazon’s weird deal site that seems to keep finding batches of brand new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices that it can offer for the lowest absolute prices. This Pixel 8 deal is only the latest and you may as well take advantage.

So we’re clear, this Pixel 8 from Woot is a brand new model in Obsidian with 128GB storage. This phone retails for $699 and is often discounted to $549. However, this promo gets you a Pixel 8 for $539.

As far as I can tell, they don’t have any other colors outside of Obsidian/black. This is listed as the “unlocked” unit too, so it’ll work on all the carriers. Of course, we know that slapping in a SIM from specific carriers often means delayed updates, so the unlocked status doesn’t really matter other than you can take it to your carrier of choice.

Need our review before pulling the trigger? Here it is.

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