T-Mobile Tuesdays App Officially Switches to “T Life”

T Life - T-Mobile Tuesdays App

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The new T Life app from T-Mobile is starting to rollout to devices as the replacement for T-Mobile Tuesdays. The teases for this big app change showed up earlier in the month, so we knew this was coming and yet it still seems like a worthy item to point out.

RIP, T-Mobile Tuesdays.

What is T Life? Well, it isn’t a new all-in-one T-Mobile app, that’s for sure. While it is more than just deals from T-Mobile Tuesdays, your account info and plan are still all handled separately through the regular T-Mobile app.

T Life now has Home, Tuesdays, Connect, and Me tabs. The Home tab appears to be a catch-all tab with some Tuesdays offers, a shortcut to managing 5G Home Internet (if you have it), and some other deals, like discounts on devices. There is a dedicated Tuesdays tab as well, where you’ll find the deals you are used to seeing, with a bottom corner button that lets you view what you’ve saved.

The new Connect tab lets you track people on your plan (like a kid’s watch or other family member’s phone) if you have those on your account. The final tab is called Me and it really just gives you shortcuts to check on other benefits, your T-Mobile internet, and access your Club Magenta Pass.

New T Life App

As far as we know, T-Mobile still plans to push weekly deals through Tuesdays, but I guess this now combines some other services you may have used. Having to access fewer apps on our phones can be a good thing, depending on the combination of everything.

For now, T Life has fully rolled out on iOS. The update should hit Android shortly, as the listing name on Google Play has changed.

Google Play Link: T Life App



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